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Road Reports - Concerts reports and various tour notes.

Rusted Metal - Our look at releases from the past.

Tales from the Jugular - Our collection of miscellaneous write-ups. You never know what you'll find in here.

Where Are You? - Some bands and musicicians don't get the big break and disappear like a ghost in the fog. Help us solve some mysteries and bring some deserving artists to the forefront again.


Featured Demo - Write-ups on some of the demos we recieve here at Maximum Metal. Pretty much what it says it is.

The Necrofile - Our personal look at the metal scene with rotating authors.

The Metal Spectrum- There's literally thousands of metal bands out there with music for you to hear. Each issue we list a bunch to check out.

One Question - Responses to one question by various metal folk.

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Racer X Twelfth Gate
Goatwhore Gun Barrel
Liege Lord Sick Speed
Masterplan H.I.M.
Goat Horn Exawatt
Endless Time Agony Divine
Supervillain Iced Earth
Dragonforce Thunderbolt
Runemagick Victory
Stryper Savatage
Brides of Destruction Riot
Messiah's Kiss Madison Paige
Skyfire Marillion
Lonewolf Zaius
Spiral Madness Destructor
Devil In The Kitchen Fireaxe
Goatsnake Vox Tempus
Final Dawn Occult
Jamie. St. James Dark Ruin
Arch Enemy Haunted By Angels
The Lizards Rush
Legion Blood Red Throne
Kamelot Maze Of Torment
Backyard Babies Cemetary
Chaoswave Novembers Doom
Neil Turbin Ramesses
Impiety Groundcrew
Raging Speedhorn Astarte
Testament Taake
Power Quest Love Forsaken
Impaled Nazarene Holy Blood
Edenbridge To The Bone
The Atomic Bitchwax Armored Saint
Winterfell Overloaded
Third Degree Arthemis
Mistress Overmars
Ram-Zet Infliction
Urizen Skullshifter
Dragonlord Motorhead
Vader Sodom
Across Tundras Tandjent
Poison Wolves in the Throne Room
Daylight Dies Clawfinger
Valhalla Bludgeon
Black Crucifixion Smohalla
Hydrogyn War Within
Amon Amarth Death Breath
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Pretty Maids
Cult of Daath Lesbian Bed Death
E-lane Panzerchrist
Middian Steve Cone
Gaza Blood Tsunami
In This Moment Zyklon
Marc Sasso Aborted
JR Ewing Night Ranger
Orthodox Bilocate
Witchfinder General Godhead
Intolerant Cursed
UFOmammut Papa Roach