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Vampire Songs in Metal

By: Eric Compton
Published: Friday, October 26, 2018
Vampire Songs in Metal

To celebrate the Halloween season, we've compiled some of the best metal tracks inspired by vampire mythology. Sink your teeth in.

"Suspended at Dusk" --Type O Negative
Bloody Kisses (1993)

"Vampiria" --Moonspell
Wolfheart (1995)

"Night of the Vampire" --Entombed
Entombed (1997)

"Nosferatu (The Vampires Waltz)" --Saxon
Thunderbolt (2017)

"Return of the Vampire" --Mercyful Fate
In the Shadows (1993)

"Dracula" --Iced Earth
Horror Show (2001)

"Nosferatu" --Bloodbound
Nosferatu (2006)

"Blood Religion" --Gamma Ray
Majestic (2005)

"Baptized in Blood" --Helstar
Nosferatu (1989)

"Night of the Vampire" --Grim Reaper
Rock You to Hell (1987)

"Queen of the Dead" --Dracula The Swing
Dracula: The Swing (2015)

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. Anvil. Into Eternity
. Lost Horizon. Loudness
. Scanner. Opeth
. Slipknot. The Haunted
. BloodDuster. Grave Digger
. Deceased. Twisted Tower Dire
. Kataklysm. Skullview
. Kalibas. Helloween
. Overkill. Majesty
. Ring of Fire. Advent
. Mortician. Legend
. Wizard. Alchemy X
. Endless Time. Shakra
. Saint. Catch 22
. Wycked Synn. Crystal Eyes
. Nordheim. Eidolon
. Stalker. Hypocrisy
. Project: Failing Flesh. Secret Sphere
. Fear Factory. Three Inches of Blood
. Force Of Evil. Bang The Union
. downBleed. W.A.S.P.
. Graveland. Gary Moore
. Hatework. Schenker/ Pattison Summit
. Destructor. Fireaxe
. Scorpions. Images of Eden
. Nashville Pussy. Age Of Silence
. Marshall Law. Internal Bleeding
. Slowlife. GWAR
. Dark Ruin. Six Feet Under
. Arch Enemy. Agnostic Front
. Fifth Cross. Paradise Lost
. Ligeia. Belef
. Suidakra. Diecast
. Cemetary. Argument Soul
. Oathean. Freedom Call
. Bleed The Sky. Axis Of Perdition
. Frantic Bleep. Swallow The Sun
. Neil Turbin. Grand Magus
. Pro-Pain. Ivory Knight
. Groundcrew. Manntis
. Agents Of Man. Vicious Art
. Dark Funeral. Circus Maximus
. Dynamic Lights. Ritual Killer
. Fates Warning. Edenbridge
. Agents Of The Sun. Iron Maidens
. Flotsam & Jetsam. The Scourger
. Octavia Sperati. Dirty Americans
. Penetrator. Winterfell
. Overloaded. Ignarus
. Forever Slave. Barcode
. Balatonizer. Gojira
. Wolfmother. Nocturnal Rites
. Vader. Pile of Heads
. Intronaut. Ephel Duath
. 286. Beyond Fear
. Wolves in the Throne Room. Clawfinger
. Event Horizon. Vore
. Manngard. The Sword
. The Strongest Proof. Abysmal Dawn
. Black Crucifixion. Suzukiton
. Unsilent Phenomenon. Time Requiem
. Skyforger. Zero Hour
. Death Breath. Thy Majestie
. Isis. Mastodon
. Teeth of the Hydra. Sathanas
. Winger. Quest of Aidance
. Gaza. The Gathering
. Diagnose: Lebensgefahr. With Passion
. Mindgrinder. Necrophobic
. The Chronicles of Israfel. Crescent Shield
. Dezperadoz. Grenouer
. Almah. Five Finger Death Punch
. Manes. Warner Drive
. Wuthering Heights. Funeral
. Faith And Fire. Randy Ellefson
. Ensiferum. Demonic Symphony
. Vulture Industries. Kreator
. Virgin Black. Uriah Heep
. Son of Eric. Papa Roach
. Ihsahn. Eighteen Wheels Burning
. Caliban. Giant Squid