Maximum Metal was started in 2003 by a few guys who just wanted a forum for communicating about hard rock and heavy metal and we have raised our fists for the style ever since. Our mission is to be a comprehensive metal source and entertainment site for fellow fans such as ourselves. We offer news, personal reviews, interviews with indy and major metal stars, columns, picture galleries, and our own exclusive features. Our active staff of writers and photographers are from various areas of the world--US, Europe, Asia, etc., making us a global metal ezine. If you get the urge, please give us your thoughts on Maximum Metal. This site will be constantly updated and modified for the metal community that has given, and still gives, so much to us.

We can be reached for news, requests and general noise here: news@maximummetal.com

EDITOR'S NOTE We have moved, along with the industry, to downloading digital content for review instead of receiving physical cds. If you have a link or electronic press kit to promote music, please email that to news@maximummetal.com. We want to thank all of the bands that have gotten in touch with us and have sent promos and links over the years; however, there is only so much time to answer correspondence though we try our best. There is simply waaaaay more metal to cover than we have personnel to cover it.

Maximum Metal is always looking to add staff members who know heavy metal and have the motivation to write about it. Our staff is primarily self-motivated and you'll get out of it what you put into it. The current batch of earth dogs can be seen here: [Staff Page]

For more info on joining, please read our [New Staff Page]


After nearly 1,000 written reviews, our senior editor Eric Compton has launched a new alphabetical book series, "DENIM & LETTERS"! Check it out here: [Metal Book]

Since late 2010/early 2011, we used a blog format to allow for more metal postings than just site updates. All of our front page rumblings are archived here: [Metal Features]

For the times we don't take metal seriously there are Parodies & Tributes to check out here: [Humor Section]

We're supplimenting our website with a digital magazine containing interviews, reviews and exclusive content. Check it here: [Metal Magazine]

Heavy Metal is not just a man's world. Our archived section devoted to the women of HR&HM can be checked out here: [Metal Maidens]

We have thousands of reviews held in our databases, so we put together a handfull of interesting stats here: [Metal Stats]

There's tons of metal and hard rock out there that want to be heard! We scoured Bandcamp.com and give you the goods.[Metal Streams]

Our tree-style diagram representing the major groupings of 30+ years of hard rock and metal with some of its outside influences. Check it out here: [Timeline]


Our foray into social media and the only Facebook page run by our website. Updates and discussion can be found there: [Facebook Link]

Where we hope to feed concert and metal pics. Just search in your Instagram ap for maximummetal or browse at: [Instagram Link]

Currently for audio interviews: [SoundCloud Link]

The Twitter page run by our website. [Twitter Link]

Our youtube channel where every now and then we add videos we like: [Youtube Channel]


"You guys do killer work over there! I know the big national print mags seem to overshadow the underground, not unlike the music scene. But without a solid underground there is no mainstream in music; that's how it kind of works with publications. You can't just have a few authoritative mags running shit--you need killer, informative zines to hold it all together. And with all the crap-ass fodder shitzines out there you guys put out some high-quality reviews and coverage..." --Dave, Earsplit Promotions

"We are really thankful for the great space dedicated to us, and specially to your kind words. Based on your editorial, I could get you are real metal fans and it's a real pleasure to be reviewed in a website made by people like you." --Marco Panichi, Hibria

"Special thanks to Maximum Metal for being brave enough to scope out the underground and do what other zines are often too lazy, or afraid to do." --Kosta Bayss, Episcopal Holocaust

"Thank you so much Maximum Metal for all your support over the years; I hope we can continue to put out albums worthy of your attentions for years to come!" --Brittney Slayes, Unleash the Archers

"You have no idea how nice it is to be appreciated by an informative, nicely-packaged online metal 'zine..." --DM, the missing

Thanks again for all your help, it's incredibly gratifying to know that there are people like you out there that really "get" what we're trying to do. --Trey of Azrael's Bane

"Max Metal is a great site and a prime spot for what is going on in this ever changing music biz!" --Wade Black

--Wade Black, Leash Law "This has got to be not only one of the COOLEST metal sites on the net, but also one of the hardest working group of muthers...because it always has a ton of new material for you to check out." --Johnny Lokke

"MM is still the best metal site on the web - keep it up guys !! 10/10" --Pete Hayworth of Legend

"Your website is one of the most professional I have ever seen!" --Kostas Organopoulos, God.Fear.None

"Fucken great' by far the best metal site I've seen" --Frank Adamo of Legion

"Thank you so much for the hard work you do to keep Metal alive! Cheers from Italy! \m/" --Heavenfall

"I send you million of kisses...many spanish kisses..." --Elisa C. Martin

"InnerWish family wish you a METAL new year!!! Keep up the good wosrk guys!!! Stay Metal...!!!!!" --Innerwish

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