Humorous Look At Metal Genres - Everything you need to know about your favorite metal styles!

Headbanger Portraits - Which Headbanger are you?

Kidz Thrash II - The Kidz Thrash series features kid-friendly versions of your favorite classic and modern molten metal masterpieces.

Lyric Replacement Parody Game: "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden - In our younger days, we used to do the word replacement game "MadLibs". For fun, we're taking well-known songs and setting them up so YOU can create new lyrics!

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HammerFall Hate Eternal
Loudness Opeth
Twilight Odyssey Immolation
Poisonblack Dokken
Solemnity Twisted Tower Dire
Mark Boals Vaginal Carnage
Lamb of God Mortician
Late Nite Romeo Power of Omens
Valley's Eve Black Sabbath
Paragon Crystal Eyes
Silent Scythe Krisiun
Lacuna Coil Probot
Dew Scented Mother Misery
Soil Yngwie Malmsteen
Evanescence Bang The Union
Deep Purple Donnerkopf
Gamma Ray Iron Angel
Ministry Black Zodiac
Estuary Destructor
Mob Rules Fireaxe
Wintersun Potential Threat SF
Nashville Pussy Otep
Marshall Law Jamie. St. James
House of Shakira Six Feet Under
Made of Iron Anger
Seventh One Of Infinity
Kinetic Code Black
Crowbar The New Breed
Divine Fire Entombed
Blood Red Throne Lost Soul
Requiem Aeternam Hibria
Yyrkoon Strikelight
Hellfire Icarus Witch
Apocalyptica Chuck Schuldiner
Marduk God Fear None
Fire Alley Operatika
Defleshed Blind Stare
Agents Of Man Kult ov Azazel
Nuse Supagroup
Killing Spree Alice Cooper
Cannon Fates Warning
Devil Lee Rot Morgana Lefay
Peccatum Crystal Fate
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
Mabon Algol3
The Absence Phantom X
Crystal Ball Dreamland
Ram-Zet Urizen
Chain Collector The Classic Struggle
Dragonlord Dogs Of Winter
Motorhead Hate
Second Shadow Witchery
Powerglove Katatonia
Nightmare Dissection
Clawfinger Leviathan/Sapthuran
Viron Elvenking
Cavalar Speed/Kill/Hate
The Sword Bludgeon
Dreams of Damnation The Strongest Proof
Ensoph Dawn of Azazel
Royal Hunt Gorgoroth
Jotunspor Unsilent Phenomenon
Smohalla Swashbuckle
Hydrogyn Nachtmystium
Paul Bonrud Skid Row
Shadows Within Death Breath
The Finals Amputated
Zoroaster Twinball
Sathanas The Showdown
Darkness Eternal Quest of Aidance
Steve Cone Centinex
Blood Tsunami Stonegard
Lost Eden Static-X
The Chronicles of Israfel Madking Ludwig
Dezperadoz Cattle Decapitation
Almah Blut Aus Nord
David Galas Throneum
JR Ewing Nation Beyond
Sworn Enemy Architect
Hellveto Pathosray
Dantesco Averse Sefira
Shining Star Bilocate
Cockpit Trivium
Burzum Puscifer
Embalming Theatre Hacksaw Surgery
The Lamp of Thoth Coffins
Eighteen Wheels Burning Suffocation