Humorous Look At Metal Genres - Everything you need to know about your favorite metal styles!

Headbanger Portraits - Which Headbanger are you?

Kidz Thrash II - The Kidz Thrash series features kid-friendly versions of your favorite classic and modern molten metal masterpieces.

Lyric Replacement Parody Game: "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden - In our younger days, we used to do the word replacement game "MadLibs". For fun, we're taking well-known songs and setting them up so YOU can create new lyrics!

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Bathory In Flames
Into Eternity Racer X
Scanner Sinner
Chaingunn Carpathian Forest
Exmortem Disturbed
Perzonal War Regurgitate
Stratovarius Deranged
Twisted Tower Dire Kataklysm
Norma Jean Solace
Godsmack Nazareth
Iron Maiden Rawhead Rexx
Fozzy Legend
Firewind Metallica
Abigor Late Nite Romeo
Conquest H.I.M.
Tungsten Agony Divine
Shakra Bloodbath
Curriculum Mortis Rage
Steel Preacher Victory
King Diamond Mnemic
Silent Scythe Attacker
DevilDriver Slayer
Fear Factory Shiva
Silver Mountain Yngwie Malmsteen
Gothic Knights Construcdead
Scala Mercalli Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Leash Law Messiah's Kiss
Graveland Jorn
U.D.O. Iron Angel
Black Zodiac Brutal Mastication
Fabrizio Bonanno Insomnium
Joey Belladonna Saxon
Rhapsody of Fire Final Dawn
Potential Threat SF Medusa
Scavenger Jungle Rot
Incantation The Last Act
The Lizards Agnostic Front
Mirror of Deception Seventh One
Rush Twisted Sister
Triumph Paradise Lost
Gods Of Fire Image
Entombed Blood Red Throne
Impaled Soilwork
Carina Alfie Angtoria
Chuck Schuldiner Oathean
Alex Skolnick Trio God Fear None
Frantic Bleep Kryoburn
Strapping Young Lad Ramesses
Grand Magus Impiety
Burden Of Grief Nightrage
Blind Stare Mirador
Sothis God Among Insects
Dark Funeral Nuse
Evemaster Prowler Inc.
Dam Frameless Scar
Impaled Nazarene Holy Blood
Scar Symmetry Flotsam & Jetsam
The Scourger To The Bone
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
Penetrator Sun O)))
Damnation Dreamland
The Tenth Circle Khold
Motorhead Dismember
Absolution Absu
Taunusheim Nobody's Fool
End My Sorrow Fallen Wisdom
Thryfing Across Tundras
Cardinale Wolves in the Throne Room
Thyrane The Berzerker
Cryptopsy Viron
Hate Profile Black Crucifixion
Gorgoroth Jotunspor
Agalloch Anata
Teeth of the Hydra Eighteen Visions
Twinball Urkraft
Twisted Into Form Omnium Gatherum
Warbringer Lord Belial
The Chronicles of Israfel Cruachan
Grenouer Incrave
Five Finger Death Punch Nominon
Manes Tears
Blut Aus Nord Nation Beyond
Cauldron Spheric Universe Experience
Mongrel The Obsessed
Souls Of We UFOmammut
Caliban DC4
Giant Squid