Make your life a little bleaker with the all-new Kidz Thrash II

The Kidz Thrash series features kid-friendly versions of your favorite classic and modern molten metal masterpieces.

In stores now!!!Vol. II features:
Angel of Death
Suicide Solution
Enter Sandman
Shout At The Devil
Number of the Beast
See You In Hell
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Lord Abortion
Hammer Smashed Face
We're Not Gonna Take It
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Lost in the Mall
Red Light, Death Light
Tonsilitus & Headlice
Running With Scissors
School Bus Disaster
Hell in the Land of Oz
Fingerpaint With Blood
Caught in the Monkeybars
Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll (9 months later, here I am)
Dissecting and Dismembering Mrs. Robinson

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Vol. I features:
Lick It Up
Holy Diver
Creeping Death
I Am The Law
Cemetary Gates
More Human Than Human
Blackwind, Fire and Steel
Kick The Cat
Armed Tantrum
Skip To My Grave
Barney's Beheading
Koolaid Runs Red
Dodgeballs To The Wall
Pin the Tail on Satan
Jesus Built My Bigwheel
Dying Kindergarten Teacher
We Die Young

Great for settling down your screaming newborn for a night of peaceful slumber.

Don't leave the young ones out! The Kids Thrash series is sure to be stuck in your CD player all Summer!

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  • Spotlight Reviews
    Reviewer: Stevie from Moms computer.
    i luv kidz bop it rulez and the other cds that my sister has SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    1/2 Reviewer: Lord Zargath from Hell's Circle #7.
    Brothers of Steel you got to sensitize and evolutionize the correctification of sanctuation. If you just try to peptobizmilize the governmentizalation of the situation per say...only then are we truly free. Kidz Thrash don't condone that type of behavior or slanderization duplication sophistication. It immoralizes the postiveitization of the conflictilizing revelation.

    Reviewer: G Money Koolaid from Da LBC.
    Chiggety Check it yo. It's O G Money time yaaaaalllllll. What's up all my peeps? I'z back aguen an' I noed you couldn't hol' up until my next review. Dis CD has shown many different personalities... from de hardco ho we likes to see... to some uptight no skin showin biatch. 'doe I gotta say, de uptight no skin showin biatch wuz pretty sexy too! You want my python in you ho? huh? huh? Sometimes I think dis might be one uh those ho's dat jus be too dam loud. All yellin an' sheeit. You just wanna be like shut up, foo! Sheeit! But overall I think dis be de dominant, hardco stit some uh us be lookin fuh in our evrayday gangsta lives. It be havin supasized large coconuts.

    Dats my mothuh fukin OG Judgement an' if you ain't likes it... TOO DIZM BAD SUCKAAAS!!! Sheeit don't make me pull mah gat!

    Reviewer: Donna Jean Monroe from Pussyhump, WV.
    God, this music has an instantly hypnotic impact on any child in earshot. The opening strains of any Kidz tune immediately quiets the most restless members of the twins' playgroup, as if a subsonic chord added in the studio has activated a reptilian part of the brain that atrophies away before adolescence. Queue up "Cemetary Gates" and watch the most rambunctious pack of budding anarchists cohere into a docile, glassy-eyed choir, singing tunelessly along with the chorus. We now have three copies of this remarkable sonic sedative - one for the home, one for the car, and one tucked away with a portable CD player in Mrs. Russell's purse. Some prefer the original CD version of Kidz Bop, still available in some places, which I believe that songs were purged due largely to the optimistic nature of their subject matter (e.g. "I Love It Loud" and "Peace Sells"). All told the single-CD version is a better choice for parents on a budget, or for those merely wishing to forestall the inevitable day when their children start singing odes to controlled substances and the like.

    Product Details
    Audio CD (July 1, 2003)
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Squeeze My Lemon Records
    ASIN: B66605BJ69
    Average Customer Review: *** 1/2 Based on 63 reviews.
    Popular in: Sweden/Norway/Canada
    Rated: I for Immature like the creators of this parody.

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