M E T A L . M A I D E N S

* Editor's Note: Around mid-2003, we created this Metal Maidens page to focus on and provide info about the limited number of women that were active in the genre and to the pioneering women who had early on been a part of what was basically a man's game. Now, all these years later, we feel that women are prevalent enough in metal that it would be exhaustive to try and create a comprehensive list. And it doesn't make sense to give extra exposure to what really isn't underexposed anymore. So, this section will exist as an archive with a possible random update from time to time.

Alissa White-Gluz - Arch Enemy/(The Agonist)
This growling Canadian is known for her past work with The Agonist. She fronted the band for three albums before stepping down in 2014 to replace Angela Gossow in Arch Enemy.
Ana Mladinovici - Magica
Ana Mladinovici sings in the Romanian metal band Magica. She joined Magica after guitarist Bat Costea started the band as a side project of their then-band Interitus Dei. After the release of their second album, Lightseeker, Ana has become a rising star in the female fronted Euro power metal scene.
Anette Johansson - Shiva
Anette started singing at the age of sixteen when she joined a band called Angelez. At the age of eighteen she joined Yankee Heaven where she met guitar player Mats Edstrom. Johansson and Edstrom created the duo Shiva, an amazing AOR-Hard Rock band and released two albums: “Shiva” in 2002 and “Desert Dreams” in 2004.
Angela Gossow - (Arch Enemy)
Lead vocalist for the Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy since Autumn 2000. From 1991 to 1998 she was the vocalist for the extreme death metal band Asmodina, and in 1998 she founded Mistress, which she was with until 2001. She isn't the first female to use a death growl, but she is certainly one of the most well-known in metal.
Ann and Nancy Wilson - Heart
Regarded as a novelty act early in their career which now spans forty years, pioneering sisters Ann and Nancy have been the centerpiece to Heart, one of the biggest selling hard rock bands of all time. While guitarist Nancy laid down classic riffs, Ann would belt out traditional inspired vocals as strong or stronger than any male of the era. Her powerful vocals are often the litmus test for any vocalist looking show their skills.
Ann Boleyn - Hellion
Former singer of Hellion, she spent years on the road playing Hammond organ and eventually formed Beowulf. After several male singers, Ann took over the vocals and changed the band's name to Hellion. Ann's music, both vocal and instrumental, have been included on numerous soundtracks and commercials.
Anna Murphy - Eluveitie
Murphy is a vocalist and hurdy gurdy player for Sweden's folk metal act Eluveitie. She also has her solo work that blends pop, rock and electronica. Some categorize her music as alternative but she prefers the term Eclectica. She is the daughter of Swiss and Irish opera singers.
Anna Savage - Vanity Blvd
Savage co-created Vanity Blvd in Sweden. The band have released two albums thus far and draw on influences ranging from KISS to Guns N Roses. Savage is a strong vocalist with Pat Benatar characteristics.
Anneke Van Giersbergen - Anneke Van Giersbergen/The Gathering
Starting as a death metal band, Holland's The Gathering eventually brought on Anneke for vocals and helped to start the melodic, female-fronted Gothic Metal scene with the release of their psuedo-metal album "Mandylion". Anneke has a strong, melodic voice with a wide vocal range which may be the most haunting of them all. In 2007, she started a solo project, Agua de Annique.
Ann-Sofie Hoyles – Spiders
Spiders formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2010. Hoyles has fronted the band throughout numerous festivals and global tours including a stint in the US. Her vocals are steeped in 70s glory and recalls some of the showmanship of David Bowie, T. Rex and Heart. She has stated that her influences aren’t so much in the 80s as they are rooted in 60s and 70s rock.
Brittney Slayes - Unleash The Archers
Taking the lead vocals of Canada's metal band Unleash the Archers, Brittney's classic traditional vocals soar over male death growls and high speed riffs. Her clean, banshee vocals are impeccable, her vibrato is tempered, and the screams and highs she hits are just jaw dropping. Her influences include Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, and Lost Horizon.
Carina Alfie
Hailing from Argentina is another female who will leave you breathless from her skills on the electric guitar. Her third record, "Transmission", was recently recorded at Steve Vai's Mothership studio in Hollywood and if Steve is willing to produce your CD, then you have to be damn good.
Carla van Huizen-Douw - La-Ventura
Carla has been the charismatic singer with Dutch metal band La-Ventura since 2005. Influenced in her early years by ABBA and later Alanis Morissette, you can expect strong vocals topped with real emotions drawn for her experiences. Hear her on the gothic band's latest release "White Crow". La-Ventura means "luck" in Spanish.
Carmen Elise Espanæs/Birgit Öllbrunner - Midnattsol
Vocalist Carmen and guitarist Chris Hector founded Midnattsol in 2002, their common ground being their mutual affection for Nordic mythology and composition. Birgit has played the bass since 2002. Carmen is also the sister of Liv Kristine Espanæs.
Charlotte Wessels - Delain/Phantasma
Dutch singer-songwriter Charlotte Wessels of Delain has a voice that is both infectious and emotive. Able to go from sing-song siren vocals to powerful emotional tones and then to almost operatic without missing a note. With her vocal arsenal, Wessels can stand voice to voice with any contemporary. She is also in the symphonic rock musical group called Phantasma.
Cristina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil
She with the Sultry Eyes. Starting with the name "Ethereal" this Italian band sent out demos and was given a recording contract in 1996. They soon changed their name to "Lacuna Coil" which means "empty spiral". Cristina has been compared to The Gathering's Anneke Van Giersbergen in style and sound.
Dawn Crosby - Detente/Fear Of God
An early pioneer for death/black female vocals, rough-throated Dawn Crosby started out in the early 80s with the band Allies. In 1984, Crosby helped form the thrash band Detente. The band recorded 2 demos that gained the attention of labels and eventually changed its name to Fear Of God. On December 15, 1996, Dawn Crosby died of acute liver failure. She had been drinking heavily since 1992. The remaining musicians continued Fear Of God for a few more years before going seperate ways.
Debbie Gunn - Sentinel Beast/Ice Age
Debbie Gunn was a mid-80s pioneer for female metal in Sentinel Beast a thrash band from Sacramento, CA who broke down a lot of barriers for females in the world of heavy metal. Debbie Gunn made quite an impact with Sentinel Beast before she left the band to join Iceage, a Swedish all female thrash band.
DM - the missing:
DM is shocked and appalled that you're reading her bio, as she is not very interesting and never claimed to be. Most importantly, DM fronts a band that scares your mother. She rages against the machine daily, with matinee rages on Sundays and Wednesdays. Go to www.themissing.com and visit her band's website.
Doro Pesch - Doro/Warlock
Making her mark as the front woman for the influential, 80s, German power metal band Warlock, Doro continues to rock hard into the current scene as a solo artist. Doro is known for her raw metal vocals as opposed to a clean, feminine style.
Drain S.T.H
Hailing from Sweden, the four players of a fairly Grunge style weren't clones of ABBA or Ace of Base.
Elisa C. Martin - Hamka/(Dreamaker)/(Dark Moor)
Elisa initially made a name for herself in the Spanish metal band Dark Moor. Her powerful, emotional singing was a perfect compliment to the highly orchestrated power metal the band played. After some creative differences, she went on to the French metal band Fairyland and has since started the band Dreamaker.
Elize Ryd - Amaranthe
An "amaranth" is an imaginary flower that never fades and within the triple vocal bill of Sweden's Amaranthe, Elize stands out with clean poppier vocals. She has also performed guest vocals for the symphonic metal band Kamelot, Falconer, Timo Tolkki's Avalon, and Dreamstate.
Erika Swinnich Tandy - Morgengrau/(Ignitor)/(Autumn Tears)
Guitarist/vocalist with Death Metal band Morgengrau who released an acclaimed full-length in 2013. The vocalist originally started her musical career in the gothic avant-garde band Autumn Tears, where she spent six years learning to sing opera style. She joined Ignitor and used her high octane power metal voice to fuel the fire of US metal contributing to the group's soaring classic metal sounding "Take To The Sky" EP and full length "Road Of Bones".
Farida Lemouchi - The Devils Blood
Another entry into the occultic doom rock ledger, The Devil's Blood burst onto the Netherlands' scene. Their leader is a bold presence, with wild hair, a wide vibrato, an affinity for blood on stage, and an equal affection for one particular fallen angel. She is F. The Mouth of Satan, and in two short years has gone from cover band obscurity to glorified Satanic ceremonies of analog tones and vintage guitar harmonies.
Fernanda Lira - Nervosa
Lira is the bassist and vocalist for the all female thrash band Nervosa. The band formed in 2011 and have one album release. Her playing style was influened by childhood idol Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.
Floor Jansen - Nightwish/ReVamp/Star One/(After Forever)
Singer for ReVamp and Ex-lead soprano vocalist of the Dutch band After Forever--a band that made a profound impression with their epic combination of metal with influences from classical music, gothic and prog rock. Floor is currently handling vocals for Nightwish.
Francesca Di Ventura - Heretic's Dream
Francesca is the singer for London's Heretic's Dream. The talented vocalist uses goth and pop to create the perfect chemistry for the band's progressive sound.
Girlschool formed the late 70s and had some commercial success in the 80s. Even without a permanent lead vocalist, they have managed to stick around for 30 years and have played alongside Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, The Scorpions, Motörhead. Original mebers are: Enid Williams, Kelly Johnson, Kim McAuliffe, Denise Dufort.
Great Kat
Katherine Thomas aka "High Priestess of Shred Guitar" and self-proclaimed guitar goddess. Kat began studying piano at the age of seven, and switched to the violin at nine. At 15, Kat was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Eventually, she discovered heavy metal and learned to play the guitar. Expect lots of screaming, blood, BDSM, and speed metal versions of classical pieces, such as Vivaldi's Four Seasons and the William Tell Overture.
Hanka Nogolova - Silent Stream of Godless Elegy
Hanka joined Czech Doom/Ethno metal band Silent Stream of Godless Elegy in 2001. Her beautiful melodic voice contrasts the growls of fellow vocalist Michal Herak. With the release of Relic Dances, Hanka has established herself as probably the best female Czech metal vocalist.
Helen Vogt - Flowing Tears
Heading up the female fronted atmospheric metal band Flowing Tears, Helen Vogt will pull you away from your daily cares with her smooth baritone voice. If a bittersweet dream had a voice, it would probably sound just like Helen.
Ihriel - Starofash, Peccatum
Ihriel may always be referred to as "Ihsahn's wife" by the wider metal media, but her contributions to Peccatum, both vocally and creatively, were crucial in reframing Ihsahn as a pensive and slightly mystical scholar. Her solo effort, Star of Ash will appeal to fans of Peccatum's more melodic episodes, as well as other forward-thinking Norwegian acts such as Ulver, Winds, and even mid-era Manes. Her primary singing voice is delicately accented, almost chaste, but when called upon can also swell into a shivering banshee's keen.
Iron Maidens
Quite possibly the world's only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band. The band uses similar stage gear and props and packs them in wherever they play with excellent musicianship, lively stage presence, and a show that is quite an entertainment treat.
Jenna & Acid - Honeymoon Disease
With Jenna on vocals & guitar and Acid also on guitar, they are one half of the smashing quartet of retro-rock from Sweden known as Honeymoon Disease. Vocals from Jenna are modestly traditional and right with in catchy, infectious choruses. The guitars never take over as the centerpiece of any song, but their progressions utilize a less-is-more spirit squeezing simple riffs to the max. Honeymoon Disease is totally bitchin, man!
Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth
Billing themselves as "occult rock 'n' roll", Jex Thoth do indeed dole out a heavy dose of old school hippie mysticism. But fans of old Candlemass will find much to celebrate here; Jex pays homage to Messiah Marcolin as much as to Grace Slick. Backed by strobing organs and heavily phased soloing, Jex's vocals ring out like morose sermons. The band also nods to the old-school in their distribution, preferring vinyl and small print runs to the internet fast track.
Jill Janus - Huntress
Janus has fronted the California band Huntress since 2007. The group have recorded two albums with her. The Huntress style is fast and precise power metal and Janus' has an experienced voice that has four octaves.
Jo-Anne Bench - Bolt Thrower
Jo has played bass guitar in the death metal band Bolt Thrower since 1987–present. This veteran player could probably crack apart the bones of most male metalheads with her left pinky. She has been a vegetarian since 1984.
Johanna De Pierre - Amaran
Vocalist for Amaran who plays melodic Swedish metal in the style of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, but with clean female vocals. Johanna puts on a powerful performance, similar to Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil). Her earlier work includes both blues and hiphop.
Julie Kiss - To-Mera
Julie Kiss provides the vocals for UK-based, progressive metal band To-Mera which she helped form after leaving Hungarian progressive metal band Without Face. The word 'To-Mera' has been loosely translated to mean "The Land of the Pyramid".
Julie Westlake - Hydrogyn
Since 2003, frontwoman Julie Westlake, has helped push Hydrogyn into the hard rock scene with her curves and charismatic presence. Her looks and cleavage may get the band attention, but don't assume it's all she has to offer. Julie has a great voice to go along with the visuals.
Karyn Crisis - Crisis
Who could forget this metal maiden, with dreads, an artistic mind, and a furious face that simply screams extreme? This Chicago native is very creative and innovative, at one point performing as a painter, photographer, clothing designer, and performance artist. She helped form the band Crisis in 1993, showing off her death-like singing voice that mixes soulful singing, spoken parts, and growls in an experimental method of musical expression.
Kate French - Chastain
Kate French stormed into the metal scene as the vocalist for Chastain filling the shoes of the vocal spot left vacant by another mighty metal maiden in Leather Leone. She is also in the band Vainglory with new guitar virtuoso Corbin King.
Kathie Jarra - Stygmata, Jarra
Kathie Jarra was the singer/guitarist/songwriter for the East Coast metal band, Jarra. Relocating the band to Arizona, she signed to Lion Music in 2000 for the release of her debut "Test of Faith". After fulfilling her contract, the power metal singer went on to form a new band, Stygmata and released her solo CD "Bleed" on her own label, The Karma Records Group. The singer also does some modeling work when not writing or recording metal.
Katrina Johansson
Melodic instrumental shred guitar has a lot of heroes, but off the top of your head can you name very many females in the field? With influences ranging from Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo Batio and Jimi Hendrix; Katrina Johansson is one who will spin your head with her fretboard licks as quick as she'll snap your neck with her girl next door looks.
Katy Decker/Kaitee Elliott - Royal Anguish
Katy Decker (vocals) and Kaitee Elliott (keyboards) comprise the female side of the extreme/hybrid metal group Royal Anguish. In 2003, Katy decided to unleash her operatic talents to the metal world. Kaitee Elliott lurks to the back of the stage, playing her keyboards under a mourners veil.
Kimberly Goss - Sinergy
After spending some time as a keyboardist and doing session work for different bands like Therion and Dimmu Borgir, Kimberly, along with Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom started the power metal band Sinergy.
After over a year of world-wide touring in support of their certified gold debut album "Spit", Kittie has changed some members around but they are continuing to release music. Morgan Lee Lander is lead vocals and guitars for the Nu-metal styled sound.
Kitty Saric - Decadence
Fiercely independent. Iron willed determination. Melodic thrash precision. Such are the virtues driving Decadence and their golden-maned frontwoman Kitty Saric onward. Having done things on their own terms for the past several years, Their music belongs to the more elegant end of the thrash spectrum, oozing melody and sudden technical finesse, aggression and exuberance. Decadence are poised to carve a niche for themselves in the thrash genre.
Kobra Paige - Kobra And The Lotus
This Canadian vocalist has a traditional metal style with operatic touches and has fronted Kobra And The Lotus since 2009. In 2011, Kobra Paige legally changed her name from Brittany Paige to Kobra Paige.
KT Paige - Romantic Rebel
Paige is a Chicago native who formed hard rockers Romantic Rebel with her brother Alex Vincent (guitarist). The band is signed to Pavement Entertainment and have released one album thus far. Paige's style is very old school hard rock. She cites Ronnie James Dio and James Hetfield as influences.
Laura De Luca - Tystnaden
Laura joined Tystnaden at the age of 19 as a back-up choir singer with no previous experience. However, the Italian Melodic Death band decided to add her as a full time member and now sport a dual vocal style. Tystnaden have a decent following in the Italian underground scene and Laura also has made guest appearances doing backing vocals on Elvenking albums.
Leather Leone - Chastain
Leather Leone is a powerhouse vocalist conquering many of the same legions as Dickinson, Halford, and Tate. The biggest portion of her career was spent with David Chastain and his power metal offspring, Chastain. On her own she recorded "Shock Tactics" under the name of Leather, released originally in 1989. After her last record with Chastain, "For Those Who Dare" in 1990, Leather Leone disappeared from the scene.
Lee Aaron
Canadian-born Lee Aaron (Karen Lynn Greening) was, and still is, renowed for her good looks and strong voice. She had acclaim with 'Metal Queen' in 1984 and Bodyrock in 1989, both on Attic Records. Though an adult magazine pictorial and sexy stage outfits--loin cloths, red hot pants, and 80s workout clothes--may have heated her career, it also may have hindered her musical credibility for a time. Beyond her early exploited image, Lee is a solid hard rock and jazz singer, award winner, and mother who continues to perform around the world.
Lita Ford - Lita Ford/Runaways
Attending her first concert (Black Sabbath) at the age of 13, Lita found her calling, saved her money and bought a guitar. After her early band The Runaways broke up, the blonde bombshell went on her own and became one of the most familiar female names in metal during the 80s. Lita has dated or married well-known rockers Nikki Sixx, Tonni Iommi, and Chris Holmes and Jim Gillette. She will always be known for her stellar guitar work and songs like "Kiss Me Deadly" and the Ozzy duet "Close My Eyes Forever".
Liv - Sister Sin
Sister Sin is one of the newer Swedish acts, playing old school, sleezy hard rock, that have won fans over with their infectious high-energy songs. They are fronted by Liv who is a model and personal trainer back in Sweden.
Liv Kristine Espænes - Theatre of Tragedy
Theatre of Tragedy were one of the earliest bands to use an extreme contrast between the well-known male 'death grunt'-type of vocals and so called 'clean' female, angel-like singing. With her vocals Liv has helped to propel the Gothic Metal/Rock band Theatre of Tragedy to the top of their genre.
Lzzy Hale - Halestorm
Front woman and namesake of the band Halestorm, Lzzy Hale, continues the tradition of female-fronted hard rock bands. Aside from her great looks, Lzzy sounds amazing singing alone, with a rock growl, and going into a high pitched wail. Check her out live or singing on covers from Guns 'n Roses and Skid Row to hear her power, range and control. Only a few albums young, if Halestorm can get the songs to back her up, they could potentially take over the hard rock market.
Madame Torment
Young, crude and full of energy - Madame Torment is Portland, Oregon's all-female original hard rock group. The idea of forming an all-female rock band, was lead guitarist, Erin Elizadeth's dream. Having met vocalist Elsa Faith and sharing the same goals and influences such as Motley Crue, LA Guns, The Runaways, and Guns 'N Roses, Madame Torment was born in 2013 adding 17 year old drummer, Weezy Denny, rhythm guitarist Annelise Josserand, and bassist, Ashley Luna to the Torment team. They are ready to start the Bitch Rock revolution!
Maria Brink - In This Moment
A newcomer to the metal scene, Maria fronts ITM with the fierce screams of any metalcore male and the soft singing of an angel. This gives her the potential to appeal to a wider range of metal fan.
Marta Gabriel - Crystal Viper
This Polish singer is not only an accomplished vocalist but also a guitarist, performing both for power metal vet Crystal Viper. Her sterile clean vocals have shown up on many genre albums like Lonewolf, Vader and Sabaton. She has even performed live alongside the legendary Jack Starr (Virgin Steele). Her voice is perfect for the Crystal Viper sound, using a "tough" mid-range but still able to provide a beautiful melody when needed.
Medeah - Artrosis
Artrosis, whose name is a symbolic blending of art and roses, have their own distinctive style of atmospheric Goth Metal, which is brought to perfection primarily by the charismatic voice of Medeah. She is know for occasionally singing some songs in her mother tongue--Polish.
Nina Gordon/Louise Post - Veruca Salt
Named after the bratty young girl in the movie "Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory" (the 'bad egg' that goes down the garbage chute), vox/guitarist Louise and guitarist Nina Gordon play hard-edged, in your face rock. After the departure of Nina, Louise is currently the sole holder of the Veruca Salt name.
Nina Osegueda - A Sound of Thunder
Osegueda fronts the Washington, DC metal band A Sound of Thunder singing with traditional style lead vocals. She worked as co-coordinator for "Flight of the Valkyries" and as a classiclly trained vocalist, performed with the Washington National Opera for two years.
Noora Louhimo - Battle Beast
Louhimo is a power metal singer that fronts Finland's Battle Beast. She took over the spot in 2012 bringing her strong melodic voice to the band's speedy sound.
Otep Shamaya - Otep
Otep will whisper, sream, growl and use any vocal style she can within her music and highly confessional writing to get her point across. Otep was personally invited to play at Ozzfest in 2001. Otep is also an anagram for poet.
Pamela (P.J.) Berlinghof - Twilight Odyssey
New York's Twilight Odyssey are leading the charge for traditional American heavy metal. Amazing frontwoman P.J. Berlinghof is the leading force with her soothing and aggressive vocals just completely overwhelming at times, the perfect voice to this bold endeavor. Her voice can take on a more soothing tone as well, with her register almost as soft as Pat Benatar at times. Fans of classic metal voices like Dickinson, Tate, and Halford will be pleased with Berlinghof's range and powerful delivery.
Pamela Moore
Most of us from the late 80s know Pamela as the emotive voice of character "Sister Mary" from the Queensryche opus "Operation: mindcrime". Along with that monumental release, she has offered vocals to other bands and has released her own metal album in 2013 called "Resurrect Me".
Polina Berezko - Grace Disgraced
Polina Berezko has been the vocalist for Russian death metal band Grace Disgraced for ten years. Her brutally aggressive vocal style is similar to most Floridian death metal bands with some thrash tendencies throughout. The band has released two full length albums are are signed to More Hate Productions.
Priya Panda – Diemonds
This sexy, sultry vocalist has fronted Diemonds since their conception in 2006. The Toronto native uses a street smart delivery that borders hard rock while still retaining enough of the traditional flare that Canada abundantly exports.
Rossie Vady - Bloodhunter
Rossie Vady has the music name of Diva Satanica. She is the lead singer of Spain's Bloodhunter. Her growling style could be compared to Angela Gossow with more of a lower register used. Diva Satanica starts her career as an Alternative Model in 2007 working as a Model Merch for several International Extreme Metal Bands as Blood Red Throne (Norway), Otargos (France), Hate (Poland) and Disolvo Animus (Athens).
Runhild Gammelsæter - Khlyst, Thorrs Hammer
Runhild's rise to fame began in the mid-90s when, as if by providence, she happened to fall in with two young doomsters by the names of Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson. Before Sunn O))), Goatsnake, Burning Witch, Khanate, or any of the other bands that catapulted O'Malley and Anderson to cult stardom, they cut their teeth with Runhild as Thorr's Hammer. A sylphic, enigmatic figure in life, Runhild on record is one of the genre's most devastating voices, and blazed the trail for subsequent Scandinavian success stories such as Angela Gossow. In recent years, Runhild has returned to extreme music as a solo artist and in Khlyst, an ambient/drone doom band.
Sabina Classen - Holy Moses
Holy Moses was founded by Sabina Classen and with her German thrash unit in place, they stormed the same shores as Kreator, Destruction, and Sodom. Today is no different, with Holy Moses unleashing new records with the same reckless approach as before.
Sabine Edelsbacher - Edenbridge
After helping to form the progressive metal band Edenbridge, gorgeous vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher has seen her popularity and critical acclaim grow with each of the bands releases. She's know for her clean, ethereal, dreamy vocals.
Sara Squadrani - Ancient Bards
Squadrani has been singing for Ancient Bards for the last seven years. The Italian operatic singer joined the band in 2007, and thus far, has recorded three albums with them. Her strong vocal style is very melodic, an asset for this style of symphonic power metal.
Sarah Jezebel Deva - Cradle Of Filth/Therion
After a demo landed in the hands of Cradle of Filth, they were so impressed that Sarah became their backing singer. She has also toured and record with bands such as Therion, Covenant, & Mortiis. Sarah does mainly operetic style vocals and has a range of four octaves!
Sharon Den Adel - Within Temptation
Sharon Den Adel is the singer for Dutch hard rock band Within Temptation. With her high-range, light vocals, Sharon has helped make the band one of the most popular of the female-fronted metal bands in Europe today especially with the international hit "Ice Queen".
Simone Simons - Epica
Starting out in music at a young age, Simone eventually found her calling in the metal world after seeing the band well-known gothic power metal band Nightwish. The young blue-eyed, redhead mezzo-soprano provides the haunting, high pitched, Arias for the Epic Goth metal band Epica.
Stacey Peak – Savage Master
Under stage name Stacey Savage, this Louisville, Kentucky native has fronted traditional metal act Savage Master since 2013. Her aggressive vocals, while consistently clean, hits highs and lows that recalls early singers like Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer) and Ronnie Galetti (Nasty Savage).
Tanja Lainio - Soulgrind/(Lullacry)
After losing their then-vocalist Tanya due to musical differences, Tanja Lainio stepped in to lead the highly infectious rock/goth-rock outfit Lullacry. Her sweet vocals are a perfect match for the hook-leaden rock melodies of this Finnish band.
Tarja Turunen - Solo/(Nightwish)
Tarja Turunen is one of the most well-known female singers in the metal scene and had brought critical and world-wide attention to the Finnish-based, progressive, symphonic metal band Nightwish. Her vocals can be full-on operatic and hard for some listeners to take, but for her fans, she is the greatest.
Tave Wanning - Adrenaline Rush
Tave joined forces with W.E.T's Erik Martensson to deliver polished AOR styled hard rock. The Swedish singer has a lot of pop and commercial flavor to her sultry sound. Adrenaline Rush has released one album and is signed to Frontiers Records.
Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless
Momsen is a versatile performer and vocalist for hard rock band The Pretty Reckless. The young entertainer is also an American actress, starring in the CW television show "Gossip Girl" and the Tim Burton film "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Vocally she displays pop characteristics, often sultry and sexy in delivery while still retaining a commanding authoritive presence on the harder stuff.
Tracey Sage - SAGE4
Tracey is the lead vocalist for SAGE4, a band out of Chicago that uses her poetry and instrumental virtuosity to combine elements of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive, Gothic and Alternative music. Check 'em out at www.sage4.com!
Veronica Freeman - Benedictum
San Diego band Benedictum is the conjuring of old school US heavy metal spirit. The group recalls the classic moments of Savatage and Dio while still retaining a good dose of European power metal glory. The highlight of the band is Veronica Freeman, a leading lady on the US metal scene and a vocalist that simply cannot be missed. Her thunderous voice is rather masculine sounding, giving the band's traditional metal sound plenty of authority and powerful persuasion.
Vibeke Stene - God of Athiest/(Tristania)
Vibeke is the soprano vocalist for Tristania, one of the leading atmospheric gothic metal bands playing today, taking the dual male/female vocal style pioneered Theatre Of Tragedy and combining them with lush, symphonic orchestration, while remaining a fully metallic band at its core.
Viktoria Viren - Evil Drive
Viren has been singing since the age of 14 and spent a few years with the band Soulcrypt. She teamed up with her husband, guitarist Ville Wiren, and formed the Finnish band Evil Drive with drummer Juha Beck. Her vocals are similar to Angela Gossow with plenty of mid-range growls and higher blackened screams.

Total Maidens listed: 87

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