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Metal Marquee

Issue 2: Iron Kobra --New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal from Germany
Issue 1: Nhor --One-man music project from England, UK

In the ever-changing soundscape that is heavy metal, we as metal fans find band upon band that is relatively unknown or even obscure. With a genre that is saturated with so many bands, it's hard to listen to all of them or to find bands that break the mold and really stand out. Yet, there are bands out there that are real diamonds in the rough, bands that resonate with us on a very deep level and that really push the envelope as far as creativity and ingenuity is concerned.

In this column, Metal Marquee, we will examine bands and artists that fit this example and just give a little synopsis of the band/artist's history and how they have made their mark on the heavy metal world. --Greg Watson, Maximum Metal

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. Hate Eternal. Leng Tch'e
. Loudness. Misery Index
. Tiamat. Grave Digger
. Goatwhore. December
. Overkill. Warhorse
. Steel Attack. Crematorium
. Manowar. Angel Dust
. Cage. Pyn Siren
. Evolution. Godiva
. Thunderbolt. Wycked Synn
. Curriculum Mortis. Stryper
. Thunderstone. Pharaoh
. Brides of Destruction. Deivos
. Soul Reaper. Black Stone Cherry
. Ebony Ark. downBleed
. Skyfire. Gamma Ray
. Metalium. Nova Lex
. Judas Priest. Hatework
. De Lirium's Order. Feinstein
. Scorpions. Lilitu
. Black Destiny. Images of Eden
. Unearth. Medusa
. Arch Enemy. Karmakanic
. Angra. Tristania
. Mercenary. Code Black
. Impaled. Seige of Hate
. Sabaton. Shatterpoint
. Vicious Circle. the missing:
. Chaoswave. Boomerang
. Soul SirkUS. Pro-Pain
. Biss. Astarte
. Manntis. Vicious Art
. Horna. Leaves Eyes
. Sebastian Bach. Nightvision
. Love Forsaken. Holy Blood
. Sun O))). The Firstborn
. Algol3. Running Wild
. Gojira. Celebratum
. Bronx Casket Company. End of Level Boss
. Across Tundras. Tandjent
. Nightmare. Speed/Kill/Hate
. The Sword. 8th Sin
. Abysmal Dawn. Dawn of Azazel
. Unsilent Phenomenon. Hydrogyn
. Time Requiem. Fleshgore
. The Ruins of Beverast. Death Breath
. Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers. Battle Bratt
. Amputated. Rotting Christ
. Kotipelto. Phazm
. Warmachine. Fu Manchu
. Terry Sullivan. Crescent Shield
. Nagelfar. Incrave
. Almah. Divine Empire
. Katrina Johansson. Manes
. Denial Fiend. Lipstick Magazine
. Hellveto. Keep of Kalessin
. Echoes of Eternity. Cauldron
. Heresi. Alkemyst
. Glenn Hughes. Father Befouled
. Burzum. SOS
. Puscifer. Celestia
. Bible Of The Devil. Cursed
. Wolfgate. Winterfylleth
. Nasty Idols. Sotajumala