Made in Sweden

It's only fitting that our first issue of the new Maximum Metal column "Made in Sweden" focuses on the tome that provoked it -"Swedish Death Metal" by Daniel Ekeroth. If Douglas Adams offered "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" then Ekeroth surely offers "The Passenger's Guide to Hell".

What is Swedish Death Metal? What is the fascination? What in the bloody Hell happened to the kids in Stockholm? Ekeroth offers an abundance of rich, scholarly texts deciphering one of metal's most energetic and awe-inspiring moments in time. It's aptly titled "Swedish Death Metal" for a reason. Ekeroth gives it all to us--glorious, gut-wrenching, defining as it is--in one extremely heavy volume of tunes and tombs. --Eric Compton, Maximum Metal

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. Anvil. In Flames
. Slipknot. Big Dumb Face
. Exmortem. Rebellion
. Grave Digger. Stratovarius
. Seven Witches. Overkill
. Sickspeed. Legend
. Late Nite Romeo. Dr. Butcher
. Alchemy X. Pyn Siren
. Saint. Iced Earth
. Fireball Ministry. Runemagick
. King Diamond. Evanesce
. Nordheim. Beautiful Creatures
. Mnemic. Tad Morose
. Stalker. Halloween
. Hypocrisy. Project: Failing Flesh
. Brides of Destruction. Asperity
. Superchrist. Riot
. Outworld. Lonewolf
. Hatework. Joe Stump
. Therion. Insomnium
. Bonfire. Unleashed
. Meliah Rage. Dream Evil
. Saxon. Shadows Fall
. Beaten Back To Pure. Potential Threat SF
. Occult. Age Of Silence
. I.C.E.. Jungle Rot
. Internal Bleeding. Six Feet Under
. Negative Creeps. Hanzel Und Gretyl
. Avenue F. Creed
. Mercenary. Legion
. Kinetic. Emerald Sun
. Audiovision. Rottweiller
. Miles Beyond. Dirt
. Vicious Circle. the missing:
. Crimson Moonlight. Stormwarrior
. Sinisthra. Burden Of Grief
. Groundcrew. Defleshed
. Blind Stare. Manntis
. Agents Of Man. Graveworm
. Maximum Overdrive. Dark Funeral
. Dam. Cannon
. Wetwork. Edenbridge
. Agents Of The Sun. A Lower Deep
. Painmuseum. Future is Tomorrow
. Black Majesty. Russell Allen
. 1349. Twilight
. Mabon. Savage Circus
. Vinterriket. Paths Of Possession
. Phantom X. Overmars
. Urizen. Skullshifter
. Sinocence. Early Man
. Sodom. Grimfist
. Mental Care Foundation. Pile of Heads
. Sepultura. Blackmore's Night
. Poison. Vore
. Dream Or Nightmare. The Furor
. Abysmal Dawn. Upon Infliction
. Dawn of Azazel. Smohalla
. War Within. Time Requiem
. Agalloch. Pump
. Thy Majestie. Amputated
. Semargl. Mastodon
. Rotting Christ. Teeth of the Hydra
. The Showdown. Middian
. Phazm. Warmachine
. Warbringer. Almah
. Trouble. Glorior Belli
. David Galas. Hearse
. Ensiferum. Hell N' Diesel
. Pathosray. Bilocate
. Rosetta. Pop Evil
. Manilla Road. Vulture Industries
. Embalming Theatre. The Lamp of Thoth
. Son of Eric. Cursed
. Papa Roach. Eighteen Wheels Burning
. Crown The Lost. Uli Jon Roth