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Where Are You?

Issue 26 - Ted Bullett - vocals for Thunderhead
Issue 25 - Risk - rough and ready German thrash metal
Issue 24 - Cryhavoc - gothic melodic death
Issue 23 - Kik Tracee - hard rock in the grunge era.
Issue 22 - Black Death - Death that'
Issue 21 - Vyper - Great spandex rock.
Issue 20 - David Reece - Vocals for Accept.--FOUND!
Issue 19 - Glory Bells Band - Sabbath doom, Zeppelin blues, and Saxon new wave.--FOUND!
Issue 18 - Fifth Angel - guitar frenzy power act.--FOUND!
Issue 17 - Wicked Maraya - mid-tempo power crunch.--FOUND!
Issue 16 - In Flames - melodic death metal.
Issue 15 - Pole Position - Big glam sounds.
Issue 14 - Screamer - Chicago power-progressive metal.
Issue 13 - Hazzard - Five mysterious German metal merchants.
Issue 12 - Leather Leone - female fronted assault on all senses.--FOUND!
Issue 11 - Risk - mid-tempo German thrash with power elements.
Issue 10 - Bloodstone - 80s metal stylings.--FOUND!
Issue 9 - Surgeon - Old brew German metal.--FOUND!
Issue 8 - Salem's Wych - US cult power metal.--FOUND!
Issue 7 - The Sygnet - German band with shining debut.--FOUND!
Issue 6 - Barren Cross - Christian power metal.--FOUND!
Issue 5 - Bloodlust Members - Bay Area Thrash.--FOUND!
Issue 4 - Leon Goewie - Vocalist for Dutch band Vengeance.--FOUND!
Issue 3 - Frank Knight - Vocalist for German band X-Wild.
Issue 2 - Pit - Late 90's German metal band. --FOUND!
Issue 1 - Brian Rich - Vocalist for the European band Jackal.--FOUND!

Let me start off by doing a little introduction to this new, somewhat odd column. I have been listening to obscure hard rock and heavy metal for 10+ years and during this time I have discovered some really fantastic bands and artists out there; bands that I felt had enough potential and talent to top the music scene and carve their very own mark in this crazy world of hard music.

For whatever reason those bands and musicians didn't get the big break and disappeared like a ghost in the fog.

I've started searching for these out of the way bands and musicians in the mid-90s, and with the power of the internet I've been able to track down a few of them. But still, there are so many mysteries out there, so many rocks yet unturned and so many treasures waiting to be rediscovered. With the creation of Maximum Metal and its many useful resources, I'm hoping to solve some of those mysteries and bring some of these deserving artists to the forefront again.

This is my mission. This is the sole purpose of Where Are You? To unlock some doors and ask some questions that I haven't seen anyone else ask. So lets grab our metal detectors and see what we can find.

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