Playlists 101

Halloween Playlist No. 1

By: Eric Compton
Published: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Horror and metal often go together in bloddy embrace. Staffer Eric Compton gave us some of his favorites for the scary season.

"Tea For Three Plus One" --Woman In Black Original Soundtrack

"The End" --28 Days Later Soundtrack

"Intro And Main Title" --Phantasm Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Children Of The Corn Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Halloween H2O Soundtrack

"Profondo Rosso" --Deep Red Soundtrack

"The Graves" --Stephen King's It

"La Profecia" --The Omen Soundtrack

"In the House, In a Heartbeat" --John Murphy, 28 Weeks Later

"Sally'''s Lullaby" --Buck Sanders/Marco Beltrami, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

And Eric's favorite bonus...
"Harvest Moon" --Blue Oyster Cult

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. Anvil. Bathory
. The Kovenant. Lost Horizon
. White Skull. BloodDuster
. Immolation. Mondo Generator
. Dirty Power. Solace
. Helloween. Warhorse
. Crematorium. Firewind
. Pyn Siren. Hammerwhore
. Tungsten. Endless Time
. Black Sabbath. Inner Rage of Emotion
. Biomechanical. Dragonforce
. Curriculum Mortis. Victory
. Lanfear. Duke
. Eidolon. Vhaldemar
. Silent Scythe. Hypocrisy
. Pink Cream 69. Pharaoh
. Edguy. Krisiun
. Project: Failing Flesh. Asperity
. Soul Reaper. Fear Factory
. Node. Silver Mountain
. Van Helsing’s Curse. Gamma Ray
. Nova Lex. Gary Moore
. Marillion. Judas Priest
. Brutal Mastication. Joe Stump
. Insomnium. Chapter VIII
. Vox Tempus. Unleashed
. Dark Age. Otep
. Katagory V. Chris Caffery
. Six Feet Under. Jackyl
. Karmakanic. Cryme
. Twisted Sister. Milkweed
. Code Black. Rottweiller
. Entombed. Corrosion Of Conformity
. Soilwork. Quiet Riot
. Necrophagia. Labyrinth
. Astral Doors. Car Bomb
. Apocalyptica. Antares
. Derek Sherinian. Fire Alley
. Fastkill. Def Leppard
. Biss. Blind Stare
. Mirador. Testament
. Unchained. Kult ov Azazel
. Gemini 5. Morgana Lefay
. To The Bone. Peccatum
. Russell Allen. Armored Saint
. Overloaded. Mabon
. Damnation. Mistress
. Akercocke. Overmars
. Ram-Zet. Celebratum
. Bronx Casket Company. Khold
. Nocturnal Rites. Early Man
. Nobody's Fool. Brother Hawk
. End My Sorrow. Mental Care Foundation
. Sepultura. Blackmore's Night
. Intronaut. Upwards of Endtime
. Wolves in the Throne Room. Thyrane
. Fields Of The Nephilim. The Ocean
. Valhalla. Pyramaze
. Bal-Sagoth. Vreid
. Imagika. Nicodemus
. TK-421. Black Crucifixion
. Before Silence. Cult of Luna
. Space Odyssey. War Within
. Psycroptic. Scary Manilow
. Warface. Fleshgore
. Vicious Rumors. Death Breath
. Setherial. Battle Bratt
. Obtest. Escape The Fate
. Extium. Phazm
. Warmachine. Melechesh
. Southern Gentleman. Marc Sasso
. Almah. Trouble
. Divine Empire. Antigama
. Transmission 0. Retrospective
. Blut Aus Nord. Ulcerate
. JR Ewing. Sworn Enemy
. Hellveto. Temple Of Blood
. Mongrel. Gutted With Broken Glass
. Deceiver. The Obsessed
. Pop Evil. Straight Line Stitch
. Embalming Theatre. Hacksaw Surgery
. Bullet For My Valentine. Mar De Grises
. Deadsea. End of Man
. Faded Hope. Raven
. Giant Squid