Playlists 101

Halloween Playlist No. 1

By: Eric Compton
Published: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Horror and metal often go together in bloddy embrace. Staffer Eric Compton gave us some of his favorites for the scary season.

"Tea For Three Plus One" --Woman In Black Original Soundtrack

"The End" --28 Days Later Soundtrack

"Intro And Main Title" --Phantasm Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Children Of The Corn Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Halloween H2O Soundtrack

"Profondo Rosso" --Deep Red Soundtrack

"The Graves" --Stephen King's It

"La Profecia" --The Omen Soundtrack

"In the House, In a Heartbeat" --John Murphy, 28 Weeks Later

"Sally'''s Lullaby" --Buck Sanders/Marco Beltrami, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

And Eric's favorite bonus...
"Harvest Moon" --Blue Oyster Cult

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. Cathedral. The Kovenant
. Lost Horizon. Loudness
. The Haunted. Children Of Bodom
. Chaingunn. Mondo Generator
. Disturbed. Regurgitate
. Stratovarius. Norma Jean
. Seether. Vaginal Carnage
. Liege Lord. Dark Moor
. Angel Dust. God Dethroned
. Johnny Lokke. Biomechanical
. Sevendust. Morbid Angel
. Rage. Lanfear
. Nordheim. Beautiful Creatures
. Axenstar. Silent Scythe
. Thunderstone. Drillpoint
. Attacker. Pink Cream 69
. Whitesnake. Edguy
. Out of the Lair. Royal Anguish
. Shiva. Silver Mountain
. Cryonic Temple. Funerus
. Jag Panzer. Ebony Ark
. Messiah's Kiss. Donnerkopf
. Edge Of Forever. Highlord
. Nova Lex. Gary Moore
. Marillion. Ministry
. Black Zodiac. Juggernott
. Schenker/ Pattison Summit. Rhapsody of Fire
. Dark Age. Annihilator
. Z02. Jungle Rot
. Tartharia. Hanzel Und Gretyl
. Behemoth. Karmakanic
. Fifth Cross. Code Black
. Requiem Aeternam. Impaled
. Veni Domine. Mechanical Poet
. Nevermore. Diecast
. Chaoswave. Alex Skolnick Trio
. Bleed The Sky. Strapping Young Lad
. Thunderblast. Gizmachi
. Raintime. Babylon
. Hatesphere. Biss
. Disbelief. Raging Speedhorn
. Manntis. Sothis
. Graveworm. Maximum Overdrive
. Slough Feg. Dark Funeral
. Voyager. Ritual Killer
. Dam. Alice Cooper
. Thor. Peccatum
. V:28. Monster Magnet
. Russell Allen. Penetrator
. Overloaded. Sun O)))
. Avenged Sevenfold. Arthemis
. Mistress. Vile
. Asrai. Define Divine
. Khold. Nocturnal Rites
. Taunusheim. From This Day
. Witchery. Across Tundras
. Powerglove. Cannibal Corpse
. Poison. Hell-Born
. The Berzerker. Degree Absolute
. Event Horizon. Vore
. Dream Or Nightmare. Hirax
. Apiary. Royal Hunt
. Fragments of Unbecoming. Gorgoroth
. Skid Row. Fleshgore
. From the Grave. Anata
. Setherial. Myon
. Teeth of the Hydra. Cult of Daath
. Audrey Horne. Escape The Fate
. Demise. Deicide
. Centinex. Skullflower
. Melechesh. With Passion
. Terry Sullivan. Mindgrinder
. Crescent Shield. Grenouer
. Almah. Trouble
. Passion. Mithras
. Rob Zombie. Aborted
. Denial Fiend. The Wonderfools
. Depressed Mode. Averse Sefira
. Glenn Hughes. Orthodox
. Gutted With Broken Glass. Rosetta
. Trivium. Puscifer
. Embalming Theatre. Hacksaw Surgery
. Trinacria. Son of Eric
. Faded Hope. Something Beautiful
. Suffocation