Playlists 101

Halloween Playlist No. 1

By: Eric Compton
Published: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Horror and metal often go together in bloddy embrace. Staffer Eric Compton gave us some of his favorites for the scary season.

"Tea For Three Plus One" --Woman In Black Original Soundtrack

"The End" --28 Days Later Soundtrack

"Intro And Main Title" --Phantasm Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Children Of The Corn Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Halloween H2O Soundtrack

"Profondo Rosso" --Deep Red Soundtrack

"The Graves" --Stephen King's It

"La Profecia" --The Omen Soundtrack

"In the House, In a Heartbeat" --John Murphy, 28 Weeks Later

"Sally'''s Lullaby" --Buck Sanders/Marco Beltrami, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

And Eric's favorite bonus...
"Harvest Moon" --Blue Oyster Cult

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. Cave In. The Kovenant
. Sinner. The Great Deceiver
. The Haunted. Grave
. BloodDuster. Mondo Generator
. Solace. Usurper
. Lamb of God. Ravage
. Dark Moor. Manowar
. Alchemy X. Led Zeppelin
. Pyn Siren. Brainstorm
. Exawatt. Shakra
. Iced Earth. Paragon
. Bloodbath. Morbid Angel
. Runemagick. Dream Weaver
. Nordheim. Stryper
. Guardians Of Time. Savatage
. Primal Fear. Asperity
. Secret Sphere. Soul Reaper
. Royal Anguish. Yngwie Malmsteen
. Wolf. Epica
. Icon And The Black Roses. Metalium
. Ministry. Black Zodiac
. Estuary. Schenker/ Pattison Summit
. Destructor. Fireaxe
. After Forever. Killswitch Engage
. Metal Church. Imp
. Aina. Division
. Chris Caffery. Jamie. St. James
. House of Shakira. Within Temptation
. Acheron. Made of Iron
. The 7 Method. Cryme
. Twisted Sister. Triumph
. Betrayer. Feared Creation
. Kinetic. Code Black
. Crowbar. Scenteria
. Cradle To Grave. Emerald Sun
. Image. Audiovision
. Divine Fire. Loudblast
. Maze Of Torment. Korpiklaani
. Astral Doors. Sabaton
. Heartcry. Hellfire
. Mechanical Poet. the missing:
. Argument Soul. Oathean
. Bleed The Sky. Drunkard
. Axel Rudi Pell. Holy Moses
. Gizmachi. Callenish Circle
. Babylon. Impiety
. Hatesphere. Vicious Art
. Testament. Dynamic Lights
. Resurrecturis. Impaled Nazarene
. Blitzkrieg. Painmuseum
. To The Bone. Mercyful Fate
. Lake Of Tears. Armored Saint
. Barcode. Ewigkeit
. The Absence. Damnation
. Even X. Mistress
. Asrai. Chain Collector
. Celebratum. Grimfist
. Nobody's Fool. Cannibal Corpse
. Intronaut. Poison
. Codeon. Nikki Puppet
. Nightmare. Boris
. Moonspell. Imagika
. Athanator. Royal Hunt
. Michael Orlando. Gorgoroth
. Smohalla. Destruction
. Space Odyssey. Dendura
. Shadows Within. The Ruins of Beverast
. Belphegor. Myon
. Lesbian Bed Death. The Showdown
. Middian. Deicide
. Lecherous Nocturne. Gaza
. Melechesh. Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
. Hardcore Superstar. Threat Signal
. Omnium Gatherum. Dream Theater
. Necrophobic. Merciless Death
. Textures. The Prophecy
. Spit Like This. Tears
. Glorior Belli. Throneum
. The Wonderfools. Hellveto
. Diamond Dogs. Mass Extinction
. Glenn Hughes. Deceiver
. Ost Est Ima. Witchfinder General
. Blood Haven. SOS
. Armory. Moonshine
. Uriah Heep. Bible Of The Devil
. Coffins. Nasty Idols