Playlists 101

Halloween Playlist No. 1

By: Eric Compton
Published: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Horror and metal often go together in bloddy embrace. Staffer Eric Compton gave us some of his favorites for the scary season.

"Tea For Three Plus One" --Woman In Black Original Soundtrack

"The End" --28 Days Later Soundtrack

"Intro And Main Title" --Phantasm Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Children Of The Corn Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Halloween H2O Soundtrack

"Profondo Rosso" --Deep Red Soundtrack

"The Graves" --Stephen King's It

"La Profecia" --The Omen Soundtrack

"In the House, In a Heartbeat" --John Murphy, 28 Weeks Later

"Sally'''s Lullaby" --Buck Sanders/Marco Beltrami, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

And Eric's favorite bonus...
"Harvest Moon" --Blue Oyster Cult

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. Into Eternity. LA Guns
. The Haunted. Vehemence
. Mondo Generator. Exmortem
. Deceased. Narziß
. Anthrax. December
. Deranged. Kataklysm
. Kalibas. Overkill
. Lamb of God. Metallica
. October 31. Circle of Nero
. Goat Horn. Tungsten
. Iced Earth. Bloodbath
. Sevendust. King Diamond
. Lanfear. Windseeker
. Primal Fear. DevilDriver
. Iron Savior. Hard Echo
. Volbeat. Soil
. Exodus. Ebony Ark
. Deep Purple. Outworld
. Van Helsing’s Curse. Highlord
. Low Earth Orbit. Lonewolf
. Destructor. Fireaxe
. Black Destiny. Saxon
. Wintersun. Chris Caffery
. Marshall Law. Slowlife
. Agnostic Front. Mirror of Deception
. Made of Iron. Seventh One
. Karmakanic. Betrayer
. Sonata Arctica. Fifth Cross
. Feared Creation. Kinetic
. Scenteria. Bloody Sign
. Audiovision. The Mighty Nimbus
. Veni Domine. Dirt
. Seige of Hate. Yyrkoon
. Nevermore. Cemetary
. Severe Torture. Freedom Call
. Magica. System Of A Down
. Babylon. Shade Empire
. Slumber. Pro-Pain
. Groundcrew. Defleshed
. Graveworm. Unshine
. Kult ov Azazel. Gemini 5
. Wetwork. Impaled Nazarene
. Blitzkrieg. Nuclear Assault
. Mercyful Fate. Peccatum
. Dragonia. Evergrey
. Overloaded. Algol3
. Running Wild. Mistress
. Dreamland. Midnight Idols
. Gorefest. Khold
. Motorhead. Virgin Steele
. Machina. Taunusheim
. From This Day. Tandjent
. Intronaut. Upwards of Endtime
. Wolves in the Throne Room. Hell-Born
. Vore. The Smashup
. Athanator. Nicodemus
. 8th Sin. Stormcrow
. Upon Infliction. Dawn of Azazel
. Michael Orlando. Fragments of Unbecoming
. Smohalla. Azure
. She Said Destroy. Nachtmystium
. Time Requiem. Skyforger
. The Abominable Iron Sloth. The Finals
. Battle Bratt. Semargl
. Mastodon. Eyes of Ligeia
. Teeth of the Hydra. Biolich
. Venom. Lesbian Bed Death
. Sathanas. Middian
. Deicide. Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
. Lost Eden. Warbringer
. Static-X. The Chronicles of Israfel
. Cruachan. Blood of the Black Owl
. White Willow. White Wizzard
. Hacride. Since the Day
. Wuthering Heights. Glorior Belli
. Kruger. Hellveto
. Temple Of Blood. Ensiferum
. Cauldron. Diamond Dogs
. Heresi. Father Befouled
. Witchfinder General. Straight Line Stitch
. Last Stone Cast. Equilibrium
. Deadsea. Coffins
. Something Beautiful. Battleroar
. DC4