Playlists 101

Halloween Playlist No. 1

By: Eric Compton
Published: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Horror and metal often go together in bloddy embrace. Staffer Eric Compton gave us some of his favorites for the scary season.

"Tea For Three Plus One" --Woman In Black Original Soundtrack

"The End" --28 Days Later Soundtrack

"Intro And Main Title" --Phantasm Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Children Of The Corn Soundtrack

"Main Title" --Halloween H2O Soundtrack

"Profondo Rosso" --Deep Red Soundtrack

"The Graves" --Stephen King's It

"La Profecia" --The Omen Soundtrack

"In the House, In a Heartbeat" --John Murphy, 28 Weeks Later

"Sally'''s Lullaby" --Buck Sanders/Marco Beltrami, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

And Eric's favorite bonus...
"Harvest Moon" --Blue Oyster Cult

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. Anvil. In Flames
. Racer X. Sinner
. Immolation. Misery Index
. Poisonblack. Rebellion
. Twisted Tower Dire. Seven Witches
. Circle II Circle. Lamb of God
. Widowmaker. Power of Omens
. Cage. Alchemy X
. Led Zeppelin. Exawatt
. Nicta. Iced Earth
. Chainsnap. The Graveyard Boulevard
. Runemagick. Dream Weaver
. Tad Morose. Defiled
. Dreamaker. F5
. Shiva. Jag Panzer
. Messiah's Kiss. Outworld
. Edge Of Forever. Nova Lex
. Ministry. Judas Priest
. Dragonspoon. Cyst
. Estuary. De Lirium's Order
. Juggernott. Schenker/ Pattison Summit
. Devil In The Kitchen. Therion
. Skeletonwitch. Black Destiny
. Metal Church. Dio
. Wintersun. Valume Nob
. Acheron. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
. Made of Iron. Hanzel Und Gretyl
. Tsjuder. Betrayer
. Dark Tranquillity. Azrael's Bane
. Dirt. Seige of Hate
. Sabaton. Argument Soul
. Stormwarrior. Bleed The Sky
. Axis Of Perdition. Kryoburn
. Thunderblast. Fastkill
. Burden Of Grief. Pro-Pain
. Manntis. Agents Of Man
. Python. God Among Insects
. Darkane. Testament
. Sentenced. Unchained
. Unshine. Kult ov Azazel
. Taake. Dynamic Lights
. Slik Helvetika. Leaves Eyes
. Love Forsaken. Resurrecturis
. Scar Symmetry. Loits
. Lake Of Tears. Pagan's Mind
. Eternal Reign. Crystal Fate
. Ignarus. Shattersphere
. Paths Of Possession. Damnation
. Balatonizer. Ram-Zet
. Sinocence. The Tenth Circle
. Khold. Dismember
. Absolution. Early Man
. Codeon. Wolves in the Throne Room
. Boris. Cryptopsy
. Leviathan/Sapthuran. The Ocean
. Manngard. Nicodemus
. 8th Sin. The Furor
. Abysmal Dawn. Space Odyssey
. Swashbuckle. Hydrogyn
. War Within. Warface
. Shadows Within. Wednesday 13
. Death Breath. Wastefall
. E-lane. Winger
. Urkraft. Gaza
. Onslaught. Merciless Death
. Incrave. Cattle Decapitation
. Mendeed. Trouble
. Pantera. Nominon
. Rob Zombie. Since the Day
. Aborted. Denial Fiend
. Ulcerate. Ensiferum
. Cauldron. Destynation
. Alkemyst. Jesus Martyr
. Witchfinder General. Burzum
. Manilla Road. Moonshine
. Intolerant. Deadsea
. Place Of Skulls. Sin
. Coffins. Faded Hope
. Wolfgate. Winterfylleth
. Nasty Idols. Caliban
. Sister Sin. Earthen Grave