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Dendura - New Life

By: Axeman
Published: Sunday, September 24, 2006
Michigan's Dendura offers up a fine mix of metal in their 8 song indy disc "New Life". Initially, I was drawn to their Egyptian imagery and song titles such as "I, Nephthys", "Isis" and "Mummified", but there is much more going on throughout this disc that made me take notice.

What I really like about "New Life" is how diverse each tune is without losing focus. From the short, basic hard rock sound to technical, progressive-edged heavy metal, Dendura changes gears with ease, displaying a very unique sound. After just a few spins it came as no surprise that Dendura's music has been used no less than 7 feature films and is being considered for future projects as well.

Amy 'Aziza' Poggi's heartfelt vocals carry each well-crafted tune to different emotional levels in convincing fashion, all backed by a solid line-up of obviously well versed musicians. Steve Wethy (Guitars) Mike Fatzinger (Bass) and Jeremy Duffy (Drums) really shine on the more intricate songs as each instrument completes the tough task of displaying their ability while still giving the others room to breathe. Since this album was released, I've learned Dendura has added a second guitar player and changed drummers. Hopefully this will only add to the band's already solid chemistry.

For an independent release, the production is above average. Every instrument can be heard with nothing being buried in the mix...Poggi's powerful voice clearly in charge. With support from a major label I can't see anything holding Dendura back. Highly recommended!!! Band links: www.dendura.com

Aziza Amy Poggi - Vocals & Keys
Mike Fatzinger - Bass
Steve Wethy - Guitar & Back up vox
Jeremy Duffy - Drums

Aziza Amy Poggi - Vocals * Keys
Mike Fatzinger - Bass
Justin Mosteller - Drums
Paul Stein - Guitar
Steve Wethy - Guitar

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