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Topic: Opinion of profanity/cursing in metal

Published: Thursday, September 27, 2007
"What is your personal feelings or opinion of profanity/curse words in heavy metal?"

Gary M. - Circle Of Nero (circleofnero.com)
Curse words have there place and can convey feelings of frustration, anger or intensity but only if used sparingly. It gets old quick when some bands use them in every verse. Looking back to the classics - Sabbath, Priest and Maiden didn't use them and I never missed it!

Johnny Lokke - Guitarist (johnnylokke.com)
When used on a regular basis, I think it usually shows a lack of creativity, immaturity and does little to enhance the song. Usually overused by the same bands that rhyme shoe with new, you and blue.

Steven Wedel - Horror Author (stevenewedel.com)
Like alcohol or sex with farm animals, moderation is the key. I don't get turned off by profanity, but if that's all the artist has to offer I'm gonna pass. Alice Cooper sang about sex with the dead in "Cold Ethel" without ever using the word "fuck," but so many artists today are too lazy to be that creative. That said, I do love the Murderdolls' "I Love to Say Fuck!" But, you know, tongue in cheek works.

Tim Gutierrez - Project: Failing Flesh (projectfailingflesh.com)
Motherfucking good fucking question! Fucking hell. That shit doesn't fucking bother me. Any ass licking cunts who fucking want to fucking put that jism in their dickhead metal can go the fuck ahead. Any fucking twat offended by fucking curse words can drink piss and eat shit!! :-)

John K - Biomechanical (biomechanical.co.uk)
Well, it depends who does it and how genuine it is. Phil Anselmo for instance made it sound real with Pantera. The curse words were part of his singing and they didn't sound pretentious. However there are some people who just stick a curse word here and there to make an impact. Usually people can tell and see through these things.

Chris Lotesto - Ion Vein (ionvein.com)
I don't have a problem with profanity in metal as long as it makes sense within a song. Using curse words just for the sake of using them, to me, is silly and pointless.

Gordon Tittsworth - Images of Eden (imagesofeden.com)
I never really thought about it or had an opinion one way or the other. It doesn't bother me at all, though. I think it's up to the individual songwriter as to whether or not they feel cursing is necessary in their songwriting. Personally, I don't use it in my songwriting but I definitely have no problem letting loose in everyday life, because it really emphasizes an opinion when making a point and definitely makes you feel a lot better. Let's face it, there are a lot of a**holes in the world that put you through a lot of bulls*** so I'm totally for cursing. I just don't feel it fits in my writing. However, if someone wants to write a song plagued with profanity, the good ole first amendment allows you to do so (at least for the time being)... So curse away my fellow songwriters!!! Soldiers have fought and died for you to be able to do so.

Chad - Engage (engagetheband.com)
It truely depends on the manner in which the language is used. Profanity is most definately acceptable in most avenues but there are some of course who over use the language to get a desired reaction from the younger, rebellious fan groups. As long as its used tastefully I dont see how anyone who appreciates our art form could oppose the use of profanity. We in ENGAGE dont use profanity, but thats not really because we're AGAINST it in any way, it's just not fitting of the subject matter.

Mike - Violent Divine (violentdivine.se)
Since I write the lyrics for my band Violent Divine I'd say I don't mind at all. Everyone should have the right to express themselves freely without any damn parental advisory stickers and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps... and no sell out clean versions of rock albums either... Elvis was a rebel swinging his hips - today it's a bit more tricky. But thanks to moral majority it is still possible to make a little bit of noise :)

Mato Aghetti - Battle Bratt (battlebratt.com)
Once you have placed a "curse word" into lyrical content which we all know that Metal lyrics can be quite angry at times will not only force you to post the "Explicit Content" warning label on your cover design making the public aware that the album contains verbal content not suitable for all audiences, but can secondly, limit your sales in some cases... So in my opinion, you can certainly get the point across by choosing selective verbiage that will come across just the same, not suggested in my opinion, Kindest regards...

Billy Mullican - A Lower Deep (alowerdeep.com)
I have no particular problem with curse words as they are simply just words. However, most of them are four letters and I would hope most people are intelligent enough to think of better words with greater substance to express themselves. Curse words can be effective in adding impact to an idea if they are not over used, but if used often they lose all impact and make the speaker sound ignorant and dull minded. Over used curse words are the same as with most slang whether it is the hip-hop lingo or "redneck" lingo or whatever, the dialect and choice of words can make the speaker seem less intelligent than they might actually be and cause their ideas to be taken less seriously.

Tony Mcbrayer - Low Earth Orbit (lowearthorbit.net)
I think that sometimes when writing a song you must convey a certain feeling/mood/point in time/emotion as it were, that it is called for no question ~~ do I think that every song has to have a Fu*k or a GodD#*mn in it ~~ no but if what your writing about has that strong of an emotion and no other word is going to make that point then hell yeah ~~ I would have to say that most songwriters don't sit down and say ok I'm going to write this song and I'm going to make every other word "Sh*t" ~~ every songwriter worth their salt that I have ever dug wrote what they felt and what the song needed or what they thought the song needed ~~ But you know I say this and tomorrow I might wake up grab my guitar and write "The Profanity Song" ~~ Freedom of Speech folks plain and simple ~~ My Best to everyone !!

John Hermansen - Mother Misery (mothermisery.com)
Well it´s a tough question but for us I think it has sometimes become a way to express ourselfes in the lyrics, sometimes you just need to show that you´re fed up with something or someone or just need to get bad things out of your system. When you have a song that you really can relate to either you wrote it, sing it or just listen to it, it sometimes feel good just to scream and sing along to the lyrics with all the f**ks and shit etc..:-) Sometimes though it can get out of hand, there´s a thin line between enough and too much and if you cross that line it can easily get bad and not so cool..:-) If this makes any sense to anyone the have a Fu**ing great time and rock on..!!

Vic Hix - Aftershok (aftershok.com)
Sure, that is real simple for me, I have heard all of my favorite rockers through the years curse and swear to get the audience fired up, but I choose to be different. I have never done this- rock n' roll is always about being different and this is how I choose to do it! Being a fan, I have seen many parents bring their kids to shows and the kids do not need to see their heroes up on stage cursing like a drunken sailor! It just one of the things I have chosen never to do to be a little different, and I feel good about it!!

George Mihalovich - Aftershok (aftershok.com)
I know that profanity on stage is somewhat of a rock and roll tradition, but I think it's also become a tired cliche'. Even though many of my favorite bands use this kind of stage rap, it makes me cringe and I won't do it. In my opinion, it's better to get up there and present a positive, intelligent image instead of trying to cater to the lowest common denominator by cursing. Yes, this is how people talk, but it's also more challenging to attempt to get people involved and excited by expressing yourself in a more interesting and intelligent manner. Not to mention that there are often kids in the audience, and what they see on stage influences them. I know they will learn it anyways, but I don't need
it on my conscience!

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