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Megadeth Cover Songs

By: Troy Cole
Published: Friday, September 7, 2018
One of the great early bands of thrash metal, Megadeth has sold upwards of 38 million albums over a 35 year career.

From the first album 'Killing Is My Business...' to 2016's 'Dystopia', Dave Mustaine and company were never against doing a cover song. Here's some of my favorites:

"These Boots Are Made for Walking" --Nancy Sinatra
Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good (1985)

"I Ain't Superstitious" --Jeff Beck
Peace Sells (1986)

"Anarchy in the U.K." --Sex Pistols
So Far, So Good, So What (1988)

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" --Alice Cooper
Shocker Soundtrack (1989)

"Paranoid" --Black Sabbath
Nativity In Black (1995)

"Problems" --The Sex Pistols
Hidden Treasures (1995)

"School's Out" --Alice Cooper
A Tribute To Alice Cooper (1999)

"Never Say Die" --Black Sabbath
Nativity In Black II (2000)

"Out on the Tiles" --Led Zeppelin
United Abominations (2007)

"Strange Ways" --KISS
Warchest (2007)

"Cold Sweat" --Thin Lizzy
Super Collider (2013)

"Melt the Ice Away" --Budgie
Dystopia (2015)

"Foreign Policy" --Fear
Dystopia (2015)

"My Sweet Lord" --George Harrison
Unplugged Live (no album)

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. The Kovenant. Lost Horizon
. Sinner. Steel Prophet
. The Haunted. Vehemence
. Children Of Bodom. White Skull
. Vicious Mary. BloodDuster
. Carpathian Forest. Disturbed
. Neck. Narziß
. Twelfth Gate. Kataklysm
. Dirty Power. Circle II Circle
. Sickspeed. Manowar
. Cage. Pyn Siren
. Hammerwhore. Ion Vein
. Tungsten. Sevendust
. Chainsnap. Runemagick
. Rage. Dream Weaver
. Malstrom. Rob Rock
. Nordheim. Eidolon
. Vhaldemar. Pink Cream 69
. Primal Fear. DevilDriver
. Probot. Deivos
. Royal Anguish. I Hate Sally
. Yngwie Malmsteen. Gothic Knights
. Exodus. Messiah's Kiss
. Graveland. Marillion
. Ministry. Zaius
. Estuary. Dimmu Borgir
. Devil In The Kitchen. Therion
. Rhapsody of Fire. Dio
. Eternal Flight. Z02
. I.C.E.. Jungle Rot
. Witchburner. Within Temptation
. Silent Force. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
. Karmakanic. John Oliva's Pain
. Of Infinity. Code Black
. Motley Crue. Quiet Riot
. Mechanical Poet. Angtoria
. Darkthrone. Antares
. Kaamos. Marduk
. Novembers Doom. Omegalord
. Magica. Swallow The Sun
. Ramesses. Grand Magus
. Impiety. Burden Of Grief
. Slumber. Pro-Pain
. Biss. Circus Maximus
. Secrets She Kept. Prowler Inc.
. Leaves Eyes. The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
. Havochate. Iron Maidens
. The Scourger. Redemption
. V:28. Black Majesty
. Dragonia. Monster Magnet
. Russell Allen. Armored Saint
. Crystal Fate. Violent Storm
. 1349. Ghost Machinery
. Mistress. Chain Collector
. Mastermind. Midnight Idols
. Detonation. Beecher
. Machina. Vader
. Enforsaken. Nobody's Fool
. Craft. Pile of Heads
. Across Tundras. Cannibal Corpse
. Ephel Duath. Fields Of The Nephilim
. Nightmare. Scum
. Steep. Silver Dirt
. The Smackdown. Speed/Kill/Hate
. TK-421. Michael Orlando
. Fragments of Unbecoming. Bloodbound
. Destruction. Nachtmystium
. Burialmound. The Ruins of Beverast
. Death Breath. Setherial
. Twinball. Lupara
. Panzerchrist. The Showdown
. Celtic Frost. Fu Manchu
. Necrophobic. Old Man's Child
. Merciless Death. Cruachan
. Marc Sasso. White Willow
. White Wizzard. Trouble
. Mithras. The Prophecy
. Gotthard. Hacride
. Spit Like This. Manes
. Transmission 0. Glorior Belli
. JR Ewing. Diamond Dogs
. Spheric Universe Experience. Glenn Hughes
. Demonic Symphony. Jesus Martyr
. Mar De Grises. Cursed
. Luna Mortis. Papa Roach
. Nasty Idols. DC4
. Suspyre