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Megadeth Cover Songs

By: Troy Cole
Published: Friday, September 7, 2018
One of the great early bands of thrash metal, Megadeth has sold upwards of 38 million albums over a 35 year career.

From the first album 'Killing Is My Business...' to 2016's 'Dystopia', Dave Mustaine and company were never against doing a cover song. Here's some of my favorites:

"These Boots Are Made for Walking" --Nancy Sinatra
Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good (1985)

"I Ain't Superstitious" --Jeff Beck
Peace Sells (1986)

"Anarchy in the U.K." --Sex Pistols
So Far, So Good, So What (1988)

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" --Alice Cooper
Shocker Soundtrack (1989)

"Paranoid" --Black Sabbath
Nativity In Black (1995)

"Problems" --The Sex Pistols
Hidden Treasures (1995)

"School's Out" --Alice Cooper
A Tribute To Alice Cooper (1999)

"Never Say Die" --Black Sabbath
Nativity In Black II (2000)

"Out on the Tiles" --Led Zeppelin
United Abominations (2007)

"Strange Ways" --KISS
Warchest (2007)

"Cold Sweat" --Thin Lizzy
Super Collider (2013)

"Melt the Ice Away" --Budgie
Dystopia (2015)

"Foreign Policy" --Fear
Dystopia (2015)

"My Sweet Lord" --George Harrison
Unplugged Live (no album)

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. Almah. Five Finger Death Punch
. Mithras. Gotthard
. Nominon. Lipstick Magazine
. Kruger. The Wonderfools
. Sworn Enemy. Keep of Kalessin
. Temple Of Blood. Echoes of Eternity
. Keldian. Frosthardr
. Night Ranger. Straight Line Stitch
. Trinacria. Bible Of The Devil
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. Sin. Battleroar
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