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Rock the Block
Reality Entertainment
Hard Rock
8/6/2004 - Review by: Jonah Haze
Krokus - Rock the Block - 2004 - Reality Entertainment Reviewed by: Jonah Haze

Track Listing
1. Mad World
2. Leading the Pack
3. I Want It All
4. Open Fire
5. One For All
6. Looking to America
7. Go My Way
8. Hot Shot
9. Raise Your Hands
10. Night of the Snakes
11. Throwing Her China
12. We'll Rise
13. Freedom
14. Rock the Block
The Swiss answer to AC/DC takes advantage of the current state of rock reunitus and threatens to "Rock the Block" as the album title suggests. Fernando Von Arb and vocalist Marc Storace, the most popular or trusted leaders have returned, have created an updated streamlined tight as hell 2004 version of Krokus and sound as if they actually mean it. After years of Von Arb's distorted vision for the band and Storace's stints in an AC/DC tribute band and most recently his contributions to this years ill fated Warrior release the long stick just had to go boom one more time. And thank god it did.

From the start this album is excellently produced with most of the band at the helm and Storace taking credit for his vocal production. I am not sure what Marc Storace did but in comparison with Warrior's "The Wars Of Gods and Men" this is the voice that Stayed Awake All Night and was heard Screaming in the Night. As "Mad World" opens you wonder if this was a b-side from Headhunter and you notice your foot tapping as "Leading the Pack" supports a much needed injection of good plain fun in the sun uptempo rock and roll. "I Want it all" and "Open Fire" sneak in and slow the pace down and example a more mature but still classy Krokus melody.

Newbies Dom Favez on guitar, Tony Castell on bass and Pat Aeby on drums step up and groove with the tasty hard rock boogie that propels most of the album. As if the late great 80's never slipped away into history this band presents itself as still as relevant as they thought they were back in the glory days. And this reviewer cannot convince myself to remove this from my CD player because it is an honest and no nonsense fun as hell spin!

Not shying away from a still undecided healthy/unhealthy Bon Scott obession other songs like "One For All", "Night of the Snakes" and "Throwing her China" again make you wonder what it would have been like had Storace answered the call of Angus in early 1980. And from down under all the way to the UK, "Looking to America" teases of a Saxon-esqe quality and rings out with another catchy chorus. The pure arena rock adrenaline is already pumping at this point and "Hot Shot" and the unfortunately too short title track "Rock the Block" engage the listener into a world where your only problems were that your Camaro was a quart low and your girlfriend's best friend touches too much. Its a shame we have to grow up and sell our Camaro's and knock up our girlfriend's friends and pay for it for the rest of our lives but our musical tastes dont have to change and neither does the music these bands put out.

For those about to rock the block, we salute the uncomprimising Krokus and their affection for times and tunes that resulted in partners in plagerism like Kix, Dirty Looks and Rhino Bucket. Seriously, this is a quality non stop rockin release with special efforts in fun memorable melodies. Not to mention, how could at least a handful of major label rip-off bands be wrong in wanting to entertain at their own expense?

This is the best collection of songs that Von Arb and Storace have put out since 1988's lost in the shuffle "Heart Attack" release. And once in a while it feels good to let the flames of youth tickle your feet because until David Lee Roth unleashes the fountain of youth we aren't getting any younger.


Production: 9
Vocals: 8
Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8

I give this album 8 Lenny Wolf's out of 10

--Jonah Haze 08.06.04

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