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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Gary Moore
Live At The Monsters Of Rock 2003
Sanctuary Records
Hard Rock
6/29/2004 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Gary Moore “Live At The Monsters Of Rock 2003” Sanctuary Visual Entertainment 2003 Reviewed by: Ken Pierce

Track Listing
Shapes Of Things To Come
Wishing Well
Guitar Intro
Stand Up
Just Can’t Let You Go
Walking By Myself
Don’t Believe A Word
Out In The Fields
Parisienne Walkways
I have enjoyed the music of Gary Moore for several years, but being in the States he seldom makes his way over here. Since this was the case, I was glad to see the release of a DVD filmed at this years “Monsters Of Rock” tour. This piece was filmed as part of Gary touring for his “Scars” album. Joining him in the band is Cass Lewis on bass, and Darrin Mahoney on drums. Fans might be interested in the fact that Gary seems to have stepped back into his roots of Rock once again. He took some time off and became a blues man (and while it was done quite well), I still like to see him kicking some serious ass on the strings. He has not lost any of his skill at this medium.

This DVD is essentially a straight ahead concert from beginning to end. The only additional footage is several minutes of sound-check and some backstage interview footage. These two portions serve as the Bonus Features, making that aspect somewhat lacking. Given the scope of Gary Moore’s back catalog, Sanctuary should have included a couple of videos, or perhaps even some vintage footage from other “Monsters Of Rock” festivals. Gary Moore has been a steady performer at this festival, so the footage has to be out there and this is what fans will want to see.

The DVD moves quite quickly also. I found this not only because of its 63 minute length but because the songs flow so smoothly. It was over before I knew it, so I let it run again to just listen to the songs. I am guessing the shortness of its length was because Gary was on the opening spot during this tour for Whitesnake. 63 minutes seems like a normal running time for a pre-headliner goes onstage. The songs are listed below for the reader, I was surprised to see two of my favorites excluded (“I’m Always Gonna Love You”, and “Victims Of The Future”.

While I have the aforementioned criticisms I did enjoy this DVD quite a bit. As a matter of fact, I say all fans should go out and grab this since it is like being at the show. Be sure to look at Gary Moore’s Official Website for more details on what he is up to and what is being released.

Rating: 7/10

--Ken Pierce 06.28.04

Live At The Monsters Of Rock 2003
Sanctuary Records
Ken Pierce6/29/2004


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