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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Back In Business
Point Music
Hard Rock
11/29/2005 - Review by: Eric Compton
Cannon - Back In Business - 2005 - Point Music

Track Listing
1. Rock Feelings
2. Playing Games
3. Back In Business
4. Lights Out - Action!
5. Stand Up And Fight Back:
6. Tears In Your Eyes
7. Another Hero
8. Total Control
9. Pretty Girl
10. Hellfire
11. Metal Thunder
12. Black Leather Boys
13 Strangers In A Strange Land
"Back In Business" baby!! Germany's frontrunners for supreme rocka rolla are back and better than ever. Fans of the band Cannon will absolutely stand up and fight for this rock solid affair of metal. For those of you unaware of Cannon, now is the time to get on board as the band show that they are back and better than ever. Old school fans of the band will remember Cannon's "Thunder & Lightning" record from 1988. Since then the band has been up and down, but never down and out. In 2004 Point Music and the band collaborated on "The History", a glorious packaging of the "Thunder & Lightning" album as well as the unreleased "Timeriders" album. The success of that reissue and the reunion led to the band recording a brand new album for Point Music, which has now been released under the title of "Back In Business", and what an appropriate title that is as the band prove that once was certainly not enough. There is plenty of action here, so....Light's Out...Action!

Really fans of German hard rock with a bit of the L.A. sound of the 80s will enjoy this '05 release. Cannon really sound somewhat like Scorpions, Accept, Victory, and maybe a mix of Dokken styled songs as well. Feel good, hearfelt rock and roll is what this act is all about, and I for one am on board as long as they keep dishing out the quality goods. From the opening, driving riffs of "Rock Feelings" through the sweaty, groove oriented "Strangers In A Strange Land", these Germans put on display a tremendous amount of talent, all backed by strong frontman Mat Rein Jaehnke. That huge, arena sound is really the main ingredient, with a good sense of hook and melody at the forefront. I can't help but think of those big chops and hooks of Accept and Victory when jamming this mammoth piece of rock high voltage. Fans of the band's older material will still find the band staying true to form after all these years. The end result is one of the best hard rock releases of 2005! After speaking with Jaehnke it turns out that this indeed is a new beginning for the band, with "Back In Business" not simply a one off but the first of many new Cannon recordings. "Thunder & Lightning", "Timeriders", "The History", and this new album are mandatory for any good hard rock and classic metal collection. Point and Cannon are making these available to you, so what are you waiting for?

Note - "Back In Business" is really a quality packaging effort for Point Music and the band. This one comes in a beautiful, glossy fold out digipak. With thirteen new cuts added to the mix, you just can't go wrong with these "black leather boys"!

--EC 11.17.05

Back In Business
Point Music
Eric Compton11/29/2005
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Mat Rein JaehnkeEric Compton12/29/2005

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