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Backyard Babies
LiquorAndPoker Music
Hard Rock
4/23/2005 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Backyard Babies - Tinnitus - 2005 - Liquor And Poker

Track Listing
1. Brand New Hate
2.U.F.O. Romeo
4.A Song For The Outcast
5.Minus Celcius
6.The Clash
8.Made Me Madman
9.Star War
11.One Sound
12.Look At You
The Backyard Babies have been around for about 10 years and this is far too long for the United States to have waited to get a taste of their brand of old school rock and roll mixed with a touch of Punk. Their latest CD entitled “Tinnitus” will be the first time the music will be available to us in the USA and this is due to the efforts of the folks at Liquor and Poker Music. What I first found amazing about the band was the fact that this kind of music was coming from Sweden as opposed to someplace like Hollywood California or New York. I mean, Sweden has so many grinding and dark styled heavy metal bands that it is a refreshing change of pace for those that grow tired of that stuff. This is more akin to the glory days of the Sex Pistols and New York Dolls (though some folks will argue there is Clash and Social Distortion influences in this as well). I enjoyed the CD very much and found myself with quite a few favorites after only one listen. This is no-nonsense foot stomping music, it makes you want to grab a beer and your boots and slam and bop while the band plays on late into the evening in some crap bar.

Right off the bat is “Brand New Hate” which has a humorous tone about making enemies being a good thing. “Minus Celcius” and “Look At You” seemed to be among the most driving of the numbers on the CD. “The Clash” and “Friends” also impressed me and overall I had few criticisms of the music. I always liked high energy rock with that rougher edge. If you follow the bands like the ones referenced earlier then this is the kind of CD that could really appeal to you. The band is very good live and I was fortunate to catch them on a one night only show in my vicinity. It is energetic and fun and it makes listening to the CD all the more worth it. The four members of the band Nicke (vocals), Dregen (guitar), Peder (drums) and Johann (bass) make sure to give you a sensory explosion that you will not soon forget.

There is some other coolness involved with this release, as Liquor And Poker have included a bonus CD in the package. This CD is loaded with about 16 tracks of some of their artist lineup. The Backyard Babies CD has a fully loaded booklet with photos and lyrics (the type I always am able to enjoy since I love when they place time in a good booklet). This CD comes with the highest of recommendations and listen to this - You will not be worrying about needing older releases since the tracks on “Tinnitus” as far as some of the bands most popular tracks are from earlier releases. Not so much catch up to do that way which is always appealing with a band from Europe who just is coming out over here in the States.

Rate: 8

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-- Ken Pierce 04.06.05


LiquorAndPoker Music
Ken Pierce4/23/2005


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