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Electric Boys
And Them Boys Done Swang
Escape Music
Hard Rock
9/19/2011 - Review by: Jonah Haze

Electric Boys
And Them Boys Done Swang

Company: Escape Music
Release: 2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Reviewer: Jonah Haze

  • Wired hot!

  • And damned if they don't! The only thing different about this album is the release date. Timeless funking maximus Swedish hard swang rock! @ 15 years of "Freewheelin" off their third, this is where "tried & true" deserves its own credit, as a cliche of its own. Yes, "this band picked right up where they left off, dude!"

    Connie and the Boys come together wired hot! Not hot wired, their engines refuse to cool so its always waiting, patiently. The swang they slap down here won't ever have to turn the engines off. And maybe they won't wait so f-ing long like Tom Scholtz. But, no maybes about it, the individual stand-out pomp of their melodic hard rock will never lose its charge.

    All of the high voltage euphemisms that Swedish glitz and glam you could ask for are more than worthy with a band calling themselves "Electric Boys". And most importantly, of nature and nurture they have a live wire to Hanoi Rocks (where Connie Bloom spent the last few years). And I'm pretty sure that Razzle (RIP) has included them in his iHeaven rock mix!

    With the frontman lips and hips of Jagger/Tyler, Connie Bloom (lead vox & gtr) and Co. courageously created their own category in an uncertain scene of the late 80's & early 90's. Two huge back to back hitting lps and the Boys concreted their brand of radio and video ready rock and roll. Playing what they knew from their extended 60's and 70's rhythm and blues swagger, the "Hendrix" brand acid trip moments of the classic rock era to the 80's slick hair metal production, these Boys were a glam, slam, thank you ma'am on the American arena rock circuit!

    This isnt a complete throwback to this Scandi peninsula's international influence on the 60's and 70's sexual revolution! It's still going strong baby with baby boomers and the Boys keeping it booming strong!
    Enjoy an exclusive everything electrical, every evening! This is the true experience--consider channel surfing in the comfort of your home knowing where Horace Pinker is at all times! jumping over the couch as Sammi Curr is exploding thru your speakers! And you know, the same old tired jokes about Ace Frehley are still new to him, so it's still alright to mutter a lame "shock me" reference to gain readers! By the way, kids, that's when Ace shocked his guitar, or did his guitar shocked him? Depends on who you ask, it was the 70's and I would be surprised if either remembers. I bet Bob Kulick is the only holder to that piece of rock history. oooh...

    Yes, class. lets move on.

    Not a song here runs with the current. They connect to a long line of many Swede hardliners like Hanoi & Michael Monroe for his solo credits, Yngwie, Sleeze Beez, Insania, Gypsy Rose (Martin Kronlund) and other ball breakers. I've recently been introduced to Hardcore Superstar & godamn between the hard rock and the all female Swedish tan team we might have a new Sunset Strip ready to plug in! I think I'll begin my "Lock Up Your Daughters" tour there. Garbo and Bergman give it 2 thumbs up from the daiseys. Outlets beware.

    EB really stands for Electric Bill. Pay it so you can listen to the electric you are paying for!
    If you are a Boys fan dont hesitate, I wouldnt taze you, I might haze you, but like I said previously, the only thing that seperates this disc from the others is the release date. Otherwise there is no otherwise!

    Again, yes they are Swedes but they aren't meatballs!

    And always remember it ain't perfect--its rock and roll and it's not f'n Abba!

    Four and a half stars because this band is too energetic for my review and makes me look static!

      4.5 :AVE RATING

    And Them Boys Done Swang
    Escape Music
    Jonah Haze9/19/2011


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