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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Warrant (Amer)
Born Again
MTM Music
Hard Rock
9/21/2006 - Review by: Glittergirl
Born Again - Warrant- 2006 - Down Boys Records

Track Listing

1. Devils Juice
2.Dirty Jack
3.Bourbon County Line
4.Hell, CA
6.Love Strikes Like Lightning
8.Roler Coaster
9.Down in Diamonds
10.Velvet Noose
12.Good Times
And the winner for best named album of the year goes to, WARRANT! Born Again, in the title of the album as well as the literal sense, the 'down boys' have come a long way from "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "Cherry Pie". While their roots are still buried in that hard pounding rock n roll, the older more mature Warrant seems to take things a bit more serious on this (for me) long awaited album, proving that, yes, they are keeping 'kick- ass' not 'kiss-ass' rock alive. Sounding very much like a mix of a rockin' "power bluesy" sound, I was pleased to see the overall feel of Warrant hasn't changed much over the years.

From slow love ballads like "Glimmer" to raunchy rockers like "Roxy", this CD will defintley find a place in any Warrant fan's CD case. Jaime St. James, formerly of Black n Blue, has exactly what it takes to put the rock in this rock band and backed by some of the finest musicians, I'd expect this album to do very very well. "Devil's Juice", "Hell, CA", "Dirty Jack"--all classics in the making as far as I'm concerned and I'd recommend this to anyone who was a fan of Warrant in the 80's or is just discovering them now. As the album covers says-- theyre pitching in to keep KICK ASS rock alive...and I say Thank God!!

--Glittergirl 8.23.06

6/9/2006 - Review by: Psycho Sarah
Warrant - Born Again - 2005 - MTM Music

Track Listing
Devils Juice
Dirty Jack
Bourbon County Line
Hell, CA
Love Strikes like Lightening
Roller Coaster
Down in Diamonds
Velvet Noose
Good Times
The Cherry Pie loving rock and rollers are back with a new album and a goal to keep kick ass rock and roll alive through their music. Although there is a new lead singer, and a different sound to the band, the music is still the same and you can still hear the same great riffs you heard with albums like cherry Pie and Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich. They have once again brought you a solid rocking album by the name of Born again.

This is the first album that singer Jamie St. James is on since Jani has gone on to follow his solo career. Jamie St. James has been on tour with the band for a few years now. His sound is fitting for the band, and when you see them live, it sounds like they have been touring together since the band started; it's really hard to tell a difference in the sound.

Jamie St. James fits well with the Down Boys and his sound is nothing but solid with this album. The sound is definitely back to the roots of Rock and Roll and the songs are true to the times with such songs as "Love Strikes like Lightning" and "Down in Diamonds". Those songs bring back the true sound of what Warrant was when they were down on Sunset Strip. The songs are songs you could have heard 20 years ago, they speak of life and living and everything that rock and roll has always been about. "Hell, CA" is a very uplifting song about living in California and the image of life there, almost as if they are saying that the entrance to the best place for music and for life is through Hell, CA.

Warrant new album is full of the 80's sound, which will make fans of the previous albums happy and will definitely attract some new fans as well, it is the perfect combination of rock and roll and musical talent, this album proves that rock and roll still lives on and kick ass rock and roll will never die. Even with a lineup change, Jamie St. James replaced Jani Lane on vocals; Warrant is still rock and roll and still has a strong sense of what rock and roll needs with the guitar solos and great choruses to sing along to.

--Sarah 05.25.06


Born Again
MTM Music
Born Again
MTM Music
Psycho Sarah6/9/2006
Eric Compton6/15/2011


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