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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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20 years of Rock
Hard Rock
4/21/2006 - Review by: Psycho Sarah
Poison - 20 years of Rock (the best of) - 2006

Track Listing
Talk Dirty to me
I want Action-Single Version
I won't forget you-Single Version
Cry Tough
Look what the cat dragged in
Nothin' but a good time
Fallen Angel
Every Rose has its thorn
Your mama don't dance
Unskinny Bop
Rock and Roll All Night
Ride the Wind
Something to believe in
Life Goes On
The Last song
Shooting Star
We're an American Band (new track)
Poison, although has released a greatest hits package before, has done it again with 20 years of Rock, this time adding a few songs that may not be as well known or fan favorites for the listening for rock fans. With such classic songs as Talk Dirty to Me and Unskinny Bop you can't help but remember the teased hair and ripped jeans that made you feel cool as you listened to those songs, but make you laugh now when you think of ever doing that.

With the louder upbeat songs come the ballads that kept your relationship together, or gave something to that breakup that you wished never happened. Included in this set are the truth filled, heart-breaking ballads that made Poison one of the greatest ballad producing bands of their time, Every Rose has its Thorn and I wont forget you bring you back to those times as well, when you danced your first slow song at prom or when you asked that special girl to marry you, or the time when you said your last words to the one that got away.

For a special treat this album includes some songs that were not on albums before, Rock and Roll All Night is a song that they did for the soundtrack Less Than Zero, a song I wasn't aware that they redid, but I must say it's a catchy song that they redid and made their own, which makes it even more special to have on this album. Another song that they do a cover of is We're an American Band; a Grand Funk Railroad classic that fits Poison so well. It tells the story of the band, even if it isn't an original, the songs goes so well with Rikki, Bret, CC and Bobby playing and their performing. Its like they have sang the song since they started.

All together this album is a great mix of the bands success and the life of the band as a whole. The album brings together and gives a history to those that have known the bands through the years and brings to life a band that is just being discovered for the first time. Listening to this album will bring back memories from the good times and will also create new memories as you listen to it again.

--Psycho 04.20.06

20 years of Rock
Psycho Sarah4/21/2006


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