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Lesbian Bed Death
I Use My Powers For Evil
Hard Rock
2/23/2007 - Review by: Weasel
Lesbian Bed Death - I Use My Powers For Evil - 2006 - Psychophonic Records

Track Listing
1. Goth Girls Are Easy
2. What Would Satan Do?
3. Filth
4. I Use My Powers For Evil
5. Tour Bus
6. Everybody's Dead
7. The Party Man
8. She Wants It (Just Not From You)
9. Puppet On Black Strings
10. Pretty But Mental
11. Taste My Despair
12. Insatiable
13. Vampire Lover
14. Running In, Running Out (Bonus Track)
There are very few things as awesome as a good party. The really good ones usually consist of a night of drinking, friends, chasing tail, and of course, music. Something that gets your foot tapping, something you can sing to, something infectious that makes people ask, “Who is this?” That’s the same reaction I got with Lesbian Bed Death, “I Use My Powers for Evil” Right from the start, the opening track “Goth Girls Are Easy”, with all of it’s snappy guitar licks and heady, sultry vocals and adult subject matter, gets a party started. A rollicking mix of Jack Off Jill and Mindless Self Indulgence, Lesbian Bed Death (LBD as they are called in acronym form) has garnered a dedicated fan base with our neighbors across the pond in the UK. Well, they are branching out, spreading their legs for a little love from us here Stateside.

“I Use My Powers for Evil”, their debut album, is catchy. When a band relies on their ability to catch your ear with high-pitched, ten-note choruses, it can wear itself thin very quickly, but for LBD has proved to be quit endearing. Nothing short of a lobotomy will get some of the tracks out of your head once they are there. Most notably being “Tour Bus” and “The Party Man” are particularly infectious. Though more of an STD type of infection then a brain virus, LBD is meant to excite fire in your loins. Luci4’s enticing vocal’s and just plain naughty lyrics are generally more then enough the get the pheromones churning. Keep this one in your “When I Want to Get Laid” playlist… good chance it will work. Sex, with a good dose of gothic rock that draws influences from bands like Type-O Negative, 69 Eyes, Depeche Mode and TSOL, keeps them fresh and interesting, giving something for just about everyone to enjoy. I mean, there are few people who don’t like sex. Though as fun and titillating as this CD is, there are definite moments when the image pulls back slightly, showing that, as a band, LBD needs some time off their backs and more time refining their sound and style.

At times, lyrically, when it’s not being dirty, it can seem like it’s not trying. Tracks like “Insatiable”, while being one of the more upbeat and cleanest cuts, in a lyrical sense, go from delicious to drab in the span of a verse. For instance, the song starts “In hotels, in my car, or cinema, I’m insatiable. On a farm, in the street or penthouse suite, I’m irresistible.” Not amazingly original, but not predictable, unlike the first line after the first chorus, which is as follows, “On a plane, in a train, down your lane, I’m insatiable.” To say this detracted from the overall enjoyment of the album would be untrue, but it did detract slightly from the dynamics of what is overall a solid album. It was as though the first writing of the song was accepted as good enough, while other tracks were given much more attention, the lyrics can be much more profound. Tracks like “What Would Satan Do?” and “Puppet on Black Strings” hit more heart felt tones, tapping a Sisters of Mercy vein, with more of a poets pen shown in the wording If the rest of the songwriting felt as thorough as this, or at least evolves towards it in the future, they could find themselves lasting the test of time, as their many influences.

As a debut album, this will do well to catch people’s ears and get peoples attention. I hope they keep at it, spend a little more time in the studio. With some time and practice to help the guitar solos feel a little less forced and a little more natural, they could very well climb to the top of the gothic gang bang genre. Their sophomore album, provided they keep the party going, and try to invite the smart kids, could prove to be a real showstopper, but only time will tell. I’ll be keeping this one on my “I Need to Score” playlist waiting for the next romp. Until then I’ll just keep enjoying the proof that being bad is much more fun, and keep using my powers for evil.

Lesbian Bed Death gives many musical credits in their line up and throughout their album, but the most definitive members are:

Magic Andy - Bass
Luci4 – Vocals
Mr. Peach - Guitars

--Weasel 02.22.07


I Use My Powers For Evil


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