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Rocket Ride
Nuclear Blast
Hard Rock
3/31/2006 - Review by: Eric Compton
Edguy - Rocket Ride - 2006 - Nuclear Blast

Track Listing
1. Sacrifice
2. Rocket Ride
3. Wasted Time
4. Matrix
5. Return To The Tribe
6. The Asylum
7. Save Me
8. Catch Of The Century
9. Out Of Vogue
10. Superheroes
11. Trinidad
12. Fucking With Fire
13. Land Of The Miracle (Live Bonus)
My God, what a year we are having! In Flames has graced us with their best record to date in "Come Clarity". Amorphis have traveled back to that dirt road, really capturing their early essence with "Eclipse". Now the German power metal band Edguy have lifted off and launched into deep space with the fantastic and rather explosive "Rocket Ride". This is easily the group's best record to date, finally overcoming a few minor difficulties of the past to create that perfect album that I knew they were capable of. This is high flying, high octane hard rock that really separates itself from the band of old.

Edguy are now veterans, offering up a seasoned diverse approach at a power metal/rock and roll crossover. This is just an incredible record, really hitting on all cylinders and delivering an album that just makes sense at this point in their career. This is the type of album, for me personally, that just delivers creative and moody songwriting that captures my everyday activities. Edguy are no longer about the medieval concept or overtone, no they have completely strayed from that to enter THE REAL WORLD. "Rocket Ride" is the type of record that I can relate to. This is an album with real substance and character, a full release that EC and the rest of civilization can simply understand. I can play this on my way to the job. I can play this on a rainy day. I can play this album on the hottest day of summer. It offers a full spectrum of mood, soul, and musical integrity. It is an honest record from a hard working under estimated German band. This is just music for the soul.

Just like prior releases this year I find myself at a bit of a loss when trying to describe to you just what is in store here with this new Edguy release. The youngsters have finally achieved the type of hard rock sound and stature that I have always looked for when dissecting their newest release. Finally the band have broken out of their shell, really touching up the magnificent "Hellfire Club" of 2004 with arena rock strokes and accessible, catchy hook and craft. I knew then that the guys were on to something, really starting to hit their stride with hard rock classics like "Lavatory Love Machine" and anthem "King Of Fools". With this new full length the group have gone into that direction, but along the way they carry with them that metallic wallop that still smashes the heavy hard rock market. In a lot of ways Edguy have broken down the barriers and crossed the bridge between power metal and hard rock. This is exactly what I was hoping for and now the group are really on brand new ground.

With cuts like "Matrix", "Trinidad", "Superheroes", "Fucking With Fire", and even "Save Me" you can hear the hard rock vibe of the band, almost forecasting what a new Van Halen record may sound like here in the modern age. I have said this in the past and I'll say it again. Edguy capture that soulful sing along style of Bon Jovi. Simply listen to "Matrix" and hear the metallic vision of modern Bon Jovi. However the group hasn't forgotten their heavy, roaring melodic side. "Return To The Tribe" and "Out Of Vogue" remind us all of albums like "Vain Glory Opera" and "Mandrake". The band still perfects that chemistry and exceptional chorus writing, evident on the Styx friendly "Rocket Ride" and "Wasted Time". My favorite cut here is the explosive "The Asylum", a slow building track that breaks into a huge powerful part that reminds me of Dio's "Last In Line".

Bottom Line - Edguy are sitting firmly at the top of the hard rock tier. "Rocket Ride" proves without a shadow of a doubt that the band are perfectly comfortable sitting at the bar with the likes of Van Halen, Dokken, Accept, and of course The Scorpions. One of the finest hard rock efforts of this millennium and a serious contender for album of the year.

--EC 03.15.06

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