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2.5-2 Fair - Worth a listen, but best obtained by collectors.
1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Bring It On
Compendia Music Group
Hard Rock
12/14/2004 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Ironhorse “Bring It On” Compendia Music Group 2004 reviewed by: Ken Pierce

Track Listing
1. Three Sheets To The Wind
2. Bring It On
3. American Thunder
4. The Other Kind
5. I Can’t Stop You
6. Dixie Highway
7. The Best Move
8. Desert Rain
9. Haunted Saloon
10. Rescued
11. Half Past Goodbye
12. One Hell Of A Ride
When the Ironhorse CD arrived it included a fact sheet that described it as “Southern Country Metal”. At that point I admit that reading this caused me to have no idea what I was in store for. However, I soon found myself enjoying the music and storytelling that one will generally get in country oriented music. The band is fronted by Ronnie Keel who in the 80’s fronted his own Metal band and prior to that was a member of Steeler with an also young Yngwie Malmsteen. Ron has gone a long way from that initial sound, yet I feel he might have clicked with something here. There is so much accessibility to this CD, that some of the songs could even fit with the sounds that Bon Jovi or even Travis Tritt put out. They would make a good opening band for either of these performers if you ask me.

Ronnie not only sings but plays some of the acoustic and electric guitars. Joining him on Lead Guitar is Jay Rusnak who has a nice tasty style to his playing. The band is rounded out by Dean Lehman (keyboards, harmonica, banjo, and mandolin….whew), Gaetano Nicolosi (drums and percussion) and Geno Arce (bass and vox).

Some tracks that stood out in my opinion and merited continual listens are as follows: “Can’t Stop You” (kinda the lost love and regretting it story), “Dixie Highway” (a duet with Henry Paul and one of the best tracks on the CD), “American Thunder” (anything Patriotic wins me over) and “Bring It On” (a track that definitely can get the audience singing along). I think it was a smart move for Ron to try this, for Country music is really one of the biggest sellers in the USA. This might appeal to those folks that are looking for a little different taste of it.

The CD also includes three videos: American Thunder, The Best Move, Meet The Band. So who should check out this band in particular? Well, clearly fans of the Country sound who also lean towards heavy music on occasion. I really enjoyed this CD and can see myself in a kicking club knocking back some beers to the band. Go check it out. I look forward to seeing a tour sometime soon.

Rating: 8/10

Ironhorse Website:

--Ken 12.14.04

Bring It On
Compendia Music Group
Ken Pierce12/14/2004


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