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The Haunted
The Dead Eye
Century Media
3/9/2007 - Review by: Weasel
The Haunted - The Dead Eye - 2006 - Century Media Records

Track Listing
1. The Premonition
2. The Flood
3. The Medication
4. The Drowning
5. The Reflection
6. The Prosecution
7. The Fallout
8. The Medusa
9. The Shifter
10.The Cynic
11.The Failure
12.The Stain
13.The Guilt Trip/Silence/The Exit(HiddenTrack)
14.The Highwire (Japanese standard and limited editions, plus European limited edition)
15.The Program (Japanese standard and limited editions, plus European limited edition)
16.The Burden (Japanese limited edition only)
Having over a decade under their belt, The Haunted are often hailed as one of the most influential bands on the scene today. Hailing from Sweden, the heavy European influence mingled with the grinding Slayer-esque riffs has kept them at the forefront of modern heavy metal. There previous major studio release “rEVOLVEr” saw them reuniting with front man Peter Dolving, and gave them their first tangible critical acclaim. After extensive touring, including a second stage spot on Ozzfest ’05, The Haunted has set roots deep into the metal community and garnered a dedicated fan base. Well, it’s been two years since that opus was birthed and Halloween 2006 got the death stare when “The Dead Eye” was un-leashed.

The Haunted have always looked for ways to remain brutal while pushing the boundaries of their genre. Fighting tooth and nail to stay unique from their peers, their new cut spans all spectrums of what is metal. Infectious rhythms laden with heart felt singing and inspired lyrics, “The Dead Eye” gets your foot tapping and your head noddining right from the start. As close to a concept album as I have seen from a band like the “The Dead Eye” carries an ominous tone that ties each song without forcefully binding it. The lyrics following the same suit, often awe inspired and open to interpretation, but one thing remain constant, the ability to rise above, whether through the falling and rising from prescription drugs on “The Medication”, or from the love and loss of a woman and the grand question “Why?” on “The Reflection”. Lyrically more thought provoking then previous releases, with verse and chorus that come clean through your speakers and gets stuck firmly in your head.

Musically, this album is the most experimental by far, the shredding is still there, the groove has not gone, but casual (The Haunted) listeners will have to listen through the catchy chorus’ to really hear the familiar. Those who are long time fans of the band and know the upward and onward styling of the band will have no surprises from this album. Those looking for a re-release of “rEVOLVEr” may find themselves really having to stretch their ears on some of the more sedated tracks, but it would be hard to be disappointed with this album as a whole. No matter what you are looking for, this CD is metal, The Haunted, they are metal.

Easily one of my favorite picks for 2006, and though the year has come and gone and left us with some epic releases from bands like Slayer (“Christ Illusion”), Cattle Decapitation (“Karma.Bloody.Karma”), In Flames (“Come Clarity”), as well as a few disappointments, which we’ll leave un-named here, this was truly a stand out album. While it seems sometimes in this day and age that our favorite bands are just releasing the same album over and again, it is refreshing, no, inspiring to have a band like The Haunted back at full force and doing what they do best, giving us something fresh for our ears by staring us down with the “The Dead Eye”

The Haunted is:
Peter Dolving – Vocals
Anders Björler – Guitars
Jonas Björler – Bass
Patrik Jensen – Guitars
Per Möller Jensen – Drums

--Weasel 02.29.07


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