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Divine Fire
Glory Thy Name
Rivel Records
2/28/2005 - Review by: Eric Compton
Divine Fire - Glory Thy Name - 2005 - Rivel Records

Track Listing
1. From Death To Life
2. The World´s On Fire
3. Never Surrender
4. The Sign
5. Out Of The Darkness
6. Pay It Forward
7. Live My Life For You
8. Free Like An Eagle (Bonustrack For Japan)
9. The Spirit
10. The Way To Eternity
I can't sing enough praises for the quality goods coming out of the Rivel Records camp. Organized, funded, and of course promoted by Narnia mainman Christian Rivel, each release is just a stellar production beaming with vitality and a dedicated following to the Holy Ghost. Rivel pulls triple duty these days, spending quality time behind his white metal heroes Narnia, Rivel Records' very own Audiovision, and the topic of discussion, Divine Fire. With "Glory Thy Name", Divine Fire kick start a dramatic push to the very boundaries of thrash, symphonic, power, and progressive metal. Anyone familiar with my tastes will certainly realize that I'm the biggest "mark" for progressive power metal. I also enjoy a good shot of hard rock, which is exactly what I got with Rivel's Audiovision album "The Calling". I've been firmly behind the release since it arrived in my paws a few weeks ago. Christian Rivel just amazes me with his ability to pull off huge projects like Narnia and Audiovision. As if those two bands weren't enough evidence, now comes the EPIC project, the most diverse album of the man's career, "Glory Thy Name".

Divine Fire was formed by both Christian Rivel and famed composer Jani Stefanovic, who has been playing and touring with bands such as Am I Blood, Sins of Omission, and Renascent. They enlisted the services of bassist Andreas Olsson to finish out the trio. Now their debut album is upon us and it couldn't have come at a better time. With so many obscene, extreme acts flaunting their sadistic and perverse tactics it is refreshing and enlightening to find a positive influence like Divine Fire. The band is dedicated to bringing the message of salvation to the masses through the complex world of heavy metal. What better way than to create a flexible album that can really be embraced by a variety of metal fans?

Divine Fire really has a mind of its own. Identity is certainly a word that could be associated with this particular endeavor, with the album coming and going at very different angles. The record never hits you in one direction, instead it is a wide assault on all fronts. From speedy power metal to symphonic progressive elements, "Glory Thy Name" is a masterpiece, an incredible piece of music that everyone should hear. Folks, this band is important. Rarely do you find this much talent and dedication in one band. This trio understands what it takes to be a showstopper, to completely captivate the listener with moody orchestration, complex riffs, and a stellar vocal delivery. They have it all, and at this point in time, few can match this type of power and persuasion.

From solid cuts like "The Spirit" and "The World's On Fire", Divine Fire reach out to the heavier and more extreme audiences. Bands like Imagika, Control Denied, and even Nevermore come to mind when hearing these songs. While power riffs and soaring clean vocals from Christian Rivel are clearly evident, the group add in some death metal elements courtesy of Crimson Moonlight vocalist Hubertus Liljegren. Those voices creep in to remind us of the horrors of Hell, the sadistic side of life and the vision that Satan is clearly painting. I think that is what makes this album fantastic, the ability to overcome fear and hate through salvation and faith. While those horrors are going on throughout the songs, Rivel is there to clearly bring the sound through, possibly recreating the struggle of God and Satan with the obvious victor being the white cloaked warriors from Heaven.

Other tracks are more clearly planted in the progressive power genre. Staples like "Never Surrender", "Live My Life For You", and "Out Of The Darkness" are clearly inspired by bands like Edguy, Voice, and Kamelot. They move at a mid-tempo speed with plenty of heavy riffing and huge chorus anthems reminiscent of many German acts. There are some slower, dramatic pieces as well such as "Pay It Forward" and the group's very own Heavenly invitation, "The Way To Eternity". Christian Rivel even asks some friends to stop by to add to the mighty power of the trio. Some of the musicians taking part are Fredrik Sjöholm (Veni Domine), Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine), Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine), Thomas Vikström (Brazen Abbot & Candlemass), and Carljohan Grimmark (Narnia).
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Glory Thy Name
Rivel Records
Eric Compton2/28/2005


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