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3 Average - Some good songs, some bad ones at about a half/half ratio.
2.5-2 Fair - Worth a listen, but best obtained by collectors.
1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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The Day The Earth Shook
Magic Circle Music
3/29/2007 - Review by: Death Metal Shawn
MANOWAR - "The Day The Earth Shook" (DVD) - 2006 - Magic Circle

Track Listing
01. Manowar
02. Brothers Of Metal
03. Call To Arms
04. Sun Of Death
05. Kings Of Metal
06. Sign Of The Hammer
07. Blood Of My Enemies
08. Kill With Power
09. Metal Warriors
10. The Glory Of Achilles
11. Metal Daze
12. Dark Avenger
13. Outlaw
14. House Of Death
15. Herz Aus Stahl
16. Prelude To Act III (Lohengrin)
17. King Of Kings
18. Warriors Of The World United
19. Hail And Kill
20. Black Wind, Fire And Steel
21. Battle Hymn
22. The Crown And The Ring
Finally! The metal gods have smiled upon the faithful amongst us, and have delivered the ultimate blessing! A full live MANOWAR concert on DVD! Sure we have been teased with the other Manowar DVDs which gave us minimal live footage interspersed with extras, but this is indeed the real deal. So, there must really be an Odin after all. Rest assured warriors, there are plenty of extras on this DVD set that will take most of a week of TV time to watch. Included among them is a trip to the ultimate Manowar party. I however am going to focus on the concert itself in this review.

For those of us who have not had the pleasure of being present at a MANOWAR gig, this is gold! Eric Adams is a great showman in every sense of the world. Whether or not it is his calling out to the metal warriors, or his back-and-forth sing-along attempts with the crowd, the Golden Voice himself knows how to reciprocate energy with an audience. Whereas his voice does bend slightly from time to time, it is hardly noticeable. He is one of the great unheralded vocalists of our time, and the non-believers would do well to pay attention. Joey DeMaio reminds you of that mouthy arrogant bassist friend we all have. He knows what to say and how to fire up a crowd. Plus, his posture while playing is the thing that metal stereotypes are made of. While it would come off as uber-cheesy among the elitists in the metal world, to those of us who get it, it makes good, good sense. Plus his bass solos are better than anyone's (yeah buddy, much better than Cliff Burton's). Scott Columbus is a seemingly effortless battering ram who has provided the pulse for Manowar for most of it's existence. His full on drum sound is expertly articulated within the parameters of sound coming from stereo speakers. In fact, that is the only competent way to enjoy this DVD, through stereo speakers. The shreddery and axemanship provided by Karl Logan fills out the sound on this monster. Not sure still how I'd rank Logan with the past Manowar guitarists Ross The Boss and David Shankle, but he is very good.

The video quality here is great. Not as experimental and boundary expanding as the Kamelot DVD that recently emerged, but it did Manowar justice. The sound is crystal clear, which is great most of the time, although a little rawer sound wouldn't have hurt. The song selection was much of the standard fare. They played "Herz Aus Stahl" (which is the German version of my favorite song by the band, "Heart Of Steel"), so I was happy there. Throw in the classics "Manowar", "Hail And Kill", "Metal Warriors", "Sign Of The Hammer", and "Blood Of My Enemies" and mix more contemporary anthems like "Warriors Of The World United", "House Of Death" and "Call to Arms". That is basically what you get. In total, over 7 hours of metal (including bonus features). So, get to the video store immediately....get this!



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