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3 Average - Some good songs, some bad ones at about a half/half ratio.
2.5-2 Fair - Worth a listen, but best obtained by collectors.
1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Hell on Earth III
7/9/2004 - Review by: Josh Greer
Manowar - Hell on Earth III - 2004 Reviewed by: Agent of Steel

“Hell on Earth III” is a continuation of Manowar’s DVD Heavy Metal onslaught. Part I, being a total overrated disappointment and false advertising to boot, II was filled with enough redeeming qualities to keep even long-time Manowar fans happy. What is in store for part III? More of the same…

The first disc mainly consists of before-and-after “Hell on Earth” around the world pertaining to Manowar from concerts and events long past. Well, from 1998-99. If there’s one band that isn’t afraid of excess and being over the top, that band would without a doubt be Manowar. In III you get it all, great, good and sometimes just down right bad. You get footage of Metal hungry fans from all over Europe whether its club shows or festivals going nuts sometimes singing even louder than the band (louder than Hell?) along side Karl Logan’s weak, mechanical, uninspired stage presence (but the mullet looks GREAT).

There’s video of an amazing rendition of “Hail and Kill” during the Sweden Rock Festival in the pouring rain, adding an even more epic feel. If the Joey Demaio on stage make-out sessions, contrived rants, and endlessly boring bass solo’s don’t get you grabbing the remote in hopes to fast forward to an actual song then maybe this DVD really is for you. I guess the Penthouse footage and naked females on stage even everything out, although sadly there are a few who were exceeding the weight limit of the stage. That’s just a mere glimpse into what this DVD has to offer. Disc 1 does close on a good note with more live performances, deflowering a fan with a Metallica shirt replaced by a Manowar shirt from Joey, Eric Adams in a Santa suit and even a wildlife moose road adventure.

Disc 2 showcases “Live in Germany The Ringfest”, a full set played in front of around 27,000 maniacal fans. With Eric starting out a bit gruff it isn’t long the legendary pipes are cleared of the woman from the night before and Manowar give it 100 percent. Personally, I think the song choices could have overall been much better but what do I know when there are thousands of fans screaming, climbing poles to take pictures and banging their heads during each song and sometimes in between. A very purchase worthy addition is the library of music videos from “Gloves of Metal” to “I Believe”. And of course, no Manowar DVD would be complete without a section on the fifth member, John “Dawk” Stillwell showing off the home-made Manowar arsenal. The “hidden” historical documentary is a nice touch too, letting you know that being as musically serious as Manowar; they haven’t lost their humorous side.

If you can get past all the “quirks”, “Hell on Earth III” is a worthy purchase, especially for Manowar fans. I didn’t have to tell you that, you’ve probably already gotten it by now. Manowar have no shame in filling this release to the brim with enough bang for your buck. Hail and Kill!

--Agent of Steel 07.09.04


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