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Dream Weaver
Worlds Carved Within
Secret Port Records
11/28/2003 - Review by: Eric Compton
Dream Weaver - Worlds Carved Within 2003 Secret Port Records - Reviewed by EC

Track Listing
1. Another Ascendance
2. Back From The North
3. The White Ship
4. Light In The Dark
5. Streams Of Altered Worlds
6. Soulsearching
7. Wings Of Forever
8. Bright Fading Past
9. Burn The Sun
10. Ice Cold Steel
11. Eyes Of The Day
I wasn't thrilled when Maximum Metal received this promo in the mail. I'll tell you why...with a band name of Dream Weaver I was expecting operatic vocals, a few female voices thrown in, and enough keyboard passages to swoon Elton John. After the first listen I discovered the exact opposite.

Dream Weaver are a wonderful old school power metal band from Greece, who have just released their debut full lenght record entitled "Worlds Carved Within" on Secret Port Records. I've always enjoyed the Greek take on heavy metal, exploring the albums passed on to me from bands like Phantom's Lord and Power Crue. Dream Weaver fits snuggly in the same category as those bands, fast as lightning power metal with an emphasis on tradition.

Let's start with opener "Back From The North", which is a brisk ride through the battlefields of German bands like Paragon and Grave Digger. Fast guitar riffs, war-march drum beats, and a vocalist that isn't a far cry from Paragon's vocalist. I was impressed from song one. It only got better with classic tracks like the Maiden flight "The White Ship" and the doomy, Sabbath crunch of "Bright Fading Past". "Ice Cold Steel" is a full on romp through the forest of Running Wild and Helloween. "Light In The Dark" is a fine mood piece that explores a little bit of modern metal ala Symphorce and Brainstorm. "Soul Searching" is another fine stab at Maiden melody, with plenty of twin guitar harmony and some really good vocals from Jim Marcou. I can hear influences ranging from Helloween to Iced Earth, with Dream Weaver covering the full spectrum of power metal on this fine debut output.

It looks like the Greece power metal scene just got another fine soldier for the battlefield. Dream Weaver are quite good and with this first record out of the way it will hopefully land them on a bigger plate. The production is nothing short of terrible here, so lets see what a guy like Piet Sielck can do for this act. Lets try our best to put Dream Weaver at the top of the indy list! I think a high-end sound and some better vocal coachings (its monotone!) will put this band over the top.

Great starting effort and it can only get better!

--EC 11.29.03

Worlds Carved Within
Secret Port Records
Eric Compton11/28/2003


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