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Lost Fate
Where Dreams Have No End
Secret Port Records
10/22/2004 - Review by: Eric Compton
Lost Fate - Where Dreams Have No End 2004 Secret Port Records reviewed by: EC

Track Listing
1. Fragile Dream
2. Drained
3. Lost Fate
4. Paths Of Knowledge
5. Where Dreams Have No End
6. Silent Faces
7. Moments Of Life
8. Night And Day
9. Signs
I really like what Greece is doing with their metal these days, introducing power metal groups like Powercrue and Dream Weaver to my ears. Now Secret Port Records introduces another, Lost Fate, who have unveiled their debut album "Where Dreams Have No End". Fans of Finnish and Brazilian progressive power should really enjoy this melodic romp, with the band showcasing a unique sense of melody that only veterans of the business seem to possess.

Originally Lost Fate started out as Guillotine, and started jamming together in 1998. In '99 the group recorded their first demo, "The Fate Of Humanity", and changed their name to Lost Fate. In 2002 they started recording their debut full length. Going through many different ideas, the band took two years to record "Where Dreams Have No End". The group came into contact with Secret Port Records, and now the album has been released to the masses.

I guess you could pinpoint progressive power as the category Lost Fate falls into. The melodic nature of each song really hooks me, with every single song backed by mid-tempo twin guitar harmony. Bands like Crystal Eyes and Angra come to mind, but the music really stays true to its Greece tradition. Panagiotis Bonano plays some exceptional leads here, really soaring on tracks like "Lost Fate", where he can show off his speed picking. Vocalist Peter Panagiotou reminds me of Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto, and uses his high range to highlight the epic chorus parts. There isn't a lot of keyboards here, so the sound isn't wimpy like many progressive acts.

If you are a melodic metal fan, there is plenty to like here. Opener "Fragile Dream" is a tight machine, reminding me of legendary new wave acts like Maiden. There is enough crunch to keep everything consistently heavy throughout, and at times the band hook up for some nice grooves. "Silent Faces" sounds slightly modern, but with the lower budget recording it doesn't quite carry the band to the heights of Brainstorm or even Symphorce. If you can get past that, then you will enjoy the record.

Lost Fate certainly aren't breaking new ground, but if you are a fan of progressive power metal, then by all means you should enjoy this. Greece really seems to be the next big thing, and if Secret Port Records keeps putting out quality metal like Dream Weaver and Lost Fate, they could find themselves holding the torch for a whole new breed of metal warriors.

--EC 10.22.04

Where Dreams Have No End
Secret Port Records
Eric Compton10/22/2004


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