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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Hell Destroyer
MTM Music
2/1/2008 - Review by: David Loveless

Hell Destroyer

Company: MTM Music
Release: 2007
Reviewer: Grim Gaijin
Rating: 3.5

Power Metal - you either love it or hate it. As for me, I am unbiased either way, but ever so often a band comes around that has me leaning toward the "love it" side. Some bands that immediately come to mind that has influenced this decision in me are: Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards, Rhapsody of Fire, and Tad Morose. As of late, I have started listening to another great band that is not only powerful and melodic, but also well versed in various forms of extreme metal. They are Cage, from San Diego, Ca and with their fourth album Hell Destroyer, they are out to prove that they are the best in the Power Metal genre.

Rich with powerful melodies, twin guitar wizardry, sometimes layered but always potent vocals, and an epic tale of worldly existence, demise, and the revocation of Metal, Cage represent the best in American Power Metal. After a short Judas Priest-like intro, Hell Destroyer kicks in with the glass-shattering screams of Sean Peck. Time is not wasted as a generous dose of metal blasts through the speakers. With threatening double bass and an intense rhythm section throughout, Hell Destroyer quickly establishes itself as the albums anthem. I Am The King is less intense but excels in 80's style guitar melodies. Fans of early Priest, Dio, and Maiden will rejoice with the chorus that states, "I've been to hell and back to overtake the throne, this great big legacy is mine and mine alone." The next song, Christ Hammer starts off with epic proportions, mixing layered vocals and a grim harmonies, before ripping into a faster guitar riff. With another catchy chorus, Cage shows their versatility and flexibility with incorporating other genres of metal. Born In Blood - one of the faster songs on the disk - is reminiscent of classic Iron Maiden, mixed with Warning-era Queensryche vocals. More apparent on this song than others, the production is largely responsible for the overall classic-feel of the album. Abomination and Rise Of The Beast continue the epic tale of the Hell Destroyer as both powerful and memorable tunes. Bohemian Grove is unique in that is has elements of symphonic black metal with regards to the riffs, however, remaining true to Power Metal with an excellent guitar solo and a perfect vocal delivery. Several songs later, we have Legion Of Demons. As one of my favorite tunes on the CD, Legion Of Demons kicks things into high gear with an unrelenting attack of massive guitar riffs and pummeling double bass. The chorus adds in some killer vocal harmonies to create the perfect blend of melody and power. Skipping ahead to Beyond The Apocalypse, Cage finally adds some acoustic guitar to the mix. This song has a very strong Nevermore presence - especially in the vocals. The music ranges from fast paced melodies to a slower, heavier guitar chug. The final song on the CD (minus the bonus track), is Metal Devil - the conclusion to the Hell Destroyer story. Blending double bass perfection and speed/death metal style riffs, Metal Devil is an intense album closer. The bonus song (for the European release) is called King Diamond. With the music and vocals sounding a bit like something off of one of the earlier albums of the Great King Diamond, the song consistently shreds from start to finish.

I hear a lot of 80's metal influence on Hell Destroyer, as well as powerful rendition of modern American Power Metal. Whereas the earlier metal influences the vocals and some of the melodies, the modern metal influence helps deliver a heavier, more powerful rage to create the perfect modern power metal album. As a concept album, Hell Destroyer takes us on a journey through time to ultimately unleash the Metal Devil on the masses. Although I am not sure how much the Metal Devil destroys in the story, I can tell you that the album Hell Destroyer is about as good as you can get in the power metal genre.

1. Descension
2. Hell Destroyer
3. I Am The King
4. The Circle Of Light
5. Christ Hammer
6. Born In Blood
7. Abomination
8. Innauguration
9. Rise Of The Beast
10. Cremation Of Care
11. Bohemian Grove
12. Final Proclamation
13. From Death To Legend
14. Legion Of Demons
15. Betrayal
16. Fall Of The angels
17. Fire and Metal
18. Beyond The Apocalypse
19. The Lords Of Chaos
20. Metal Devil
21. King Diamond (bonus track)
    3.5 :AVE RATING

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