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As A Metal Of Fact
7/17/2006 - Review by: Eric Compton
Cavalar - As A Metal Of Fact – 2006 - Self-Released

Track Listing
1. Rush
2. Deadman
3. God Damn Rebel
4. Us
5. Going For It
6. New Empire
7. V-Red
8. Blind Eye
9. Devil's County
10. Born Like Fire
11. Watch Me From the Sky
12. Can the World Be Wrong?
13. Hole in the Sky
Screamin' with '80s traditional sound and mixing in a good dose of modern stoner groove, England's Cavalar roar onto the stage and studio with "As A Metal Of Fact", their debut, self-released album. At at time when so many metal bands are obsessed with harsh vocals and extreme tactics, Cavalar are firmly etched in stone as a sure fire metal act that recalls the great moments of Ozzy and the backbone of heavy metal, Black Sabbath. This is heavy metal in its purest form, completely void of any trends or urban 'core stances that bog down the current metal crop and drain the scene of any originality or charisma. A band like Cavalar makes a statement with their blue-collar, working man metal roots. "As A Metal Of Fact" is exactly that, a factual, loud testimonial of heavy metal true and true.

The band was formed in 2004 by London natives Arnaldo "Arn" Rogano (drums) and Twitch (singer). The duo recruited the talented Tadeu Dias on guitar, and Dave Rimmer on bass. The group decided on a Portuguese term meaning "super charged" as their band moniker. The four-piece combine on twelve original cuts and one smokin' cover of Sabbath's "Hole In The Sky". The debut album is a rock solid affair that should fuel the needs of fans seeking that Black Label Society, Corrosion Of Conformity, and Brand New Sin musical style. The stoner vibe is an appealing portion of the band's signature, but it is straight forward heavy metal that makes up a majority of the group's sound.

Explosive tracks like "Rush" and "Us" are deep moving groove riffs that really capture that fast moving doom/stoner aspect. On other songs like "Blind Eye" and "V-Red", the group really move on a lightning quick pace, almost bringing back the 'Crue's "Livewire" '80s approach. My favorite cut is the Ozzy inspired number "Going For It", with vocalist Twitch really hitting an Ozzy type delivery. Overall Twitch is like a cross between Rush's Geddy Lee and Ozzy, with a smooth delivery and tone that really seems calming and effective amongst the big block grooves and blues soaked riffs issued by Dias. Bassist Rimmer really struts his stuff on "Deadman", providing tight, well tuned bass lines that enhance drummer Rogano's loose style of play.

The end result is a roaring, thunderous display of musical talent and passion. Those of you looking for that rich '80s attitude with a good dose of today's stoner vibe, look no further than the super charged Cavalar.

Check out the band's sounds online at, where you can also order this CD through Paypal.

--EC 7.13.06


As A Metal Of Fact
Eric Compton7/17/2006


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