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The Finals
Plan Your Getaway
Immortal Records
Hard Rock
1/3/2007 - Review by: Kim Thore
The Finals - Plan Your Getaway - 2006 - Immortal Records

Track Listing

1. Right Here, Not Now”
2. Life As a Car
3. They'll Never Know
4. It's Always Something
5. Raining In My Heart
6. Extended Autumn
7. Plague Escapade
8. Something to You
9. An Illusion Called Circumstance
10. We Don't Care
11. Lightening and Fireworks
12. Black Market Babies
It's been almost two years since The Finals formed in a proverbial New Jersey basement and "Plan Your Getaway" is their first full length cd on Immortal Records, a rather paradoxical marriage. The band, consisting of Jason Sazer, Matt Reilly, Christian Kisala, Lou Bottone, Joshua Sazer, claims that their influences include The Beatles, Metallica, Death Cab For Cutie, The Clash, New Order and The Cars among others.

From Bergenfield, New Jersey, The Finals have compiled a middle of the road cd and while I'm not going to challenge the influence mantra, I have to say within 20 nano seconds of listening to the first track I had to check and see if I had mixed up the cds and was actually listening to The Offspring or a discount version of Green Day instead.

While, the tracks overall have some highlights, the moments "of yeah" are fleeting and the result is that the cd just can't seem to get off of the ground. It feels like you're watching CNN and the shuttle lift-off keeps getting delayed due to weather (the cover art shows a cartoon space scene, so perhaps at least the marketing guru had the same feeling).

Each track has a nuance of something to catch your attention, but the songs lose steam quickly by either going off in some abstract direction that frustrates the listener or by being a bit too sophomoric to keep your attention span past that of a four year old. Lead vocalist Jason Sazer has potential but needs to spend time understanding range and that having one can be a good thing.

Tracks "Raining in My Heart", "Extended Autumn", "Plague Escapade", "An Illusion Called Circumstance" and "Lightening and Fireworks" have some palatable moments. "Raining in My Heart" at less than two mins starts off sounding like a Police tune, "Extended Autumn" has a capable, ode to hair bands, guitar lead and "Plague Escapade" brings back memories of the band Thin White Rope.

Still, while “Plan Your Getaway” doesn’t really have enough octane to put substantial mileage on it, it’s a moderately competent cd and at a median age of 23 or so, The Finals are young enough to keep experimenting and hopefully tap into a groove that actually does provide eventual lift off.

Strutter 01.07.07


Plan Your Getaway
Immortal Records
Kim Thore1/3/2007


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