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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Down Factor
Murder The World
7/21/2006 - Review by: Eric Compton
Down Factor - Murder The World - 2005 - Scourge Records

Track Listing
1. The Wake
2. Blood Of The Patriots I
3. Blood Of The Patriots II
4. Gods Of War
5. A Song About Insanity
6. Blinded
7. Eye Consume
8. Seethe
9. The Root Of All Evil
10. Murder The World
The Bay Area of Oakland dishes out a smokin' thrash affair from the underground called Down Factor. The band cuts the chains on their sophomore effort, "Murder The World", through Scourge Records. This is the follow-up to the band's "Pure" release from 2003. Aligning themselves with famed recording mastermind Juan Urteaga, known for his work with Exodus, Sadus, and Vile in years past, has helped the group put together a very strong outing that is forceful, straight ahead US thrash that is both modern sounding while still firmly grasping the old school vibe put down two decades ago by thrash pioneers.

It is really alarming that the band has yet to pick up a major recording deal, especially considering just how moving and vengeful this solid second effort really is. The group plunder through ten solid tracks of pulverizing might and power, each track invigorating with it's groove laden riffs and brutal "urban" lyrics that tackle everything from religion to politics. Vocalist George Anderson, who also plays guitar, is very much in the Rob Flynn mold (Machine Head), really using some hardcore vocals crossed up with a rough thrash delivery. His guitars, combined with lead axeman Brooks Rocco, really charge to the front, recalling the days of early Testament, mid-era Slayer, and Forbidden with fantastic solos and thunderous, mid-tempo groove stomps. Waylon Ford checks in with lower mixed bass lines (I'm looking for higher mix bass), and Ramon Ochoa runs through some Brazilian styled drum work, kicking in with some needed double-bass in the quick parts.

Opener "The Wake" is an atmospheric intro taken from Franz Schubert's "Opus 100". Following that is a short instrumental in "Blood Of The Patriots I" before the album EXPLODES with "Blood Of The Patriots II". It is this song that firmly implants that Machine Head vibe, almost sounding like this cut, along with the title track", could have been lifted from MH's "Burn My Eyes" album. That is held in high regards by most modern metal fans, including me, and in my opinion Down Factor is following that exact same soundscape here. Other cuts like "The Root Of All Evil" and "Gods Of War" are wall smashing thrash entries, all perfectly delivered in Anderson's rough demeanor. Current Nevermore axe-slinger (wish you well!) Steve Smyth stops in for a blazing solo on "Blinded".

Bottom Line - Check this band out, attend their shows, and let the metal labels know that Down Factor is on the verge of breaking through! Solid US thrash that is sure to please Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden, Testament, and modern Vicious Rumors fans.

--EC 7.15.06


Murder The World
Eric Compton7/21/2006


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