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0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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The Deviant
Ravenous Deathworship
8/20/2006 - Review by: Eric Compton
The Deviant - Ravenous Deathworship - 2006 - Candlelight Records

Track Listing
1. Merciless
2. Genocide
3. Serpent
4. Intimate Skinning
5. Venom Of Mankind
6. Purity Of Hate
7. Sadosadistic
8. Perfect State Of Death
9. Resurrection Of Hate
10. Fallout
This Norwegian act unleashes total neck breaking carnage with their debut record "Ravenous Deathworship", a Neanderthal approach at raging thrash metal speeds. One can only look at song titles like "Resurrection Of Hate" and "Intimate Skinning" (ouch!) to know what types of themes and elements are running wild here. But after first listen of steamrolling opener "Merciless" it is clearly evident that The Deviant are NOT your average death drinkers. No, most definitely not. There is simply nothing average about this group, with these members really dazzling in their multitude of interesting creative riffs and quick banging drums. Not since Dissection's "Storm Of The Lights Bane" have I really heard something this fast and emotional while still displaying that cold atmosphere known so well in those isolated Norwegian towns. "Ravenous Deathworship" is an amazing debut record and one that really goes beyond what your "so called" modern legends are doing within the genre currently. The Deviant in their young career are showing up their idols and role models.

The band was formed from the ashes of 122 Stabwounds, with the former frontman of Gehenna/Fororn taking up the vocal helm for the group. The group signed to Tabu Records for the European release of this album, and for domestic distribution the band has partnered up with Candlelight Records, who have made quite an impact over the last few years by double dipping into those obscure European releases and bringing them back for the yankees. With this masterful debut The Deviant have used the services of Real Noice Productions and had the record mixed by Klokkerhaug at Subsonic Society (Enslaved, Susperia, Dismember). The production used here is just stunning, really concentrating on a deep, rumbling sound in the drum department and giving plenty of down tuned wattage to the stomping guitar riffs.

It is clearly obvious that these youngsters are influenced by bands like Slayer and Exodus, really going back to the early roots of thrash to create the perfect stage for their chaotic blend. While that is simply the building foundation, the group enter the rugged terrain of death metal's elite to create huge, monstrous walls of sound in which they can lay down wicked quick slices of cold and calculated riffs. Vocals are very black metal oriented, never really straying from that mid-90s Norwegian approach. Fans of Behemoth and Dissection will find plenty to indulge in with cuts like "Purity Of Hate" and "Perfect State Of Death".

Bottom Line - The Deviant have created a freight train of sin and decadence, going into the bowels of Hell to deliver their brand of black death mayhem. A SOLID debut and one that should end up on plenty of top ten lists by year's end.

--EC 08.13.06

Ravenous Deathworship
Eric Compton8/20/2006


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