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Souls Of We
Let The Truth Be Known
Union Entertainment
Hard Rock
12/5/2008 - Review by: Eric Compton

Souls Of We
Let The Truth Be Known

Company: Union Entertainment Group
Release: 2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Reviewer: EC

  • Smooth and calculated music ala the early 90s

  • Vocalist London Legrand has found himself with some great company over the last few years. The talented frontman paired up with both Traci Guns and Nikki Sixx for the two Brides Of Destruction albums. Now he finds himself teamed with another hard rock superstar, the extraordinary axeman George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob. However, it wasn't always easy for Legrand.

    The young singer originally tried planting his roots with George Lynch years ago, going as far as sending a demo tape in to audition for Lynch Mob. The demo was apparently scrapped as Lynch chose two different singers for his two studio efforts. After Legrand landed the gig with Brides Of Destruction he had a chance meeting with Lynch on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

    Legrand approached the legendary guitarist and asked him why his demo was scrapped back in the day. The two had a laugh, hit it off, and started writing and recording the songs that now surface on "Let The Truth Be Known", the debut album for Souls Of We.

    Not only does superstars Lynch and Legrand highlight this band, the outfit also shines with bassist Johny Chow (Fireball Ministry, System Of A Down) and drummer Yael (Tom Morello, Alex Skolnick). These combined diverse talents really make up an interesting chemistry on record. This debut is a unique and innovative approach at melodic hard rock. In my personal opinion I don't believe there is another album quite like this one floating amongst the glam reunions, modern rock charts, and the Swedish hard rock explosion circulating the scene.

    Souls Of We are a breath of fresh air in a room that has proven to be rather stagnant of late. The band comes across rather abstract in their songwriting, making the listener stay tuned for the catchy chorus patterns and hooks. There are plenty of sing alongs to go around and for the most part this album rolls smoothly from start to finish. Interesting enough however is that each track really has its own identity, at some points creating an air of illusion as to whether or not this is the same band on each cut. Those of you looking for smooth and calculated music ala the early 90s should find plenty to like here as the main formula consists of alternative, modern and hard rock elements.

    Opener "January" has a Lillian Axe vibe complete with the Beatles-esque chorus and funky vocals. An early Aerosmith flavor can be found on the stirring "Adeline" and Ted Nugent is all over the tunes "Push It" and "Psycho Circus". "Key Of Noise" has a real Collective Soul/Candlebox sound structure. The band even gets a hip-hop ingredient with the street wise "Crawling". With all of the bizarre songwriting the band settles down on some real movers and shakers with heavier rock numbers "Skeleton Key", "Gandhi's Got A Gun", "Sorry To Say" and the title track. While George Lynch really showcases his Guitar Hero super powers throughout the record, none are as awe-inspiring as the flashy instrumental "Under The Dead Tree".

    In closing - If modern rock continues to play the likes of Shinedown and Seether then they should open the doors a little further for Souls Of We. The album has a number of "sure thing hits" and the potential to be the next big number on Billboard.

      4 :AVE RATING

    Let The Truth Be Known
    Union Entertainment
    Eric Compton12/5/2008


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