Desolator Set to ACCELERATE!
7/25/2014 2:24:28 PM by Frank

Desolator are set to release their new EP "Accelerator" later this month. The EP follows up on the success of the group's debut, "Total Attack", last year. Guitarist/vocalist Jamie Brooks had time to chat with me about the band's upcoming tour of the UK in support of the album. Check out our new short interview with Jamie here...[Full Interview Link]

New Interview with Sahil Makhija of "Headbanger's Kitchen"!
7/18/2014 3:05:34 PM by Frank

Sahil Makhija, a/k/a "Demonstealer," a/k/a "that Headbanger's Kitchen guy" has his hands in a lot of pots – figuratively and yes, literally. And yet, there's a whole lot more to this corrupted cook than just a great recipe and brutal taste. "It's very simple really. Anyone can do an online show. All you need is a good idea. Without a real solid idea, you'll just make another thing to watch. Then have good, quality content. And with a little technology, you could have a good looking show." Check out our new interview with Sahil here...[Full Interview Link]

Apocalyptica Concert Pics!
7/16/2014 2:16:10 PM by Frank H.

If you're a fan of the Finnish band Apocalyptica, our overseas contributor, TJ Fowler, has put some on our Instagram page. There are only a handful, but the guy takes some bangin' pics. If you like the band or great live concert shots in general, check out them out here...[IG Link]

New "Metal Maidens" Section Update!
7/15/2014 2:20:14 PM by Frank H.

It's been few months, but we've updated the ladies of rock and metal! Look for these new additions in our Metal Maidens section: Lzzy Hale - Halestorm, Sara Squadrani - Ancient Bards, Rossie Vady - Bloodhunter, Noora Louhimo - Battle Beast, Jill Janus - Huntress, KT Paige - Romantic Rebel, Kobra Paige - Kobra And The Lotus, Alissa White-Gluz - Arch Enemy, Brittney Slayes - Unleash The Archers, Pamela Moore, Elize Ryd - Amaranthe, Ann and Nancy Wilson - Heart...[Full Column Link]

Road Report--Metalfest 2014 from Germany!
7/11/2014 2:42:07 PM by Frank

Maximum Metal contributor TJ Fowler attended the Metalfest 2014 event in Lorely, Germany. His coverage includes video interviews with various Metalfest performers like Bloodbound, Grave Digger and Sabaton. Read his full coverage of each day's events with photos...[Full Column Link]

Necrofile 46--Round Table Discussion - Downslave, Remembering: 1 Year Anniversary
7/11/2014 2:37:10 PM by Frank

"Black List" is the new EP from Knoxville, Tennessee's Downslave. Rarely does a relatively unknown band land on our radar with such an impact. Collectively, our staff liked this album so much that I think we all wanted to chime in our thoughts with a round table review and the albums that meant a lot to us one year ago...[Full Column Link]

New Interview with Brad Arnold of Three Doors Down!
7/3/2014 3:30:01 PM by Frank

Recently, 3 Doors Down has announced Summer plans that feature additional "3 Doors Down Acoustic - Songs From The Basement" dates fueled by public demand alongside select plugged in electric dates at festivals. Brad Arnold, Chris Henderson, and the members of 3 Doors Down have assembled in a Nashville studio to begin writing songs for their sixth studio album to be released in 2015. Kim had the chance to sit down with Brad and get the scoop on the new tour, new album, and new future for 3DD....[Full Interview Link]

Interview with Thane Farace, Guitarist from Ghost of War
6/27/2014 5:00:52 PM by Eric

During a weekend showcasing over forty bands of modern hard rock and metalcore, Ghost of War stood out as truly unique due to their straight-laced, traditional approach. A few days after the festival I was able to talk with guitarist THANE FARACE about the band's denim and leather philosophy and his experience with Ghost of War and other notable acts on the east coast. Read our interview here...[Full Interview Link]

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Heidra's “Awaiting Dawn” will be released July 28th worldwide via Mighty Music/Target Group. The album was engineered by Olof Berggren and mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque.
Check out the lyric video for "Betrayal" here: [Link]

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The Dead Daisies

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Brad Arnold - Three Doors Down
"I've always said everyone speaks their own language in music, the more you play with that person, and the more you jam together, the more you get to understand their language…and it's taken us a little while to do that."

Thane Farace - Ghost of War
"With the cohesiveness of all four band members influences, ranging from traditional metal, southern rock, 70s classic rock and even death metal, all combined, we feel we came up with something truly unique."

Erik Danielsson - Watain
"I am so tired of people trying to convince themselves and have this idea that they think they are strong with unique vision, but they still compare themselves to other artists or repeat what others say. It's so boring and uninspiring."

Santiago Kodela - Svet Kant
"I've always been fan of technical music, but didn't want to go over the top, so I merged what I think is a good quote of technicality with some really cool riffs and memorable melodic sections."