13 Great Black Sabbath Songs Without Ozzy or Dio!
Posted on 7/8/2016 3:06:47 PM by Frank Hill

Everybody knows who Ozzy Osbourne is--everybody. The vocalist on Black Sabbath's early classic songs "Iron man", Paranoid", "Black Sabbath" and many others has become a cultural icon across the world. He left the band at the end of the 70s and had a successful solo career of various incarnations. Most headbangers, with a touch of age on them, also know Ozzy's replacement, Ronnie James Dio. He left after a couple killer albums and formed his own solo band as well.

But Black Sabbath didn't rot and die after those famous voices departed. They continued on with other vocalists and released more albums of various quality. If you can name a few of those then you're a pretty solid fan whose use of this column would be largely for comparison. Many metalheads, however, are a bit unclear what happened with the mighty band throughout the last 30 years, so we went a little deeper into the Sabbath catalog and pulled out our 13 favorite tracks that weren't sung by Ozzy or Dio.

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Drummer Joey Muha
"I've always kind of drummed along to these 'out of left field' songs. It's just how my crazy mind hears all of these songs!

The Fine Constant
Sarah Longfield's career began as a YouTube phenomenon when, still in her teens, she began posting videos of herself...

Christian Muenzner
Eternity's End

"Metal bands just don't get as big as Iron Maiden, AC/DC or Metallica anymore."
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The Devil Strikes Again

Iron Savior

Born of Fire
Heavy Metal Hot Sauce

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus
Madness Incarnate

Lacuna Coil

Clark Ashton Smith

Death Angel
The Evil Divide

Metal Church

   Striker - Stand In The Fire
A perfect companion to summertime fun
   Hollowstone - Walking Between Worlds
Quality female-fronted progressive metal with gothic and power touches
   The Treatment - Generation Me
Youthful, energetic British hard rock done with tongue in cheek perfection
   Speaking the King's - Carousel
West Coast metalcore with stellar production and modern rock tendencies
   Velocity - The King Will Die
Has the polish of a Swedish traditional band but the ruggedness of German power
   Train - Train Does Led Zeppelin II
Largely note for note cover replication of the classic LZII album
   Grand Magus - Sword Songs
Still commanding Sweden's traditional sound albeit with a little less creativity
   For Today - Wake
Your average paint by numbers Christian metalcore
   Paragon - Hell Beyond Hell
After 26 years of punishing power metal these Germans prove they still have it
   Gentleman's Pistols - Hustler's Row
Lively British blues rock better suited for the stage than your iPod

Bill Ludwig lll, commonly known as "Bill lll" in drum circles, represents the third generation of master drum builders as his grandfather was the founder of Ludwig & Ludwig Drum Co. in 1909 which later became the percussion industry icon of Ludwig Drum Company in Chicago. Check him out here: [LINK]