New Rusted Metal Column: Defender - They Came Over the High Pass!
12/30/2023 by Frank Hill

It was post-Y2K 2000. The resurgence and popularity of the European Power Metal explosion had blown far enough to now easily obtain Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Gamma Ray and new Helloween CD's in any big chain electronic/music store in America. With the help of dial up internet and a lot of patience and time, I realized that there was more to active Heavy Metal music with guitar solos than just Pantera.

Yes, one glorious day I was greeted at my mail box with 'They Came over the High Pass' dubbed on a blank cassette. I had no knowledge of song titles, band members, country of origin...nothing other than the music that I heard after searching for months!

Read Josh Greer's memories here: [Full Column Link]

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Bathory BloodDuster
Immolation Mondo Generator
Grave Digger Twelfth Gate
Celestial Ode Solace
Warhorse Queensryche
Vaginal Carnage Advent
Rawhead Rexx Lamb of God
Manowar Powergod
God Dethroned Pelican
Brainstorm Circle of Nero
Evolution Agony Divine
Shakra SelfInflicted
Bloodbath Curriculum Mortis
Evanesce Rob Rock
Mnemic Pharaoh
Edguy Body Count
Doro Royal Anguish
Neverland F5
TNA Death Angel
Riot Jag Panzer
Freakhouse Deep Purple
Wolf Graveland
Metalium Jorn
U.D.O. Gary Moore
Lonewolf Devil In The Kitchen
Joe Lynn Turner Insomnium
Killswitch Engage Dio
Throcult Jackyl
Hanzel Und Gretyl Sonata Arctica
Of Infinity Crowbar
Helgrind Miles Beyond
Lost Soul Hellfueled
Loudblast Seige of Hate
Yyrkoon Strikelight
Backyard Babies Wolverine
Cemetary Chaoswave
Oathean Alex Skolnick Trio
Novembers Doom Pure Inc
Debris Inc. Holy Moses
Kinrick Swallow The Sun
Thunderblast Callenish Circle
Embraze Vicious Art
Communic Secrets She Kept
Slik Helvetika Horna
Resurrecturis Agents Of The Sun
Flotsam & Jetsam The Scourger
Warchild Future is Tomorrow
Mercyful Fate The Atomic Bitchwax
Before The Dawn Barcode
Doomfoxx Overmars
Infliction Avulsed
Torture Killer Detonation
Motorhead Dismember
Hate Absolution
Machina Sepultura
Naked Beggars Katatonia
Poison Ephel Duath
Thyrane Clawfinger
Degree Absolute Imagika
Cataract Down Factor
Hirax Nicodemus
Non-Human Level Sun Descends
Dawn of Azazel Michael Orlando
Bloodbound She Said Destroy
Dendura Agalloch
I Zero Hour
Battle Bratt Thy Majestie
Mastodon Rotting Christ
Lupara Starkweather
Quest of Aidance Urkraft
Phazm Dream Theater
Grenouer Hacride
Manes Randy Ellefson
Temple Of Blood Glenn Hughes
Ost Est Ima Father Befouled
The Obsessed Aetherius Obscuritas
To-Mera Embalming Theatre
Hacksaw Surgery Equilibrium
UFOmammut Giant Squid