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In The Absense Of Truth
1/16/2007 - Review by: Baphomet
Isis - In The Absense Of Truth - 2006 - Ipecac

Track Listing
1. Wrist Of Kings
2. Not In Rivers, But In Drops
3. Dulcinea
4. Over Root And Thorn
5. 1000 Shards
6. All Out Of Time, All Into Space
7. Holy Tears
8. Firdous E Bareen
9. Garden Of Light
Isis is a truly unique band. In their early days they were a hardcore band, but they soon changed to a more sludge style influenced by the work of another great band, Neurosis. Their first release Celestial was a good album without offering anything special in my opinion. Their next release (Oceanic) is in my opinion their best album and one of the greatest releases of this decade. Panopticon came after Oceanic, showing that the band started heading towards post-metal but without for getting their past. Their new album (In The Absence Of Truth) is similar to their previous album (Panopticon) but it seems like the band is trying to make a fresh start and decides to turn away from its past.

If you are a fan of Isis and you have heard all their albums when you hear
In The Absence Of Truth you will be surprised. You will start wondering
where is the band that released Oceanic? But the result is awesome. The band
was inspired from Neurosis last release (The Eye of Every Storm). So Isis
did the same thing that Neurosis has managed to do. They tried to soften
their sound but keep the atmosphere that their previous albums had. And they
succeeded. The funny thing is that in the past Isis were a really raw band,
they had even released a split with Pig Destroyer (magnificent grind band,
suggested releases: Prowler in the Yard).

Their metal side has been limited, the guitars sound clearer with exception
of some (amazing) distorted riffs. The vocals of Aaron are awesome, his
clean vocals are really melodic and unique while his growling skills have
been improved since Panopticon. Also the amount of vocals has been increased
since their previous albums. The drums are really important to this record,
because itís like they are leading the songs.But that doesnít mean that the
guitars have been limited. The guitars are used more to create the
atmosphere in this record.

Something other that is really important is the production of this album.
Isis had always clean production but in their previous album it didnít seem
so important. But on their new album the production is helping the music
develop and be delivered to the listener. The production was made by the
band and Matt Bayles. The last thing that I liked about this album is the
artwork, which is really weird.

To sum up: Isis have developed and matured through time. All the albums that
they have released are amazing and totally different. I still believe that
their best release is Oceanic but I think that this album is great and would
be wrong to pass unnoticed. But be careful: This is a unique album and needs
you to listen to it carefully.

Production: 9/10
Songwriting: 10/10
Bandís Performance: 8/10
Originality: 10/10
Reviewer Opinion: 10/10

Rating: 9.4/10

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Beckon The Thaw, Red Sparowes- At the Soundless Dawn, Neurosis- The Eye Of
Every Storm

--Baphomet 01.11.07


In The Absense Of Truth


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