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0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Sebastian Bach
Forever Wild
Eagle Vision
Hard Rock
8/16/2005 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Sebastian Bach - Forever Wild - 2004 - Eagle Vision

Track Listing
1. Sleep
2.Slave To The Grind
3.Piece Of Me
5.Bach In The Basement
6.Here I Am
7.Mic Technique
9.18 & Life
10.Hanginí With The Nuge
12.Riot Act
13.Sweet Little Sister
14.Racecar Driving with Vince Neil
15.In A Darkened Room
16.Monkey Business
17.Bach Fu
18.The Most Powerful Man In The World
19.I Remember You
20.Eternal Life
21.Youth Gone Wild
22.Golf Cart Madness
23.Always & Never The Same
Taking portions of the VH1 show that held the same name "Forever Wild" and combining it with live concert footage we get this release from Sebastian Bach on Eagle Vision. It took a couple of views for me to come up with the proper opinion of it. While I have been a fan of Sebastian and his efforts for Metal and Hard Rock I found this DVD a little on the confusing side. For those that are unaware VH1 had a short-lived show bearing this name and it was dreadful if you asked me. The show was Sebastian pretty much running amok and they periodically showed videos. They also would place him in some odd situation on his own or with another rocker. It was almost like a ďlets make a reality show about Sebastian Bach and how wild he can beĒ but never really followed any sort of scripting. I felt they should have either made a normal reality show about his life, and his band and touring and all or just done a Metal and Rock videos show with him as the host. I think the indecision of Network Executives is what endangered this show and made it so scattered. It was almost as if the creators were not placing so much attention in it. Over time this could have been developed into something a lot more interesting. Which brings us to this DVD.

Anyway, on this DVD we get a good sampling of the VH1 segments and while I felt much of them were wasted time there was some that left me gasping for air in laughter. Bach does some stuff with Motley Crue Singer Vince Neil and after losing a bet with him has to stand in an Alligator pool. I am not kidding you as he is standing knees deep in a pond full of Alligators and the handlers keep telling him donít move suddenly or anything. His expressions alone are priceless. There is also an amusing segment with Ted Nugent but how could the Nuge make any segment bad. Nugent alone is one of the most interesting people in Music. To me those were the best of the included TV segments.

The concert footage was pretty cool to see, as Bach really is an excellent front man. He is so totally into what he does and the audience energy seems to fuel him track after track. Joining Sebastian in the group for the video concert portion is Ritchie Scarlet (guitar), Mark McConnell (Drums), and Larry Fisher (bass). This section was filmed at The Whisky in Hollywood California in 2003. There is a lot of the Skid Row tunes you want to hear in the set and overall its fun to watch. They had all of my favorites by Skid Row so I was ok on the concert content. I watched the whole piece straight thru and did not see if there was a way to only watch the concert or the other program. I think the viewer is stuck with flipping past things that donít interest them. You can see by listing of the tracks on it, that concert pieces follow segments of the VH1 show and vice versa.

Rating: 6.5/10

--Ken Pierce 08.15.05


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