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Feared Creation
Five Reasons to Hate
1/1/2005 - Review by: Eric Compton
Worthy little demo that packs quite a mean wallop
Feared Creation 2004 Demo - 2004 --EC

Track Listing
1. Locked Up And Drugged
2. Murder One
3. Flatline
4. Feed My Blade
5. Hate To Move Things Forward
With 99.9% of all new bands coming out either death metal, hardcore, deathcore, or black metal, it has been really difficult for me to find the right niche within the extreme genre that I really like. As I've said numerous times before, these bands really can only stand out through production and songwriting. There is seriously something in the water over in Europe because everyone who holds an instrument on that continent can play extremely well. From those crazy Swedes to the power hungry Germans, the Europeans are musically dominant. But while so many are focusing all of their might on flashy melody and hooks, many are forgetting that important factor; good songs.

I've never been a huge death head, as you've probably noticed with my countless Lillian Axe and White Lion references in the past. While I love thrash, power, AOR, hard rock, and progressive music, I've always had a hard time with the death metal crowd. I've always found the marquee names adequate, the Unleashed and Hypocrisy acts of the globe, but in the past two years here at Maximum Metal I've tried to expand my horizons so to speak. So it is with great honor that I bring you Feared Creation, a worthy little demo that packs quite a mean wallop. Forget the grindcore and hardcore acts of today's Metal Circus or Hit Parader. Feared Creation go back to the muscle and might of 80s thrash, using the same techniques as Dark Angel, Destruction, and Slayer to bring to life their very own creation, no pun intended.

Some of you may even recognize some of the men involved with this southern Swedish act. Vocalist Anders Sjoholm has spent most of his time behind his main project Forsaken, guitarist Calle Faldt is involved with Deranged, and bassist Magnus Gillberg was formerly in the group Misteltein. Second guitarist John Huldt and drummer Sebastian Westberg round off the group. The band manage to create a new thrash sound made from the building blocks of the past. I wouldn't consider this death metal by any stretch but it does have that extreme consistency to it. The five songs found on this demo really showcase a group hellbent on speed, velocity, and thrash chaos. At the very heart of the group lies an intense measure of hate and anger but it doesn't completely absorb the sound. Fragments of melody can be found under the hard surface which makes for a nice treat deep within the songs themselves. The production really measures up considering this is simply a demo, which really hammers home my emphasis on "standing out in the crowd". These guys really make a strong showing here and hopefully this demo will lead to bigger things down the road. But for now we are in the moment, right now, right here, and Feared Creation have given us an eye opening experience with this release.

I really like my EPs to be short and sweet where the material just goes straight to the point. That is exactly what this demo does, skipping the appetizers and going straight for the feast. From raging opener "Locked Up And Drugged" to the stormy closer "Hate To Move Things Forward", Feared Creation do exactly what they proclaim, the intention to play really hard in-your-face thrash metal. "Locked Up And Drugged" has a crunchy mid-tempo groove throughout with some melodic passages thrown in to mix things up. Sjoholm's vocals are very modern sounding and by that I'm not talking about hip-hop or urban anger but more in the style of The Haunted or Diecast with perhaps a more extreme edge. "Murder One" follows in much the same way and really moves to a vicious undertow thanks to the rhythmic pounding from guitarists Faldt and Huldt. "Flatline" may be the fastest track of the group, with some quick drum patterns from Westberg. At 1:30 the cut seems to be missing several pieces, but this sort of thing is really a throwback to all of the punk/hardcore acts of the 80s. It is refreshing to have that retro feel. "Feed My Blade" really shakes like a seasoned Swedish act with plenty of twin guitar work and fast groove. "Hate To Move Things Forward" has that sincere 80s thrash vibe to it, recalling the finest moments of Exodus, Dark Angel, and even Metallica circa "Ride The Lightning".

This sort of band will appeal to a wide range of metal fanatics. It can easily appeal to the extreme genre, those angry individuals basking by moonlight with the likes of Occult, Kaamos, or even Altar. On the other side of the fence the denim and leather boys will enjoy the 80s thrash vibes. Power metal fans can even enjoy some of the melody here and possibly open their minds to a more hostile environment. Feared Creation have really created quite a stir with this debut demo. Hopefully this won't be a one shot deal and we will get plenty of material in the future from this camp. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and request this sensational demo!

--EC 01.25.05

Five Reasons to Hate
Eric Compton1/1/2005


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