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Chuck Schuldiner
Zero Tolerance
4/7/2005 - Review by: Troy Cole
Chuck Schuldiner - Zero Tolerance - 2005 - Candlelight

Track Listing

1. Control Denied
2. Control Denied
3. Control Denied
4. Control Denied
5. Infernal Death
6. Baptized In Blood
7. Archangel
8. Land Of No Return
9. Zombie Ritual
10. Mutilation
1.Legion Of Doom
2.Evil Dead
3.Beyond The Unholy Grave
4.Power Of Darkness
5.Death By Metal
6.Corpse Grinder
7.Summon To Die
9.Witch Of Hell
10.Reign Of Terror
12.Living Monstrosity (live)
13.Pull The Plug (live)
14.Zombie Ritual (live)
15.Altering The Future (live)
16.Left To Die (live)
17.Spiritual Healing (live)
18.Defensive Personalities (live)
19.Mutilation (live)
December 2001 brought forth a great tragedy as metal lost one of its greatest pioneers, Chuck Schuldiner. Not only the leader of DEATH and CONTROL DENIED but truly the father of Death Metal itself. Chuck was very talented, creative and a true visionary. His creativity and determination in DEATH showed his value to the metal community. In 1999 his last offering to the world would be the awe-inspiring CONTROL DENIED release 'The Fragile Art Of Existence'. Now in 2005 after years of controversy and fans asking for any material left over to be released, Candlelight releases 'Zero Tolerance'.

'Zero Tolerance' gives us 4 tracks from a 16 track recording outtake from CONTROL DENIEDS final album rehearsal. 1985's 'Infernal Death’ and 1986's 'Mutilation' round out the rest of the tracks for disc 1. Disc 2 features 'Death By Metal' and 'Reign Of Terror' demos plus a live show recording from 1990 during the Spiritual Healing tour.

This release is true blasphemy. The only thing remotely interesting here are the CONTROL DENIED rehearsal tracks. It's obvious that Chuck was on his way to another masterpiece for what these tracks hold. Great riffing and time changes that keep your interest but these tracks are unfinished. No vocals, a drum machine, and from what I can tell no bass but great insight to what was to come, from this genius. What really gets me is that fact that you have 25 more songs you will listen to once and never again. The quality is horrible and yes I understand that they are demos but with today’s technology could have been enhanced enough to increase the volume and clarity without sacrificing the original sound. The live show here, forget about it also. It's not soundboard quality or even cleaned up, honestly it may sound worse than the demos. It's hard for me to be this negative for someone who was so influential to metal but this release was no way blessed by Chucks family or the remaining members of the band. Some one has to be really ashamed that they thought they could cash in on this.

It's beyond me why this would even see the light of day. Where is the normal greatest hits or tribute album? A 2 disc greatest hits with bonus demos, that would have been the way to go. You want my advice hunt down the original demos so you can at least get some art work with them and maybe some type of liner notes, you won’t find that here. Granted if you wanted to peer into the past of DEATH and can’t find the original demos then this is a good collector’s piece but nothing that will be fighting for playing time amongst the many great releases to come this year. What needs to be done here is let the remaining members of the band finish the CONTROL DENIED album in memory of Chuck that would be a true testament to his last works. Leaving this release out there to remember Schuldiners legacy is a plain disgrace. If you have $20 just burning a hole in your pocket donate the money to his family, just dont buy this!

CD1 Length: 53.19
CD2 Length: 76.31

--1evil1 04.07.05

Zero Tolerance
Troy Cole4/7/2005


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