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0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Suffer The Pleasures
Metal Blade
3/24/2005 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Tarot - Suffer The Pleasures - 2004 - Metal Blade

Track Listing
1. I Rule
2. Pyre Of The Gods
3. Rider Of The Last Day
4. Follow The Blind
5. Undead Son
6. Of Time And Dust
7. From The Void
8. Convulsions
9. From The Shadows
10. Painless
The name Tarot inspires a sense of mystery and power right off the bat when you hear the word. Metal power is most certainly the case from this band with the same name. Their release entitled “Suffer Our Pleasures” will immediately appeal to fans of the band Nightwish for their very own Bassist Marco Hitela performs these duties and sings lead on the tracks. On the guitar is his Brother Zachary and the combination is truly a tasty piece of music. Marco is very impressive on lead vocals, and for those who have seen Nightwish they know he provides a large amount of the backup for Tarja Turunen and does a great job of it as well. It is nice to see him able to sing full numbers for a change. Some of them are damned good.

The band is rounded out by Janne Tolsa on keyboards and Pecu Cinnari on drums. Each player providing the skill I felt best matched the music Marco and Zach had written. Some of the grooves have a little of a Nightwish feel to them, but not as much as you might expect. Marco was in this group before he joined Nightwish so perhaps he brought some of the writing style to them. The sound is definitely in line with a lot of the metal that is coming out of Finland nowadays, and so far so good on that. I have yet to be totally disappointed in the Finns and their quest to dominate modern metal.

My favorites are primarily “I Rule” and “From The Void” since they just kicked when played loud. There is also a semi-epic in “Rider Of The Last Day”. This number starts out slow and grinding, yet picks up speed considerably only to slow down to a whisper at the end. It is done very well. “From The Shadows” is perhaps the quickest number on the CD, with its almost Southern Country beginning it was quite fun. One does not expect this feel to come from a band in Finland. Yet music being universal, I guess influences fall into the same track.

Anyone who enjoys Marco’s work as a performer with Nightwish should pick this up, to see the other side of what he is also capable of. It is a solid piece throughout and you will find yourself giving many tracks a second and continual listen.

Rate: 7/10

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--Ken Pierce 03.18.05

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Suffer The Pleasures
Metal Blade
Ken Pierce3/24/2005


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