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0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Debris Inc.
Debris Inc.
5/26/2005 - Review by: Pandemonium55
Debris Inc. - ST - 2005 - Candlelight Records

Track Listing
01. Too Many Mushrooms On My Pizza
02. Fuckin' Mess
03. Full of Shit (F.O.S.)
04. The Old Man and His Bong
05. The Nightmare
06. You're the Reason I'm Medicated
07. Dime-a-dozen
08. The Life and Times of Claude & Elmo
09. Shut Up
10. Nausea (X cover featuring Karyn Crisis)
11. Sickening Thud
12. Junkbak
13. I Feel Like Shit Again
14. Pain
15. The Ballad of Debris
16. I Love Living in the City (FEAR cover)
17. Manhattan Breakfast
Ahh yes, the legendary Saint Vitus guitar tone is back… nice to see you again old friend, it’s been too long…

For those who are unfamiliar with this band, they were/are easily the most revered of all the classic doom metal bands from the 1980-90’s. While most bands were trying to head towards faster territories in early 1980’s (hardcore punk and thrash metal alike), the Sabbath-y drones of Saint Vitus were completely out-of-place for the times. Simply put, back then, playing like Black Sabbath was NOT cool. Even though they had a small cult following, things never really worked out for Saint Vitus. Their complete inability to fit in with the times gave them very little attention from the mainstream metal community. Sadly, releasing one quality album after another, Vitus called it a day after the incredible “Die Healing” album in 1995, never to be heard from again… until now! A couple years ago, Ron Holzner (former bassist of Trouble) dragged out guitarist Dave Chandler out of metal-retirement to crank out some new tunes and the occasional string of gigs. They released a few self released demos/EP’s, but it’s only now has a full length album come out (strangely enough on Candlelight Records).

As soon as you put on their self-titled album, Chandler’s unmistakable Saint Vitus guitar tone hits you in the face immediately, however you’ll notice that there is a huge difference between this band and the formerly mentioned band; it’s a whole lot faster! Overall, the material resembles more of a stroner-punk album than an outright doom album. Debric Inc. sounds a lot like Saint Vitus cranking out sloppy punk rock numbers or what the band aptly calls it themselves as “HappyViolentDrunkenStonerDoomPunk!” You can tell there is a solidly more jovial atmosphere than their previous bands with songs like “Full of Shit,” “Fuckin’ Mess,” “You’re the Reason I’m Medicated,” and a ripping version of Fear’s “I Love Living in the City;” Fear not to the doom-freaks, the doom influence comes creeping back in on the songs “The Old Man and His Bong,” “The Life & Times of Claude and Elmo,” and “Pain.” The vocals aren’t anything really amazing, they sound like they were done in true punk rock fashion: in only a few takes. But deliberate or not, the hooks definitely come out every once and a while!

Overall, the album has a really fun vibe around it. It sounds like of a bunch of friends just hanging around in the studio on a Tuesday night, drinking some beers and cranking out some cool tunes with no real serious metal agenda whatsoever. While this isn’t the most amazing or groundbreaking album I’ve ever heard, it definitely has some great moments to it, just don’t let their previous bands fool you into thinking what this album should sound like!


--Pandemonium_55 05.18.05

Debris Inc.


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