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Smog Veil
Hard Rock
9/15/2005 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Thor - An-Thor-Logy - 2005 - Smog Veil Records

Track Listing
1. Opening news clips (1979)
2.“Action” - live on Merv Griffin (1976)
3.“Sleeping Giant” – video (1977)
4.“Keep The Dogs Away” – video (1977)
5.“Catch A Tiger” – video (1977)
6.“Keep The Dogs Away” – live (1979)
7.“Rosie” – live (1979)
9.“Rag-Na-Rock” – live (1981)
10.“Special Flight” – live (1981)
11.“Phantom Of My Nightmare” – live (1981)
12.Uncle Floyd Show (1982)
13.“Gladiator Stomp” – live (1982)
14.Channel 72 TV Appearance
15.“Thunder On The Tundra” – Channel 72
16.“Anger” – Channel 72
17.“Only The Strong”/”When Gods Collide” – live (84/85)
18.Chevy TV Commercial (1985)
19.Kromer TV Commercial (1985)
20.U68 Power Hour Promos (1985)
21.“Knock ‘Em Down” – video (1985)
Thor is and always was one of the most interesting people in Hard Rock music. This DVD is a perfect historical document to the first 20 years of Jon Mikl Thor's career and his efforts to defend the music fan from the forces of evil. It is a battle he has fought well, and you are given the reminder very well in this DVD appropriately titled “An-Thor-Logy”. Starting with footage that dates back to 1976, on the Merv Griffin show of all things, we see Thor first as a Las Vegas styled “strongman entertainer”. He performs the song “Action” by The Sweet, and personally I am not a fan of Sweet covers when I can listen to the real thing. Thor’s voice is also not of the register for such a vocal range. Despite this, even back then he showcases the hot water bottle inflating he is known for. After this piece he is more showcased as a rock music performer and how his act began and grew ever more interesting over time. There are a few more TV appearances to enjoy on this DVD as well and the old school fans will remember them I am sure.

This DVD is really a lot of fun because it not only shows you a great historical document on one of the most dedicated forces in Hard Rock, but it really is the only place you will ever get to see a lot of this footage ever again. It seems to include all of Thor’s promotional videos and contains a lot of live footage with a couple of different line-ups playing along with him. The videos might seem a bit corny by today’s standards but for what Thor and his music were about they truly fit in well. They are actually mini-movies showing Thor fighting demons and defeating his enemy or just simply performance pieces were it is meant to look like this is a live show. On the concert footage the diehard will be beside themselves for it is a great way to see what Thor was like in the glory days of his performances. Everything from blowing up the hot water bottle until it bursts, bending the steel bar in his mouth, & shattering the concrete blocks on his chest are there for the non believer to see firsthand.

There are also some cool interview pieces for you to enjoy. Sadly not enough people got to experience the fun that is a Thor show, but this DVD gives the diehards a fine memento and the curious a great place to start. Thor is lucky to have so much footage to choose from that the people at Smog Veil were able to place it into a worthwhile DVD. This is recommended purely because it was a lot of fun to watch and let the rest of the world be left behind just a little bit. Enjoy and keep those hammers raised high for the Mighty Thor…………

Rating: 7/10

-- Ken Pierce 09.05.05

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Genre: Hard Rock


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Ken Pierce9/15/2005
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