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Fabrizio Bonanno
AB Records
8/3/2004 - Review by: Zerohour
Fabrizio Bonanno Anthology AB Records 2003 Reviewed by: Zerohour

Track Listing
1. Crystal Square
2. Nerone (Italian lyrics)
3. Il Bosco (Italian Lyrics)
4. Come in/ Curley
5. Buscar Burrasca (Italian Lyrics)
6. Ghost Dance
Fabrizio BONANNO
7. Kick’n’Roll
8. Let The River Flow
9. Midnight Devil
10. Assassin’s night
11. Follow The Rain
12. Fear City
13. Lady Hawk
14. Exodus
15. Black Lightning
16. Never You Before
Italian guitar player Fabrizio Bonanno sums up a fifteen year-long career by releasing this antholgy containing tracks from 6 different projects. 16 tracks to present an artist who easily moves through prog, hard rock and heavy metal and who has always played a huge number of live shows during the years often opening for historical Italian prog acts such as BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO, BALLETTO DI BRONZO, ARS NOVA etc...

EQUISETI is a project born in 1996: after 3 demos recorded between 1996 and 1998 the band released an album titled “Il Rito”, out in June 2001. The line up consists in F. Bonanno at the guitars and keyboards sequencer, Federica Rubino (bass), Simone Carabba (vocals) and Maurizio De Palo (Drums and percussions).

“Crystal Square” and “Nerone” are the best two pieces of the entire anthology. Played in a pure prog metal style, these two tracks are able to create moments of high tension and sumptuous melodies. Bonanno offers a good technical skill and the rest of the band does not spoil. “Il Bosco”, the third track taken from the album “Il Rito”, hosts a duet with a female vocalist and is dedicated to the wood, warning who wants to overlook it. Carabba strongly reminds me the vocalist of ASGARD, an awesome Italian prog band.

WOUNDED KNEE was born in early 1994 and is inspired by the Wounded Knee massacre against the Redskins as far as the names and the lyrics are concerned. Their music is a combination of hard rock and 70s progressive rock, complex riffs and rich melodies. The first track “Come In / Curley” opens up with violins and indian voices and goes on with a fast and catchy rhythm. The only weak element of the band is the vocalist who sounds too harsh, nowadays replaced by EQUISETI´s singer Simone Carabba, singing on the second track “Buscar Burrasca”.

An extremely pleasant acoustic guitar and a powerful bass riff introduce the third song “Ghost Dance”, an uptempo track with frequent rhythm changes and precious giutar and bass riffings. Unfortunately the singer´s weak interpretation and poor english pronunciation partially ruin the whole piece.

Three instrumental tracks are taken form FABRIZIO BONANNO´s solo project. Kick´n´Roll”, “Let The River Flow” and “Midnight Devil” are taken from a 2003 album titled “Kick´n´Roll”, originally a soundtrack for a Kick Boxing video. All the tracks are obviously guitar-oriented, wisely supported by the keyboards. Bonanno here has the chance to prove he is a gifted musician and his guitar goes straight to the ears and to the heart.

RAINBIRD, born in 1998, is a hard rock project featuring Fabrizio Bonanno (guitars), Simone Carabba (vocals), Davide Galletti (bass) and Maurizio De Palo (drums). They released a full-lenght album titled “Assassin´s Night” in 2002. The title track is fast and hosts a catchy hook, a well done classic hard rock piece followed by “Follow The Rain”, a short and acoustic piece. “Fear City” is a little bit trivial but the strong guitar riffs and the powerful bass guitar help the track not to be skipped.

ACANE VISIONS put together 80´s heavy metal influences with power progressive. The tracks hosted by this anthology are taken from a three tracks promo called “Lady Hawk”. There´s no doubt all the instrumental parts are unexceptionable and everything goes the right way, but the singer “Matteo Peluffo” doesn´t match the standard even if he seems to be able to reach very high notes... For this reason the instrumental “Lady Hawk” can be considered as the best piece of the set.

TSUNAMI, a rock cover band, closes the chapter with “Never you before” an Edwin Collins cover, here in a pleasant hard rock version.

Fabrizio Bonanno is a complete artist, able to manage any sort of style, starting from classic prog rock ending with ethnical music. He is a skilled musician and good song-writer but should try to find the right vocalist to increase the value of his work.

I wish him and his future releases all the best!

--Zerohour 08.03.04


AB Records

Fabrizio BonannoZerohour5/25/2005

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