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Various Artists
Metalmania 07
Metal Mind Productions
3/27/2009 - Review by: Sinnercorp

Metalmania 2007 DVD/CD
Metalmania 2007 DVD/CD

Company: Metal Mind Productions
Release: 2008
Genre: Mixed
Reviewer: Sinnercorp

  • The next best thing if you couldn't be there

  • If you have ever been to Europe between spring and fall, there is a good chance you have noticed the amount of festivals they have. One of bigger festivals in Eastern Europe is the Metalmind Festival in Poland. Released in 2008 by Metal Mind Productions, Metalmania 2007 is jam packed with 30 songs from artists including Korpiklaani, Vital Remains, Entombed, Destruction, Sepultura, Paradise Lost and Testament. Metalmania is a live recording from the premier Central European metal festival. Bands come from around the globe to play these festivals.

    The DVD kicks off with Korpoklaani. I am not sure the last time I actually saw a metal band play bagpipes, fiddle, an accordion, and a microphone pole with deer antlers on it. They seem to be able to pull it off without it sounding lame. Crystal Abyss, Darzamat, Vital Remains, and Blaze Bayley to name a few lesser known bands all seem to have their own crowd appeal. You hear anything from psychedelic metal to straight up hardcore metal.

    The DVD wraps up with Sepultura, Paradise Lost, and Testament. As usual, these bands draw in big crowds and pulverizing sounds. Each band gets 1-3 songs on the DVD, with Testament playing 5 songs. This is definitely a concert filled with variety, as you get everything from straight up 80ís sounding heavy metal, death metal to thrash metal to even a little Viking metal. There seems to be something for just about everybody.

    The extras on the DVD are very slim to none. Each of the main stage bands get an interview feature, which lasts between 4-8 minutes. There are some interesting interviews that might reach out and slap you. Crystal Abyss did the interview in face paint and praised Satan for their motivation. Testament, guitarist Skolnick gave a more revealing interview. There are photos, band info, and a feature that displays the bands that have been on each Metalmania since its beginning. Overall, a decent collection, but the live performances are the real draw here.

    In addition to the DVD of main stage bands, there's a bonus CD with songs from bands on the second stage. Some of those artists include Tyr, Horrorscope, and Deivos. The CD is a decent sampler of a different collection of bands from the side stage. The crowd was lively, the audio and video is good, and the performances were solid. If you couldn't make it to the festival in person, the Metalmania 2007 DVD/CD is the next best thing.

    DVD/CD Track Listing
    01. Korpiklaani - Tuli Kokko
    02. Korpiklaani - Pellonpekko
    03. Korpiklaani - Wooden Pints
    04. Crystal Abyss - Darkness Awakes
    05. Darzamat - Labyrinth of Anxiety
    06. Darzamat - The Burning Times
    07. Zyklon - Underdog
    08. Zyklon - Wrenched
    09. Zyklon - Psyklon Aeon
    10. Vital Remains - Intro - Let the Killing Begin
    11. Vital Remains - Dechristianize
    12. Vital Remains - Infidel
    13. Entombed - When In Sodom
    14. Entombed - Carnage
    15. Entombed - Revel In Flesh
    16. Destruction - Total Desaster
    17. Destruction - Bestial Invasion
    18. Destruction - Nailed to the Cross
    19. Blaze Bayley - Alive
    20. Blaze Bayley - Kill & Destroy
    21. Blaze Bayley - Sign of the Cross
    22. Sepultura - Convicted in Life
    23. Sepultura - False
    24. Sepultura - Dead Embrionic Cells
    25. Paradise Lost - Say Just Words
    26. Testament - The Preacher
    27. Testament - The New Order
    28. Testament - The Haunting
    29. Testament - Electric Crown
    30. Testament - D.N.R.
    01. Carnal - My Salvation
    02. Horrorscope - Killers Breeding
    03. Tyr - Brother's Bane
    04. Witchking - Flame of Udun
    05. Sphere - Next Morning's Mass
    06. Deivos - Blackness Incarnate
    07. Benediction - Suicide Rebellion
    08. Forever Will Burn - It Ends in Darkness
    09. Root - And They Are Silent
    10. Ciryam - Lowcy Swiatla
    11. Wu-Hae - Pacan

      5 :AVE RATING

    Metalmania 07
    Metal Mind Productions


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