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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Jamie. St. James
Melodic Mayhem Music
Hard Rock
11/12/2004 - Review by: Psycho Sarah
Jamie St. James- Americanman 2004 Melodic Mayhem Music 2001 reviewed by: Psycho Sarah

Track Listing
Generation Suicide
Deaf, Dumb, and Blind
Hello, Halo
Magical Taxi Cab
Losing your man
Die like a star
Light of Love
Whether its Black N Blue, Warrant or Jamie St. James in the solo, he kicks ass. I love him as the front man for Warrant, would die for Black N blue, after all Im a wicked bitch, but totally am digging his solo work that I found by chance on Ebay. I was originally looking for their latest work of art Hell Ya, I ordered it yet still have not received it.

The songs on Americanman are nothing like that of Black N blue, and are not even close to what Warrant does. They are works of art themselves, and have no need to be compared to the other works that are done. There is something about his voice that makes it great music, its tempting the edge of authority. It screams listen to me, yet isn’t pushy when doing it.

The song Generation Suicide to me describes how lost we have become, our generation has no clue of what its really like here, we are blinded by our technology and our need for it. We are basically creating our own suicide with all the things that we refuse to listen to. Jamie has some great lyrics in the song such as “sitting here all by myself, something screaming inside me for help, generation lost in space, out of time, and out of place” If those lyrics don’t describe society today, I don’t know what ever will.

Another great song on the album is ‘hello halo’ it’s a great rock riff, and is just what the early 2000’s needed to make them real and make the 80’s metal come alive again, Its great guitar and drum settings inside a song about loving and losing, or loving and not knowing who your loving. it’s a great song to crank up in the car, and sing to on your way to work. It really gets your blood pumping.

My personal favorite on the album is ‘die like a star’ it’s a great song, about living life like a star, living like rockstars. A lot of friends of mine, say this song characterizes me because I am always partying hard, and living it up when I go and see bands that I adore, such as Jamie and the bands he is in. Crown never tasted so good as it does when your clinking glasses with the stars. The song ‘die like a star’ sums up the life that stars lead, wild parties, living fast, and knowing that your chances are slim in living long. But dying like a star is all good when you want it, and have lived your life the way you want to. The guitar in this song is hard, and tamed to the point that you can air guitar while its playing and you supposed to be bartending or whatever it is you do.

Jamie St. James reached fame with is group Black N Blue, which had such hits at ‘hold on to 18’ and my personal favorite ‘wicked bitch’. they have put out several albums, and now in the past year has become the lead singer of 80’s super group Warrant and is on tour with them. He released his solo album in 2001, and has been on an upward climb of success since then. He is one of the sweetest rockers I have ever met, ever partied with, and ever given the chance to talk to. He is genuine in the rock and roll he makes and loves the rock and roll that is out and playing.

--Psycho Sarah 11.12.04

Melodic Mayhem Music
Psycho Sarah11/12/2004


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