Interview With Ken Orth, guitarist for Wycked Synn

Well Ken, its been a few months since Maximum Metal spoke with you. It looks like you have been keeping very busy since the band's last release, "The Vision", on Chavis Records last year, with a new record deal here in the states, a European label, and a change in vocalists. Lets start with the new record company, Deadlocke Music. How did the band get involved with this new label?

Ken: Well, once Chavis kinda disapeared a few labels had contacted me on our "deal" status and when I was approached by Deadlocke they seemed to have the best offer at the time. I will be working on a "one on one" basis with Deadlocke music and the future looks really good with them. They will have a huge promo blitz in the coming months for the new record. You will be seeing us all over the place by years end with their help.

I know the last time we talked you were very happy with Chavis Records, and had every intention to have Chavis put out the next record. Is there any hard feelings with them now that you have secured a new label?

Ken: None at all. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and I hold nothing against them.

Along with the new deal with Deadlocke Music, the band has also secured European distribution through Common Ground Media. Are they a brand new company, and do they have any intentions on releasing "The Vision" there as well?

Ken: "The Vision" should be released in Europe next month through Common Ground Media. As far as I know they've been around for a little while and are really into our genre of music. With their help we should be able to branch out and get our music to other parts of the world that would appreciate it more than here in the states.

The band has announced that vocalist Gary Grant is no longer involved with Wycked Synn. Why the change at the vocal slot?

Ken: Long story short...Gary's a great guy but musically we didn't see "eye to eye" so I had to make the necessary adjustments to keep the band going full steam ahead.

You now have a brand new singer in Tom Collett, who will be making his band debut on the planned sophomore release "In For The Kill" in 2005. What does a singer like Collett bring to the table, and how does he compare to Grant?

Ken: Tom has everything I've always wanted in a metal vocalist. He can scream with the best of them and also has that low grunt that I was looking for in a singer. Tom and Gary are both great singers, but its like "apples to oranges" comparing the two. Tom will surprise the whole metal scene when IFTK is released.

Along with the change at the vocalist spot, second guitarist Gary Carrillo has also left the band. Will you fill that void or simply keep the group as a four-piece?

Ken: I will handle all the guitar duties in the studio and live from now on. I always found it very hard to find another guitarist that was compatible with my style of playing and writing.

"Writing for me is never a problem. Getting the time to record, produce, and engineer the whole thing is what takes so long."
Tell us a little bit about the new album, "In For The Kill", which will be released next year. You have a sample on the band's website (www.wyckedsynn.com ) for the song "Hellbound" that sounds very promising. New vocalist Collett reminds me of Rob Rock at times, with "Hellbound" sounding slightly heavier than the debut record. How different is this from the debut, and how hard is it to write another gem after such a wonderful debut.

Ken: I've got songs coming out my ass........LOL! Writing for me is never a problem. Getting the time to record, produce, and engineer the whole thing is what takes so long. I've got a 60 hour a week day job that gets in the way once in awhile, but the paycheck is sweet so I make it my main priority. Music comes 2nd just cause it doesn't pay the bills.

Do you have any other song titles available, or a tracklisting for the album yet?

Ken: Hellbound, Into the light, Beyond the living, Ride like hell...just to name a few.

Will there be any female vocals on the record?

Ken: No.......not this time.

Has the new album been recorded yet, and who will be producing it?

Ken: We are halfway through the recording process right now. I will be producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering the whole record myself in my own studio. I'll be wearing alot of hats for this record but it will be well worth it. It will come out exactly how I hear it in my head and thats why I'm taking on the whole workload. Its really fun too!

Are you involved in any other projects at the moment, or is finishing up this new Wycked Synn album the only thing on your plate right now?

Ken: I've got tons of other stuff going on but in order to get IFTK out by Jan/Feb of 2005 I must put everything else on the back burner for now. I'm putting an average of 30 hours each weekend into the new record and along with my 60 hour a week day job I barely have time to wipe my ass let alone do other projects.........LOL! My social life is shit, LOL!

Well Ken, thanks for your time and good luck with the new record! Keep the Vision!

Ken: Thanx for all the support and for keeping REAL metal alive!!! CHEERS!


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