It's a pleasure to speak with you Ken, and to talk about one of the best hard rock releases of the year, Wycked Synn's debut record "The Vision", available now through Chavis Records. Let me start by asking you a simple question, do you consider this release hard rock or can we say its power metal? It certainly has the stylings of both.

KEN: Well,thank you for the compliment! I love "Hard Rock" and "Power Metal" and wanted to incorporate both styles into individual songs to get the best of both worlds. This to me would be the ultimate record. I would classify us as "HARDROCK/POWERMETAL" just as it reads because really we're not 100% of either one......just a mixture of both. I hope I make sense on that one.

For years I have been following the European metal scene, with bands like Pretty Maids, Pink Cream 69, and Sinner always filling up my CD wallets. I'm just simply amazed that a band like Wycked Synn carries on that torch here in America. Most people my age (almost 30) believes that metal and hard rock died out in America in the 80s, and they don't even support the older bands like Crue and Ratt or even search out the newer bands like Pink Cream. What keeps the fire still burning for you? Have you always been a fan of the European scene?

KEN: I'm kinda selfish when it comes to my music and will only write what I enjoy hearing or playing. I don't really care what the mainstream radio stations are playing cause in the last 10 years or so its been crap here in the USA. I love all the European metal bands out there now and follow the Euro scene all the time. From the response of our album so far I think our genre of music may see a major popularity boost in the near future.

How did you form the band and what were your expectations going in?

KEN: I started this as a recording project in hopes of it getting bigger once it was done. So far everything has fallen into place nicely. From the musicians to the music to our record label. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Where did the name and spelling of Wycked Synn come from?

KEN: I was doing an interview and doodling on some paper and when I wrote the name "Wycked Synn" out it looked cool so I kept it.

Your lyrics are very thought provoking and imaginative. Had you been writing before the band even formed or did the other members contribute with the writing process?

KEN: I wrote and recorded all the music and Gary wrote all the lyrics. I already had my own lyrics written but I let Gary run with it and he did a better job lyric wise then I did. We then flushed out the rest of the band after the whole album was recorded.

Tell us a little bit about the story you have created with The Vision.

KEN: Its basically about a guy down on his luck who makes some very bad decisions in his life.

How did the female vocal idea come into play on "Let It Rain"?

KEN: It was my idea for the song. I wanted a Queensrychish type vibe for that tune.

How did the deal with Chavis Records come about? Are you happy with their promotion of the album thus far?

KEN: I was solicitating Chavis for a few months before they took notice. Their promotion is second to none! I am so happy with all the work that Chavis Records has done for us. They are an awesome label to work with.

Have you guys managed to land any tour slots or gigs to promote the new album? Any chance of seeing a collaboration with fellow Arizona band Racer X? I would love to hear a Ken Orth/Paul Gilbert six-string hellraiser!

KEN: I thought Paul lived in Japan? Racer X is one of my fave bands of all time. Paul would tear me up though.........LOL! If we toured with them i'd be their #1 fan on that tour!!! We will be on the Dwell in Darkness and the Metal Thunder tours at the end of this year.

When are you planning on starting the next record and will Chavis be the label to release it?

Believe it or not we start recording album #2 in January. Chavis Records will be involved all the way.

"Promotion is the key to fire up real melodic metal.... period."
I want to get your thoughts on a variety of issues, the first being the idea of nu-metal. What do you think needs to happen to convince these kids out there that better music exists? I personally think copies of The Vision should be handed out at child birth to make sure children start out on the right musical path.

KEN: LOL!!!!!!!! Nu-metal is actually killing itself right now......it is slowly dying. Promotion is the key to fire up real melodic metal.... period. Major record labels ain't worth a shit anymore and the indies will take over eventually IMHO. My 15 year old nephew's friends think "The Vision" is an awesome cd. If more kids knew about it then we'd sell tons of copies I think.

Let's say you have just downloaded the new Tesla album (can't wait for it!) and you get nabbed by the internet police for doing it. What do you say to defend yourself?

KEN: I'd tell them to eat my ass!!! LOL!

Do you watch The Osbournes?

KEN: Nope. Don't have cable and never watch tv anyway. When i'm not at my day job i'm working in my recording studio till all hours of the night.

How do you feel about Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarist List? If you haven't seen it, you need to!

KEN: Its all corporate bullshit! Those asswipes have no clue whats going on.

We are going to do a little bit of word play. I'm going to throw a sentence out there and you have to respond within five seconds on what your favorite choice is...and I know this is email but you can't cheat. Five seconds only! Here goes...

Black Sabbath-Ozzy, Dio, or Martin?
KEN: Martin (love his voice)

Dokken-Lynch or Beach?
KEN: Lynch

Ozzy-Randy, Jake, or Zakk?
KEN: Jake

Disney's Pluto-Bear or Dog?
KEN: ? (don't know either one)

Savatage-Jon or Zak?
KEN: Jon

Quiet Riot-Dubrow or Shortino?
KEN: Dubrow

JFK-Goverment, Oswald, or Aliens?
KEN: Oswald (people who think otherwise live in a fantasy world)

Hammerfall-Poser Metal or Real Metal?
KEN: 100% REAL METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helloween-Hansen, Kiske, or Deris?
KEN: Hansen

Elvis-Alive or Dead?
KEN: Dead

Van Halen-Roth, Hagar, or That Other Dude?
KEN: Roth

Pink Cream 69-Deris or Readman?
KEN: Readman (I'd love to do a record with him)

Accept-U.D.O or Reece?

Judas Priest-Halford or Owens?
KEN: Halford

Motley Crue-Neil or Corabi?
KEN: Corabi

Since the holiday season is around the corner, we want to know what Santa can bring you this year. You get the choice of a brand new Sabbath record with Ozzy on vocals, a new Judas Priest album with Rob Halford singing, or you can have a brand new Van Halen record with David Lee Roth at the helm. What's it gonna be?

KEN: PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite metal album of the year? Any newer acts that really knock your socks off?

KEN: So far its Royal Hunts "Eyewitness".

Well Ken, thanks alot for allowing us this interview and the opportunity for Wycked Synn to be our Spotlight Band Of November. Any thing you would like to add?

Ken: Thanx for all the support and always keep real metal alive!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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