New Y&T and L.A. Guns Concert Reports!
3/16/2018 by Frank Hill

There is something quite spectacular when you build up in your mind how to expect a band to perform and they manage to exceed those expectations. Y&T is one of those rare bands. Performing at such a high level when they have been around for so many decades, could almost be considered criminal...

Y&T concert report here: [Full Column Link]

When introducing L.A. Guns to the stage, the sold out crowd was told to stand up and within moments the band burst onto the stage with the song, "The Devil Made Me Do It." The energy could be felt immediately as they followed with "Gypsy Queen" and "No Mercy." It was a pretty intense song choice to start with and the audience enjoyed every minute of it. The generally mellow crowd was fist pumping and dancing/cheering/singing along...

L.A. Guns concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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